Ch-5 – 1 WEEK
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The sun was up, but Brian was still sleeping. He was very tired from the selection tests yesterday.

Bang Bang

"Wake up recruit. It is your introduction party. You can't be late for it." screamed one of the soldiers, while banging the door.


Brian woke up, still sleepy. He got out off bed, and brushed his teeth. He took a bath, and quickly wore his clothes. He hurried down, to the base floor of the Headquarters. He was the last one to arrive, from the 6 new recruits.

The room was decorated with balloons, and a sign at the centre of the hall saying, 'Welcome.'

"So, now that all of them have arrived, let us begin." said one of the soldiers.

Brian went and stood next to the remaining new recruits, and then began the introductions. There were around 40 soldiers of the Eagle branch in the room, apart from Dean and the new recruits.

"Welcome, recruits. I, Dean, the leader of the Eagle branch, welcome you to the Eagle branch. I hope you all feel comfortable being a part of this brigade, and enjoy your time here. Now, to begin this party, I would like of you recruits to introduce yourselfs. Please go ahead."

Brian started first, "I am Brian Smith. I have joined the army in the hopes of achieving my dream of bringing peace to our homeland."

"Your dream... are you sure of it?" Dean asked.

"Yes sir. I am sure."

"Oh, you don't need to call me or anyone sir here. You can call us using our names only."

"Yes sir, sorry, Dean."



"I am Amelia. I have joined the army to help our country progress further."

"Very good." Dean replied.

"I am Peter. I have also joined the army for the same reason." Peter had grey hair, and a mole under his right eye.


"I am Cordelia." She had brown hair.

"Nothing more?"

"No Dean."

"Okay, good."

"I am Ingrid. I have joined the army, to take revenge on someone." His voice was heavy and had white hair. He also had a deep scar under his right eye."

"Revenge. Something that you should not do or attempt to do, but it is upto you. By the way, why did you not get that scar healed?"

"This scar is what reminds me of my goal."

"Okay. Great." Dean looked a little worried, but tried to hide this fact. He had made a similar kind of face when Brian had revealed his dream.

"Lastly, I am Jaelyn. I like cute things, but was forced to join the army by my parents." She had orange hair and beautiful eyes.

"Forced! You can leave if you want to, because let me warn you, there is nothing cute in the army."

"No, it is fine. I will manage somehow."

"Okay then. So, Brian, Amelia, Peter, Cordelia, Ingrid and Jaelyn. Welcome to the Eagle branch."

A feast was held for the new recruits. The new recruits met some of the other soldier of the Eagle branch. All of them ate, sang and danced. It was a grand feast for the recruits.


The feast ended, and everyone sat down, tired from singing and dancing. The new recruits were enjoying themselves in the Eagle branch. Their first day was going very well.


One of the soldiers barged in the room, with a message for Dean.

"A new mission. There seems to be some disturbance in the town of Taxil. What should we do?"

"Disturbance? Nothing else?"

"No sir. The people are behaving a little restless, that's it."

"Not much information. I can't say what we need to do, or whom we should send without proper information. Rank 5, Noah and Rank 6 Chris. I want you both to go and scout the town. If any unnatural actions or anything suspicious is seen in the town, then please report back. You have 1 week's time."

"Yes, Dean." answered both of them. Noah looked fickle and weak. He had yellow hair, and a depressing look. Chris on the other hand, seemed very built up, cheerful and in a good condition, with red hair.

Both of them went away, to get ready for the mission. Dean was very calm, and seemed like he was thinking about something.

"New recruits, come with me."

We all followed Dean without a question. We came inside a room, and he started to explain many things to us.

"Firstly, I will provide you all with your ranks. Brian, Rank 9. Amelia, Rank 9. Peter, Cordella, Ingrid and Jaelyn, you are all Rank 10.

Now, Let me impart to you, some basic knowledge about your suits. We gave you the suits right after the entrance exams, and asked you to use them until the selection tests, without breaking the laws, correct? This was because, we wanted the suits and your bodies to get in a state of equilibrium, so that the usage of the suits will be better. Your suits contains an AI, which keeps collecting data from you using the suit. If the suit gets destroyed in battle, we can transfer the AI in another suit. The new suit will take around a week to work normally.

You wonder how the modes work, do you? The offensive mode just shifts some plates to increase your attack power, but also decreases your defence. The mobility mode, too works on the shifting of some plates on your suit. These two modes are the simplest to learn.

The material used to make the suit, is the costliest element, element number 140, Unquadnilium. Even though we have many other elements after element 140, but Unquadnilium has proved to be the sturdiest, and it's strange properties are what help us in many different ways. One of it's property is that under some pressure, it inflates and becomes even more sturdy. To generate that pressure, lot of energy is required, constantly. The flying mode is just a mode which enables you to fly, using the advanced jetpacks. They are minute, but with enough energy, can make you fly fast enough.

The Trackdown mode works on the basis of sensors. The sensors are like a part of your body, so if you practise enough, you can increase the range of Trackdown mode. The override is just a small amount of energy generated for various function of the suit. The energy is in form of waves. With the help of wave particle duality of radiation theory, override is possible, and can be countered using override by the opponent.

Any Questions?"

"No, Dean." They all answered, with curiosity to learn more. All of them wanted to learn more about the suits, and how to become stronger and better.

"Then I will continue. Before explaining the 7th mode, I will tell you about the energy source of the suit. It is an alpha-voltaic power source, which can generate almost infinite amount of energy. Each and every minute movement you make while inside your suit, takes a lot energy to function. The current suits which are developed around the world, have almost the same limitation on the energy capacity. With the current capacity, you can do almost anything with these 6 modes, and use them however you like.

But with the 7th mod... cough cough."

Peter rushed outside and brought some water for Dean.

"Thank you, Peter. I was speaking for a very long time there. So, where was I?"

"The 7th mode." They all answered quickly, anticipating for what was next.

"Yes, the 7th mode. The 7th mode has many names, but the name which is accepted world wide is The Advanced Mode. Now, the name might not sound good, this mode is where the Out-division's actual training begins. The Advanced mode works on the principle of Non-energy efficiency theory. It is the opposite of the energy efficiency theory, where we perform takes without energy wastage.

In the advanced mode, we generate more energy than the suit can handle. Firstly, this poses a danger to the user, if he is not ready to the withstand that huge amount of energy. Second, if not controlled properly, then this could kill your allies too. With the overflowing energy, we can do so much more than just the 6 modes. This power if generated in large amounts, and also controlled properly, can make you the strongest. All the 5 leaders, can use the Advanced Mode magnificently. Ashok uses his physical prowess, whereas Alex uses a spear coated with this energy. Isabell uses this energy and coats her bow and arrows. She calls them Advanced Missiles. Marcus uses this energy to advance his brain cells, and Hanniball, just like Ashok, uses physical prowess too. He is not very strong himself, but you don't need that kind of information still.

We will talk out the advanced mode, after you are all able to master the 6 modes first. Now, in the latest mission, Noah and Chris will scout the town for a week. Suppose, there is something happening there, I would like to send you 6 out for the mission, with some other high ranking soldiers. That is why, for the coming week, I will personally train you and make you capable enough to undertake this mission.

Ready soldiers?"

"Yes, Dean."