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An unsung hero fighting the force of the darkness shrouded by the shadows of night, unknown to the world, Hero of Darkness.

That sounds pretty neat, right?

I think it was pretty cool, or at the very least the younger me thought that way.

But as expected, if you are to think about it a little bit more realistically than my younger self, that sounds like a genuinely bad idea.


That was close, I'm almost turned into a skewered meat.

[What are you doing standing around like that? Do you want to die?]

"No, well, I'm in the middle of contemplating my life choices."

[Do stuff like that later, if you die it will be a massive inconvenience for me so don't even think about it.]

"Aye, I'll try my best to not die."

When I said that to my boss another javelin-like projectile was thrown my way. Just like the one before, it was going straight to my chest area, I must say it was a pretty good aim.

I look at the thing that trying to pierce my body since earlier.

It is a rat.

At the very least appearance wise it looks like a rat.

Well, since this place is a sewer, a rat is probably something that one would expect to appear. There is no surprise on that part.

But most of the people probably wouldn't expect it to be at the size of a bear, or able to shot its own protruding bone from its back that has enough power to penetrate a concrete wall.

Fortunately, it could no longer move, the giant rat is completely stuck and unable to move as multiple black curved spikes that pierce through its body from every side of the sewer.

After crashing head first into my trap, which supposedly has enough damage to kill most of the monsters instantly, the giant rat has been stuck there quite a while. I was sort of hoping it would just die on its own from the wounds, but after several minutes I don't think that would happen.

Slowly but surely the wounds are visibly closed, thanks to that now the rat is--like I said before--completely stuck to the spikes, but the prospect of it killed by the wound is practically nonexistent.

It was curved for a precaution of something like this happening, the rat cannot either going backward or forward as if it was caught on a massive jaw of hooks.

That being said, this amount of vitality is not normal, even for monsters.

Which means...

"Hey, Mia you're seeing this right?"

[Clear as day.]


[Exactly as you think, my data reading clearly shows that this is a phase two magical beast, it's just way too high for a phase one beast. Another inspection around the perimeter area after you are done with it.]

"Give me a break... Another one of this?"

[Don't whine and do your job, you're not the only one who will stay up probably the whole night.]

But I will also go to school in the morning and you're not. Before those words coming out from my mouth another bone flew through just a few centimeters away from my head.

I guess another sleepless night, huh?

How many times has it been?

Haha... I want to quit...
I'm neet again :3
So I'll be uploading dailies, please take care of me. m(_ _)m