A little tast of second option!
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  As the self-explanatory title says, this is just a preview of the second option project, which I will leave here to facilitate the decision.

Anthony was a reclusive guy with few friends, who lived in a third-class neighborhood, and already worked in an electronics dismantling shop a few kilometers from his house. Despite being a tiring and full-time job, it made him very happy, since the company was not very strict, not even with its regulations, Anthony always returned home with some solveniers, which was not exactly uncommon among the employees.

 In his house, Anthony had several electronics of all different forms, showing parts and components to everyone, but what drew the most attention in this house was the silver-colored capsule with the semi-transparent blue-green glass, and inside it was possible to see a VR helmet with a built-in microphone, intravenous needles, and a very comfortable bed. Upon entering the house, Anthony deftly pulled out an integrated memory and processing device from his backpack, which he connected to the exposed wires of the silver capsule.

 In the newly installed part, there was a copy of the newest VR MMORPG game, "The Hunt for the Lost Ark!"; despite what the name implied, the game had nothing to do or any resemblance to the adventures of Idiana Jones. The game took place in the future, where civilization was no longer limited to galaxies, but how many light years your ship was capable of doubling with its engines.