Ch-10 – Dream and Prove
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10 years in the past:

"Father, father. I have decided what I want to become when I become big. I want to be an inter-planet pilot."

"An inter-planet pilot! That's great. I will support you to achieve your dream, Peter."

Even though Peter's father had said that, he seemed a little displeased. Peter asked him multiple times about why he was sad, but his father said that he was fine. Peter kept on pestering his father until he have in.

"I actually wanted you to follow my footsteps and become a soldier too, but it's totally fine if the dream you want to pursue is different."

"But the reason you can't walk now and are hurt is because of you being a soldier right? Do you want me to get hurt too?"

"No, no! It is just that when you are a soldier, you feel very proud and feel like you are actually doing something for the country. But as I said, an inter-planet pilot is amazing too."

Father was so happy. Maybe I Should become a soldier. If I become a soldier than father will be very happy, and love me even more. Yes, I will become a soldier.


Current Situation: Peter engaging a soldier.

I will need to take precaution. I don't know his rank, and he might even be more experienced than me. Why I am sweating so much? I need to maintain my calm, or else I might generate more energy than necessary, and just end up injuring myself.

The soldier fighting Peter was even more worried, as he was just a rank 12. He thought of Peter has a high ranking officer, and did not know what to do. He was losing his cool, and getting very tense.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! The soldier started screaming. He lost his cool, and started generating more energy than needed. Peter not knowing that, and seeing a spike in his opponent's energy, stepped back. The soldier kept generating more and more energy, but he had not gone through any training for building up his body against excess energy. He started to get tired from just standing there. His skin started to peel off, and his bones started to crack. Fear was destroying the soldier from the inside. He felt pain and that increased his fear. He did not know what was happening.

Looks like he has lost himself. Can I help him in any way possible? It is my duty to help everyone, and yet I cannot help him? Wait, I can. If I knock him out cold, then he might stop generating more energy.

With this thought, Peter rushed towards the soldier. He went into offensive mode, and gave a punch at the soldier's face. The soldier fell to the ground, and a little crack on the ground was formed. The soldier fainted, and the energy too, slowly died out. Peter pulled out the soldier from the suit and carried both him and his suit and walked towards the main building of the meeting.


Meanwhile Amelia was engaging a soldier

This is my first fight and I will need to prove myself. I can do it. I can win this fight.

"Who are you? A newbie?" the soldier asked.


"I knew it. There is no way, a newbie can beat me. I am rank 10, so if you want to run away, this is the right time to do so."

Such a big idiot. He told me his rank without thinking of the possibilities of me being a higher rank or even me lying. This fight should not be very difficult.

"You are just a weak woman. You should run away as soon as you can."

 "NO! I am not weak." Amelia's energy level shot up a little. It wasn't a very big increase, but this increase was noticed by the soldier, and he understood that he was heavily outmatched. 


When Amelia was a kid

"Amelia got hurt again? What should I do with her? She always gets into fights and then come back crying. What a weak little girl!"

"No, father. I did not start the fight. It was the other guy who just pushed me for no reason. He was stronger than..."

"Shut up! All you ever do is whine! He did that, she did this. Can't you be strong? That is why I wanted a son, but I don't know what wrong I did in my life that I got a daughter. God must be punishing me for some wronging that I would have done in my past lives. Now you Amelia! If you don't want a beating, then go inside your room and don't make a noise! Do you understand!?"

"Yes, father."

Amelia went to her room and started to weep. She could not make her father understand that it was not her fault that she was weak. Her mother entered the room afterwards. Amelia hugged her mother, still crying.

"Mother, why is it my fault that I am so weak? Why is it my fault that everyone picks on me? Why does father beat me when he sees me crying instead of consoling me? Why?"

"It's because you are a girl. Your father wanted a boy, but when you were born, he became very sad. I'll be honest with you! I am not even sure if he loves his own daughter. He is a beast. I am sorry I married such a man. Sorry, Amelia."

Amelia's mother could not bear to see her daughter be abused by her own husband. She committed suicide a few days after her talk with Amelia. Amelia's father left Amelia with his wife's parents and left the house. Amelia believed it was her fault that her mother suicided. She felt it was her fault that her father left her. She felt it was her fault that she was born as a girl. Her grandparents explained her many times that she need not try so hard, need not suffer so much. They explained to her that it was her devil of father who was at fault, but Amelia did not listen. She continued to work very hard to get stronger, and decided to join the army to prove her strength and become stronger. 


Current Situation

"I am not weak! I am strong! I will prove it to you!"

Amelia rushed at the soldier. She was using Defensive mode, Trackdown and Override. The soldier was using the exact same modes. Amelia was using defensive mode, but attacking. She landed a punch at the soldier who ducked to dodge it. Amelia gave a kick next, which the soldier blocked with his arms. Amelia gave him another kick, and the soldier continued to block and dodge. Amelia switched to mobility mode and stopped using defensive mode. She got a sudden speed which the soldier could not handle. A punch from the back, a kick at the guts and an elbow at the face. The soldier was hurt and in pain. 

The difference in energy and skill of Amelia and the soldier was not very much, but Amelia was winning. The soldier never went for the offensive and continued to stay defensive. He did not expect a newbie to have more energy than him. He thought that because she had more energy, he had no way to win! Amelia continued with her barrage of attacks and after a few minutes, both were very tired. Amelia still had the upper hand, as she was not injured at all. On the other hand, the soldier was bleeding from many places and had his left arm's bone broken. 

"I will not give up, woman. There is no way I will lose. I will defeat - Ughh" Trim had appeared and gave a hard chop at the soldiers neck. It made him go unconscious, and Trim carried him, to take him back to the meeting room."

"Sir... Why are you here?" asked Amelia.

"I felt a power surge here. So, I came to check after me and Noah completed destroying the old model suits. There were 3 power surges. One of them calmed down very early, so it is fine. Noah went to check the other surge."

"Oh, Okay. Thank you sir."

"No, I am sorry. I interrupted your fight, but I could not let you fight in that state longer. Let's go back to the others."

"Yes sir!"