Ch1-Baby Steps
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It's been 3 years since I arrived in this world. 3 long, oh so very long, painful years. 2 years of shitting in my diapers and crying for every little thing, and one year of potty training. SIGHHH

That fuking Morgan Freeman looking bustard, if you are going to take his look at least act like him. He just saw me, said "Boring", waved his hand and the next thing I know I'm getting my baby ass, slapped by the doctor. I don't care if he is a God, first chance I get I'm going to strangle him. He couldn't put me in the body of a teenager, Nooo, it had to be a baby. I may sound ungrateful, but shiting yourself with the mentality of an adult is embarrassing and humiliating.

So 3 months or so go by before I even see a TV, and when I did I figured out I was in the MHA world from watching Johnny Bravo(All Might) saving people. MHA is not the worst world I could have gone to, at least it's not Marvel or Attack on Titan, that would have been a nightmare.

My family can be summed up in one word, Average. Both my parents have Programing quirks, so my quirk potential isn't looking 2 good. I just hope it's a better version of theirs so at least I can hack bank accounts for easy money.

I am in the same bloody neighborhood as Deku the Wimp and BoomBoom Boy. Freaking fantastic.

As for my looks? I have short black hair and chubby cheeks, I'm 3 years old, what did ya expect. But based on my mother's looks, I hope I'll grow up to be somewhat handsome.

I could walk solidly without any wobble when I was 2 years old. Why not try before that, because it would be extremely embarrassing to die from getting a head injury if I fall when I got a second chance at life. Now that I am three, I probably won't die even if I am injured so I can start working out, not anything serious just stretches, running, and some basic punches or kicks. If anyone asks, I'll use the "I want to be a hero" excuse.

I couldn't give less of a shit about Heroes or Villains, as soon as the shit starts with the League of Villains I'm out of this country. Hackers get paid a lot no matter what country you're in.

But that's no reason for having a weak body, especially in this world. I'll just work out to my max potential, and carry weapons on me, look at what Stain did with swords and knives, sure he has a paralyzing quirk, but poison works just as well, so yea working out is essential especially if I ever want to get laid, if you want to date a hot chick who keeps her body in shape, you should expect the same from them.

"Shin dinners ready" a woman's voice comes from the kitchen

"Coming Mom" I yell back

Even my name is stupid, Shinichi Kodo. Stupid MHA logic with their stupid names. I'm 100% sure this is a pun for Shinichi Kudo from Detective Conan, and Shin is close to the meaning 'die'. Someone is not too subtle with the death threats. And rly 'Kodo'='Coding', programmers, how unoriginal, though every name in MHA is unoriginal.

(A/N What did you say about me, let me hear you again punk)

"Shin be a good boy and sit down, I'm about to serve the food"

"Okay!" ugh I wanna die, acting like a kid takes a lot out of my mental capacity, and I got to keep this up until I'm 7 or 8, then I can just be the emo kid so people can leave me alone.

I hear steps behind me "Hi Dad!"

"Hello Dear, did you finish your work for today?" my mom asks him

"Yes, just got it done, the benefit of working from home is I get to spend more time with my family" dad smiles

"Any way Shinichi" Uh oh, I'm not gonna like this " me and mom were thinking of sending you to kindergarten, you will get to make friends with other kids, even kids from the neighborhood will be there." says Dad

(A/N Nursery, pre-K and kindergarten in Japan is all classified as just Kindergarten and it lasts until they are 6)

Fuk now what, I don't want to waste time with children I'll go insane, your asking a grown man to go fingerpaint for 3 years. Fuking hell lets go fake it with all my acting talent. (A/N You got none, GL)

Crocodile tears ready, sad voice ready. let's go "But, but, I don wana go. I wana stay here with you"

"Son, all the kids are going, you don't want to be left out do you"

Fuk, they already decided.

"Sorry honey, but it's better this way, you will make lots of friends" my mother beams a smile

I'm going to kill Bakugo, I just know it. At least let's get some benefits.

"Fine but you can't make me be friends with anyone, and I want to go to a dojo, I need to be strong to be a Hero" I pump my fist, god I look stupid

" "Ummm" " they just look at each other,

"How about this, when you turn 5, and you still want to go, we will take you to a dojo"

Good I got what I wanted, it's not like they will let children in a dojo

( Do most of you even remember how small kids are)

"Pinky swear" I raise my pinky finger

Both of them smile and take it with theirs " "Pinky swear" "

"Yay" I yell out

Baby steps, just baby steps, at least now they won't find it weird when I start training with a sword