45. Meeting in the Restaurant
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“Young Miss Nan?”

Turning her body around, Nan Hua saw a young man around the age of 12 stood not far from her. He was dressed in brown training clothes and had a sword strapped on his waist. His handsome face showed his youthful age with his dark eyes shone under the light. A small smile formed on the corner of his lips when he looked at the twins in front of him.

Long Qian Xing.

After meeting the sister, now they’re meeting the brother?

“Young Master Long.” Nan Hua curtsied slightly in accordance to the etiquette. She was honestly wondering what this young master was doing in the city like this and not busy training.

“Young Master Long.” Nan Luo also followed suit.

Long Qian Xing smiled and cupped his hand. “Young Miss Nan, Young Master Nan, it’s quite a coincidence to meet you two out here.”

Nan Luo furrowed his brows slightly when he heard Long Qian Xing greeted his sister first. Based on etiquette, it should be him then his sister. However, recalling that this annoying man is his sister’s fiancé, he chose to let the matter pass.

“Yes, it is. Is there any reason as to why you’re here, Young Master Long?” Nan Hua asked slowly.

“I’m here with His Highness. Would you like to join us?” Long Qian Xing asked with a smile.

His Highness.

In Fei Yang Kingdom, there were only two princes.

The first prince and also the current crown prince was born from a dancer, who had originally had a low position but then got fancied by the Emperor and gave birth to the first prince. However noble he was, he was still a concubine born prince, yet because of his mother, he was selected as the crown prince.

The second prince was also a concubine born prince. However, his mother had much higher standing than the first prince’s mother since she was a noble. In fact, his maternal family was considered quite influential and thus, the second prince used to be favored by others since they thought that he would be the next Emperor.

Unfortunately, the Emperor chose the first prince as the crown prince.

Ever since then, the tension in the palace had continued to be very fierce to the point that there were several open assassination attempts. It was so hectic as the two princes were definitely not in good terms and openly went against each other.

Long Qian Xing was selected as study partner of the first prince. It was normal for the males to have study partner when they studied in the academy because having someone to learn together would make them train harder.

At the same time, the study partner would be someone who supported the prince. The Long Family was someone who would be standing by the first prince’s side when he finally became the Emperor.

“Would that be appropriate?” Nan Hua asked.

Even if the first prince’s mother was of low standing, he’s nevertheless still the prince. There were no one who would openly slight him in fear that he would retaliate when he ascended the throne.

Long Qian Xing smiled. “I’m sure His Highness would be delighted to interact with my fiancée and her brother.”

Nan Luo furrowed his brows. Rather than interacting, it must be more like he wanted to know more about the Nan Family since Nan Hua would be Long Qian Xing’s wife in the future. However… wasn’t it a bit too quick to even have an interaction at this time?

Nan Hua looked at the young man before her. Her eyelids lowered. “If it’s not a bother, then it’ll be an honor for us to meet with His Highness.”

“Please follow me.” Long Qian Xing waved his hand to his attendant and handed a bamboo strip. It seemed that he came out because he wanted to deliver a message that couldn’t be done inside.

Xiao Yun stuck closer to Nan Hua as she was feeling suspicious of this young man. Not to mention, he pinched Miss’s cheek before! How could she possibly let her guard down in front of this young man?

Not a chance!

Hou Liang followed from behind and silently instructed the other guards who has been following them to inform this to Old Master Nan. He didn’t think that such a simple outing would led the two young children to meet with so many people.

‘It’ll be much better if they just stay quietly in the residence….’