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Back in room Ichinose received text from Yui:

Yui: how is it?

Ichinose: what?

Yui: your broken heartšŸ˜‚

Ichinose: shut up lil D!

Yui: you shut up shithead!

Ichinose: Do you need something I am stressed already.

Yui: hoh...are you busy tomorrow after school?

Ichinose: no why?

Yui: let's meet at our usual place.

Ichinose: any reason?

Yui: Do I need reason to meet my best friend?

Ichinose: hmmm? You sure that's it?

Yui : yeah..

Ichinose: super sure?

Yui: ok fine we need your helpĀ  for the exams . You know club activities distracted both of us so we are lagging behind.

Ichinose was not very smart but he was definitely smarte than Yui and Tooru.Its more like Ichinose don't give his best effort in exams.

Ichinose: you sure it's club activities or is it because of your dates?

Yui: >^<

Ichinose: ok fine I will come after school.

After chatting for some more time he left his room to prepare dinner.

Next day:

At lunch:

-Sakura- so you are going for a study session ?

-Ichinose- hmmm.

Sakura was watching himĀ  hopefully with stars in her eyes.

(She definitely wants to come)

-Ichinose- Do you want to come.

-Sakura- If you insist then how can I refuse I will help you guys.

(But I said only once but whatever makes you happy)

Sakura was not only had good looks but she was also in top 3 students when it comes to studies so naturally she was smarter than Yui , Tooru and Ichinose.

Sakura was happy for the rest of the day for the post school date . And just like that school ended .

-Sakura- let's go.

-Ichinose- aren't you too enthusiastic?

-Sakura- I also wanted to meet your best friends and studying is something I enjoy to do.

-Ichinose- okay okay let's go first let me collect study material from staff room.

-Sakura- hurry up.

After when Ichinose returned from staff room then went to a nearby coffe shop Cafe de Latte...

Ichinose always went to this cafe with them and Kaouri before .They declared this coffee shop as their hideout but after before 2 month of that incident Kaouri stopped hanging out with them so it was just Ichinose , Yui, and Tooru .But a new member joinedĀ  the gang from that day.

At cafe de Latte:

Yui and Tooru like always flirting in a corner .When Sakura and Ichinose arrived they saw them immediately as they were the only one who were showcasing their love without minding other.

Regular people of cafe were used to this so they didn't reacted but new customer always looked at them and sighed:

-ah youth

-why you always sigh like an old man when you are still in middle school?

When Sakura saw them holding hand casually and whispering something and giggling , her face turned red in embarrassment and she turned away but Ichinose didn't cared about that and called for them:

- How long are you going to maintain that sugary air around you. Aren't you tired of each other already?

When Yui heard him she said in a mocking way without even shifting her gaze from Tooru:

-hohh... I don't want to hear that someoneĀ  ,who believes that 'you should date someone who you are willing to marry in future'.Ā 

After hearing this Ichinose vein popped on his forehead and his eyes narrowed automatically.

While Tooru was thinking:

(Ah here they go again .)

Author:...don't throw coffee on each other face.