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I didn’t suspect anything at first, when I saw the tiny cell. It looked cozy. Mrs. Gradvoyre made me stand at the end, and applied a few additional straps to bind me to the wall right above a drain.

“Comfortable?” she asked.

I managed a small nod despite my collar being fixed to the wall. “Mm-hmgn.”

“Splendid. This is your room. You may open the room service menu by looking at the crystal above the room, and blinking thrice in quick succession. It will display your remaining schedule, funds, duration of stay, and allow you to order items. Please look up and open the menu for us.”

I glanced at the pink eye-shaped crystal above the door and blinked thrice. Magic twinkled and a spectral projection of a menu appeared before us, listing beneath my basic information: My duration of stay (10 days remaining), funds (5 silver), and list of purchases.

Wait a minute!

“Mmhng?! Ghughm.” I demanded answers.

Mrs. Gradvoyre tapped the schedule. “Please look here, Miss Ion. Dinner will be in three and a half hours, during which an assistant will come feed you. You will then have exactly four hours of free-time until your evening wash, followed immediately by bedtime, unless you request for alternative services. If you feel the need to relieve yourself, I would recommend doing so before evening wash, so that an assistant may clean you and your room...”

“Hmgh! NMMMNGH!”

“...After exactly eight hours of sleep, you will be given a morning wash, followed by breakfast feeding. You will then have roughly six hours of free-time until lunch-feeding, and again six hours of free-time until dinnertime. The schedule will repeat for the duration of your stay.”



Where was my pleasure!?

Full Service room my ass, this was a zero-service prison.

“MMMNGH!” I moaned so violently that spit flew out my nostrils, and glared furiously at the woman beside me.

Mrs. Gradvoyre regarded me with the professional smile of a swindler who knew what she’d done. I’d been had. In my horniness, I’d neglected to read the fine print like a fool. She tapped on the purchases tab of my menu. 

“As you can see, a rent for a medium deluxe penis gag cost you half-a-silver per day, charged in advance for the entire duration. Non-refundable, I’m afraid.”

“Grmngh..” I grumbled, gagging briefly on overpriced rubber cock. Most of the menu items ranged from a single gold upwards to thousands. A simple orgasm via fingering was one and a half!

Mrs. Gradvoyre opened another tab in my menu. “Considering your remaining budget, I suggest a low intensity vibrator. Please look here and blink twice, I would like to test whether the menu is working.”

“Mhuhah!” Yeah right. Fat chance of that happening. I glared at Mrs. Gradvoyre, defiant.

She clapped her hands. I blinked twice.

“Thank you for your purchase!” chimed a high-pitched voice. Sound of coins falling marked my funds counting down to a round zero. My heart sank.

Mrs. Gradvoyre grinned as a cabinet opened on my wall, allowing her to retrieve a slender oval stone decorated by an arcane glyph. “An excellent choice,” she remarked, approaching me. “I’ve heard many recommend Budget Bliss for maintaining arousal levels for prolonged periods of time. A moment, Miss Ion. I’ll help it on for you, before finishing the introduction.”

I grumbled and squirmed, but bound as I was it amounted to little less than hopeless wiggling. The toy slipped into my waiting slit, too thin to truly fill me. Mrs. Gradvoyre pressed something on the end between my thighs, and the toy whirred to life. Like a lethargic tongue, it began to nibble at my insides, scouring everything except the g-spot. My wriggling intensified, thighs clenched around the toy as I moaned.

“Don’t worry about dropping it. The magic ensures it stays inside, until the runes are touched. Now, Miss Ion, fret not over your lack of funds. Many of our guests realize their desires are greater than their purses allow. We here at Lucky Gimp are prepared for such an occurrence, for it would not do to allow a guest to leave unsatisfied.” 

Mrs. Gradvoyre tapped the menu named Slave Jobs. A list popped up detailing degrading sexual acts of submission and masochism with prices nearby. “As you might know, Lucky Gimp runs a more traditional brothel besides the luxury resort. To help the poorer guests guarantee a satisfying stay, we allow them to pick up tasks from Slave Jobs menu, to receive credit they can use within the resort. Since you’re out of funds, I would encourage you to peruse your options carefully. I know terribly well how infuriating around the clock pampering and teasing without possibility of an orgasm can be.”

“Grrrhmmnng…” A set up. This was a set up! 

Mrs. Gradvoyre admitted it in her mischievous smile. “I strongly encourage you to consider the options. A pretty young drae such as yourself has a lieu of opportunities available at Slave Jobs. Please take your time, and enjoy your stay.”

I protested with angry moans as Mrs. Gradvoyre excused herself, and left me to marinade with a half-assed magic wand in my pussy and a fervent desire to be fucked, consequences be damned.

It didn’t take long for me to begrudgingly open up Slave Jobs and consider my options. Four options jumped at me immediately.


Ass in the Wall. Are you lazy, ugly, and in dire need of cash? Click now to become an ass on the wall! Become one of the many men, women, and others, who are locked into a wall bondage platform, and slotted into Lucky Gimp’s famous ‘Wall of Sluts’ fixture. Your tush and rear holes will be on full display, and freely available for patrons to use as they wish. Payment: 1 gold per customer, minus slot rent (1 gold an hour), plus any additional optional costs.


Living Furniture. An option available for the pretty boys and girls, who want to earn money doing nothing. Click now to become a decoration! You will be dressed and bound according to our customers’ needs. Some of you may become tables, chairs, chandeliers, or simple decorations. It’s up to your new owner whether or not you’ll be used sexually, or left alone as eye-candy. Payment: 1-100 gold depending on the contract, minus the rent of apparel and bondage gear.


Public Use. For the cute and slutty. Click to become a toy in public use. You will be led to one of our common bar floors, and bound to one of our many Public Fun StationsTM to allow the to use your mouth, sex, and/or ass. Payment: 2-5 gold per hour depending on the device, minus cleaning cost of Public Fun StationsTM.


Private Toy. For the well behaved and professional whores only. Click here to become a customer’s private toy for the duration of the contract. They may use you as you wish, though Lucky Gimp takes care of matching Toys with compatible Owners. Payment: 1-100 gold depending on the contract. You may be fined if the owner is dissatisfied with your performance.


The toy buzzed in my cunt, eliciting an involuntary whimper. I locked eyes on my choice, and blinked twice, accepting the job.