Ten Seconds
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After that match I met Tetsuya.

"Were you surprised?" he has the tiniest grin that just pisses me off, so fucking much

"I'm going to kick your ass later for that. You have been holding back on me, and when did you even start with Boxing?" those were not the moves of an amateur boxer

"Last time when you showed me your secret technique that allowed you to fight with me even with my quirk active, i decided i needed something more. So I started boxing, and it strangely came easy to me, i mean Muay Thai has strikes with the fists but we mostly focus on our elbows and knees. Boxing was different but easy at the same time."


Fucking boxing protege who the fuck knew. This kid really is something special.

"Hahahaha, I can't wait to fight you but don't think you can win against me with just that Tetsuya"

He nods " I know you were holding back when we were sparring, its just your style, you will probably win this thing." I was taken aback by that

" I'm not stupid Shinichi, your a lot younger than me, yet I feel that your the older one, its the way you act and move, it gives you away. You have absolute confidence in yourself, a normal kid your age would be nervous on this stage and your going to fight kids a lot older than you. Yet you look like you are taking a walk in the park, honestly it pisses me off. 5 years older and I'm still weaker than you." That's right, this kid saw through me the first time we meet too

"Then the answer is simple, get stronger. Age, Sex, Quirk, those mean nothing in a 'Real Fight'. The one who is stronger will win, its that simple."

"Think about my words Tetsuya" I say and I walk away to get 'ready' for my fight. Me getting ready usually means watching funny videos in my head. God I love this quirk.

"Kodo-kun its your turn" a cute intern snaps me back to reality, her looks almost make it worth it, I was just at the Epic parts of the video, and now I'm annoyed they couldn't wait 5 more minutes. I was watching a Minecraft video from before the age of the Quirks. A guy named Dream, he makes amusing videos, and I couldn't see how he survives, I'm VERY annoyed now

I look at her " Don't touch my snacks, I'll be back in a minute" and leave for the stage, i need to get this over with so I can go back to watching Manhunt 5 Hunters FINALE,

"Arrogant kid. I'll be back in a minute.. yeah right" I hear her talking behind my back with my increased hearing

The announcer jumps up on the stage

"And Now! It's time for our local celebrity!

At 5 years old he defeated everybody in his dojo, in karate, aikido and kendo. Seeking his position kids from other cities, dojos, and gyms challenged him. He remained indifferent to their taunts and accepted. All 10 kids except one were 7 to 10 years old, and all of them lost.

Now he is up against his oldest opponent yet, 12 year old Hideki. Shinichi will be turning 6 soon. Will he be able to defeat his opponent who is twice his age and is one of the best boxers in his gym."

Both of us enter the stage.

" " " Uowwwwww" " "

... Well the Hype Man is doing his job. They are setting me up to fall. No normal person will think that Hideki will lose, those kids that I fought weren't that good in the first place, except for a few like Tetsuya. This tournament is invitation only, so he should have some skill. The age and size difference is too big, so normal people naturally assume i will lose.

Well this will be a surprise to them, I said I will end it in a minute and I meant it.

Boxing kid starts trash talking

"You might have defeated those losers, but you wont be me midget" he starts doing shadow boxing intron of me to flex" I usually don't let this get to me and ignore the Neanderthals, but i really wanted to go back to my video and he just pissed me off even more

"Okay are you guys ready?" The ref asked us

"I was born ready" he boasts,

I just nod, wanting to get this over with.

"Then BEGIN!!"

This time I waste no time, I dash straight at him. I purposely lower my speed to make me look slow.

"Stupid kid, take this" he throws a regular punch with his right hand

That as just what i wanted, i slow down even more right before it hit me, i grab his wrist with both of my hands, and throw my right leg over his left shoulder and my left below his right shoulder.

I did a perfect Flying Triangle Choke. He was stunned and it took him about 2-3 seconds to start struggling

"Ohh and Kudo-kun does a extremely well done Flying Triangle Choke. It takes about 9 seconds to knock someone out if done perfectly  (Imai Cosmo style)

What he said is true, but that is for adults, kids don't have the developed muscles to last longer. After 3 more seconds, he passes out and the Ref calls the game.

The crowd starts cheering

"Unbelievable this is the fastest match we have had today. Shinichi Kodo won in 10 seconds!!"

Well this should shake up some trees. I'm almost positive they planned for me to lose in the first round. And since i was pared with him specifically, he is probably the son of somebody important that wanted his kid to have it easy in the tournament.

Well Boo Hoo. If they try something I'm going to sue their ass. And if they send someone, I'll send them back in body bags. Get some sharp knifes, 'Divine Demon' at my current max, and I'll butcher them alive.

I start heading back and ignoring the crowd, I have more important things to do, like go back to watching Minecraft videos made by the one of best players at the time.

Word Count 1050

(A/N Dream will be famous even after 200 years xD)