Chapter 1: Universalis
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(in Rossyian)

"Isn't she ...?"

"No way, I thought the brutes ... i mean the soldiers, uhm, send them all away?"

"Keep your voice low if you still treasure your life. Even though I have to admit that, we do not have much of a life left..."

"Sister, can we see our moms again...? I miss them..."

"Be a good child and keep quiet, yes, we will see them again. This is just ... think of it as a little vacation. You have never been to Sebiria, right Anna?"

"But sister, you have not gone there either. In fact, we have never left our house in Maskova... We work at the field all days from morning till sunset... My friend at school said that she has been to Sebiria, but on a comfy train, with hot tea and pretty attendants, not like the scary girls there..."

"SHHHHHH! Do you want both of us to get into trouble, Anna?! If not then keep your mouth shut!"

"I'm ... i'm sorry sis. Is just ... my friend also said that she has a fur-covered bed to lie down... Meanwhile, why are we all chained up and made sitting on the floor like this...? It's really cold..."

"Just bear with it, child. Do you think you are the only one to feel cold? I'm sorry to break it up with you, but you will probably never see your moms again. So you'd better be a bit mentally prepared."

"No way, but sis said..."

"Do you still want to survive, little girl? Then you should be more accepting of reality. You know this train and the train that your friend went in is completely different, right? Your moms are not here to pamper you anymore. So even if it is harsh, you need to face reality, or you will truly never see your moms again."

Suppressed sobbing sound could be heard all over the train, and it seemed that there were much more than one single source. Ignoring all of the compressed emotions, all the fear, anxiety, and restlessness, the reverberating sound of metal slashed against metals from the wheels was as periodical as ever, so did the heavy snow outside. The scenery was calm, a bit too calm for the maelstrom that was gathering inside the girls' hearts.


(in Rossyian)

"Next stop: Vlidavostok. Arriving in ten minutes. Soldiers on duty, please do a check on the R4 Cabin 'passengers'. Thank you."

The dusty radio on the poorly decorated table uttered broken, monotonous sound that could be mistaken with an old woman muffled voice when she was having a sore throat. The message continued to echo through the ice cold cabin again again until a woman in standard soldier clothing dully picked up the radio and spatted an annoyed "Hear! Hear!" at the receiver did the monotonous sound stop. She let out a big yawn, straightened out the ruffles on her kaki sleeves, tidying up her creamy blonde hair and smacked a woman dressed in the same uniform as her at her nape while she was soundly asleep on the crumbing wooden chair.

"Final stop, wake up you lazy b*tch. Time to check up on prisoners."

The other girl seemed not bothered even a bit, as she continued to shut her eyes, ignoring the incessant smacking from the blonde-haired girl. Only after the other party apply a considerable force in her smacking did she lazily yawn and open her eyes.

"Ehh, is it the time again... why was I transfered to this department... our job sucks so much..."

"You was all hyped up about meeting her. Aren't she like, you dream lover or some sh*t like that?" The blond-haired girl was checking her rifles when she heard the same complain made by her blue-haired colleague over a hundred times.

"Yeah... but what fun can you do with a broken flower vase like her? I tried hitting her, twice, but she did not even bat me an eye..."

"You sadistic b****. Got to make use of the situation, eh? Have to admit, that face is still something though."

"Yeah, and her body... But I hate dead fishes. Rumors said that the gals breaking into the palace already broke her with all of the white stuff... Damn, our jobs suck." The girl shut her eyes closed again, while lazily drooping on the wooden chair, not long until it earned her another smacking from her colleague though.

"Enough talking. Just get your *ss out of the chair and get the job done. I overheard from the higher-ups that there are some juicy ones in the next wave, hell, seemed that there is even one or two baronesses among them. Just get them some Borsch soup and I swear they will suck up to you like little puss."

Vulgar smiles were exchanged between them.

"Ehh heh, sure a strange time eh? Princess, countesses and baronesses, all begging us for scraps of food like filthy street dogs. To think that we have just done the same until barely half a year ago. I remember carrying my sis around just to beg those f*c*ers for a slice of stale bread, eh, this scar is from that time, I think."

"Yeah, t'is sure a strange time. Anyway, just get your *ss up, we have work to do."

"Yes, yes, whatever you say, Miss."


(in Iaponian)

"Brother, what character did you choose to play for this season?"

While Qingfeng was absentmindedly swirling his bowl of pork soup that had been nearly drained out all heat, his sister ringing voice entered his ears. He turned towards her to find out that she was both eating her sweet and sour pork and browsing with her phone again.

"Ehh, I have not decided yet. Last season was quite a blast, huh? Your fleet commanding ability was really something else." He just uttered a sincere remark, but somehow his cute little sister was pouting her little cheeks and returned his gaze with a scornful one.

"Yeah, while i was fighting against their whole squadron being outnumbered three to one, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?? I honestly thought you picked a native Sebirian, not the vice-commander of the Royal Fleet!"

"Stop with the Sebirian joke, lil sis. They are not even funny anymore." Qingfeng felt deeply offended. This not-so-hilarious trope in his opinion has been circulated among the community for a long time, and he always felt that it was being unfair against the poor natives. He had always thought that drinking yak milk and hunting brown bears with bow and arrow is not that bad. It was only a game after all, you do you and have fun, that was already success in his opinion.

"Explain to me why you did not show up when my ship was torpedoed, leaking water from all sides, burned and close to sinking then."

"Ehhh, all I can say is ... you had fun sinking ships right? And I also had my own kind of fun. Both of us had our fun, so ... it's a win-win situation?" He really did not prefer the main action theater of the game, so he often went here and there just to admire the beautiful graphics technology of the game.

"IT IS NOT!!!"

Fueled by anger, Lanfang smacked her spoon hard against the bowl of broth right under her elbow. As an obvious result, her white T-shirt was covered in a yellow layer of sticky liquid dripping down the floor. She first glanced hard at the mess, then at her brother, then at the mess again, her eyes burning with hatred.

"Urgh, it's all your fault, it's all your fault brother. I just took a bath..."

"Heh why is it my fault? Just go and get a new shirt Lanfang." Qingfeng rubbed his temples real hard, my sister is a big idiot.

"Urgh you are the worst...'

Her petite figure slowly disappeared from the dining room plus kitchen. She can be really mature at times, especially while in-game but most of the time, she is still a child without a single care in the world. With that thought, Qingfeng let out a small laugh and then proceeded with the dinner he cooked for both of them, also be sure to eat slower so that when his sister came back she could still join him.

No need to wait for long as her small silhouette soon appeared through the door's glass, followed by her black porcelain hair that reflected streaks of light. Her eyes and lips were still moist from droplets of water, among which a couple of them flowed down through her skin and disappeared underneath her white T-shirt.

Seeing that she had settled down in her seat, Qingfeng ask a casual question while picking a hearty piece of pork with his chopsticks.

"Will big sister Zhao log in tonight, Lanfang?"

Upon hearing the name Zhao being mentioned, Lanfang's eyes instantly lit up with two little candles.

"Yes! She just messaged me yesterday. This time she said she will use her money from part-time to buy a decent character. It seems that she even manage to pull some strings with the guys at the development studio to be in a very special position, about what that position is, she hasn't told me yet..."

"Heh, she just want to surprise you. As expected of big sis."

Qingfeng really did miss his big sister. Ever since she left for uni, the house has been a little bit less lively than it was before. It was thanks to this game that the three siblings were able to connect with each other despite their physical distance.

Quickly finishing her breakfast, Lanfang changed into her school uniform: a white blouse with a red checker shirt complemented by a pinkish ribbon as a tie. To be honest, she looks good in all kind of clothing but Qingfeng personally thought the school uniform suited her best.

"Jaa, see you tonight, big brother."

"See you tonight, Lanfang."