Chapter 69 – Guardians of Death
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While his assistants, who had been accompanying him for years, died one by one, his son, whose existence he had just learned, shared the same fate with them. What was the day like? Would the established order and plans be destroyed so easily?

Moving forward with a thousand thoughts in his mind, Astute suddenly stopped, his only surviving comrade staring at him. His eyes were still staring at him, even as the blade of the dagger that had entered his neck came out of his throat.

He was left alone in the middle of the city he ruled. Thinking what have, I got to lose; he reached for the hilt of the other sword he carried around his waist.

While all this was happening inside the arena, he did not remain indifferent to what was happening in the skies. Grains of rain were falling furiously to the ground as if trying to clean up all the mess. The light of the sun, which was covered by dark black clouds, had decreased. The darkness wanted to cover everything.

Of the people in the stands, fewer than ten survived. With the effect of the heavy rain, the spilled blood was reaching the sand where the warriors were. With its sands gradually turning red, the arena was taking on the air of a pit descended from hell.

"Come on, let me show you what real brutality is!"

Astute had lost the ability to reason. Whichever way he turned, he had enemies or mountains of corpses. Due to Nafiz's order, only those in the section with three noble families survived.

Finishing their work, the warriors turned their attention to the double-bladed man shouting on the sands of the arena. All had witnessed this person's attack with his only sword, and now he had another sword in his hand. His stance was enough to make everyone nervous.

"Look at that Black Lily bastard. When he was cornered, he became a lion!"

The sound might not have been booming, but everyone in the arena felt as if their hearts were squeezed in a vise. Nafız, covered in blood from head to toe, was the most frightening figure in the stadium due to the rain falling on her.

"Blood God Nafız, greetings to you!

Whether orc or human, the warriors simultaneously dropped to their knees and cried out. It wasn't something they did on purpose; their inner urge had condemned them to this action. Even the sound that reached the city by echoing from the arena walls made people's blood freeze.

"So it was you! The killing intent I felt that day was coming from you!"

Astute had ignored his instincts that day. He didn't know he was signing his death warrant when he stopped being a warrior and his years of prosperity put him in a state of complacency.

"I'm coming for you; entertain me!"

After the Nafızjumped out, everyone had only one question in mind. How can she move like that after taking so much damage?

Only Alyon knew the truth. Each blow he struck was weakened by the momentary blockage of Nafız's weapon, which came out of her wristbands. Even if that was the case, it didn't mean that she hadn't taken any damage. She had a lot of stress on her.

Astute began to chant incantations, crossing his two swords, in response to the movement of the female orc running towards him. The swords radiated a vicious air, with the runes shining on them.

After a few breaths, where the runes were, small clouds of transparent mist began to pour into the air through the opening. There were silhouettes in the shape of human faces in the fog, and they were huddled around the city lord as if in consensus.

"I use the labor of my ancestors for hundreds of years for you. You should be proud of yourself!"

Seeing her opponent's moves, Nafız hurriedly shouted!

"Everybody get away! Get to the stands, quick!"

Nafızrecognized the weapons. They were twin swords made for the evil techniques of the Black Lily Clan.

"Guardians of Death"

A cloud of mist formed around Astute. The formation adorned with human faces screaming in pain was the Defense technique of the Death Guards. The weapons that imprisoned the souls of the people they had dealt the killing blow were putting them at the disposal of their users.

"You can't run anywhere!"

When the City Lord had finished his guarding technique, he happily swung his weapons from side to side. Fear fell on everyone as the spirits that emerged from the swords began to rush towards them, turning into a gray mist.

"Get behind me!"

The exact words were heard from two different sides of the arena. Brutal Wall and Alyon were addressing their comrades who had yet to escape. They had two pieces of equipment that could withstand this attack, the giant shield, and Alyon's armor.

Before her opponent's simultaneous attack on the entire area, Nafızabruptly changed her direction. Breaking through the cloud of mist, she struck with the daggers she took from the bounty dungeon.

At first, no one could make sense of the movement, but they figured out the truth when they saw the orc emerging from nowhere. Kuyag was looking for an opportunity to attack the lord, so he observed in the unoccupied area.

Nafız had broken the attack, but the spirit mists that had been blown had also reached her body. If she hadn't had to protect the warrior who was left behind, she could have easily escaped, but she chose to take the damage for the orc, who had great success so far.

''My commander!''

When Kuyag saw what had happened, he began to ask for forgiveness when Nafız shouted to him, "Get away from here now!"

The City Lord was cheerful as he had killed many of his enemies, turning to the noble families standing in the stands, pointing his one sword at them.

"When I am done here, I will make up for the souls I lost from your families!"

Although the households behind them were terrified, the three friends' eyes showed no sign of panic. They had taken a gamble, and they were the ones who would dare to face the consequences.


The City Lord, thrown three steps after being kicked to his shield, turned around to see Nafiz's shooting eyes. It would be a battle of twin daggers against twin swords; Nafiz's hands attacking the soul shield was too fast to be seen.

Having survived the initial shock, Astute began to respond to the attacks that fell with the rain. Nafız, who escaped from the spirit mists that came over her with agile movements, sometimes had to meet with her weapons.

Even when the fight turned into an endurance challenge, the female orc's attacks did not lose any of their speed. There was not the slightest sign of damage to the fog shield after the successive blows.

"Don't tire yourself out, orc. I don't know where you got what you have, but none of them can get near my Death Guards. Before the tens of thousands of souls within them are exhausted, I will lay down the carcasses of all of you!"

Each hit of Nafızkilled one of the spirits that formed the shield. After Astute's words, it became clear that one person couldn't finish the job. Alyon, too, had accepted the truth and had jumped back onto the red-painted sands from the stands he had come out to help his friend.

"Nafız, give me my weapon!"

The giant Warhammer was in the inter-domain ring, so he could engage in battle as soon as he got it.

"When did I tell you that you could get involved in this?"

Alyon was waiting for the answer he got. Otherwise, he would have been surprised. Whatever the case, his friend insisted on finishing what he started alone.

"Don't be stubborn. I'm coming to help you!"

The burly orc was determined this time. Time was working against Nafiz.

"Stay where you are!"

Nafızshouted angrily and stopped her attack, doing somersaults and backing away ten paces in front of Alyon. The female orc's hair danced with the wind, beating the air like a whip. While all this was going on, the three noble family members watched the sight that they would never see again in their lives.


People think as they live.

Friedrich Engels