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" Can this be over now? "


With my remaining consciousness, I asked myself as I wore that rope.

" Stop shaking! "

My weakling's body disobeyed my command.

I guess I'm a loser even in death.

My devils lurking inside my rotten soul whispered in my ears.

The devilish idea was: stop thinking and do it!

The pain I felt as I pushed the chair was agonizing.

If it's for eternal rest, I can withstand a few seconds.


Are you intrigued by my past, interested in knowing my life?

Nothing is interesting about it!


Well, my name is Ryan. I'm an electrical engineering who worked his ass off for thirty years.

I'm a victim of this creativity-sucking system.

I remember I stumbled upon a webnovel called: " My vampire system. "

I thought to myself, is that a fiction based on a true story?

It's because we all have that system in real life, only instead of craving blood, it absorbs happiness and imagination.

My only way of surviving that misery was my favorite video game franchise:

Final fantasy.

I fell in love with the seventh part the most.

Being with Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough was my escape ticket.

Only, things never went well.

One day as I was playing the ff7 remake, my two years old daughter fell from the balcony.

As the doctors try to save her damaged brain, I saw my darling die before my eyes.

It was my fault.

My wife was at work, and it was my job to take care of the baby.

Only, I failed.

The news spread, and I was the number one most hated person in the city.

" A 30 years old man, let his baby daughter die because of an addictive game! "

I lost my marriage, my parents, as they blamed me for their granddaughter's death.

I was kicked from the job I spent 23 years of my life in order to have it.

My only remaining light of hope was the video game until,

Until my sentence came, to be banned from playing video games.

I lost everything, I had no more reason to live.

Does that explain to you why I decided to make that decision?

It was all good until a luminous shape cut the rope and the next thing I found, was myself clad in a towel.

I was shaking with fear when his warm hands calmed me down.

" Who are you? Are you the god of death? Will I go to hell? " I asked him.

" Oh, you fool. I am not your God. " he replied.

" Then who are you? "

" I'm the head of the arbiters of fate, an entity that is responsible for all the final fantasy realms. "

" Wait, what? "

" I selected you for a mission. But first, do you mind spending the rest of your life in final fantasy 7 world? "

My eyes dilated, I forgot the breezing cold and I stopped shivering:

" Of course, I would love to. Please, my lord, God? "

" Just call me, entity. "

I tried to kiss his holy hands but he wouldn't let me.

" Before that, I grant your wish, here are the rules:

I will revive you in Zack's Fair body, you have one mission: To prevent the apocalypse. That bastard Sephirot screwed reality by becoming one with Mako. You already know the story. "

I didn't think clearly about the rules, I was blinded by the excitement and joy.

" Fine, I accept your terms. "

" Close your eyes! "

His warm hand touched my heart and I felt my soul leaving my body.


Everything was dark until I opened my eyes.


Why am I smelling blood?


Why do my clothes feel heavier?



I got up and my eyes were full of uncontrollable tears.



The marvelous Shinra's building. It was,


full of lights.


I could see how massive it is from this cliff.

This is just a test and for fun. If you want me to continue it say it in the comments!