Interlude – The Virtuous Demon [Skippable]
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Ok with the first arc complete there's a few types of chapters that will pop up.

Chapter - A regular chapter

Side Story - All side stories will be both canon and relevant to the plot and worldbuilding, they are side because they don't have direct relevance to the main arc at the time of their release. These are actually important don't skip these.

Extra Chapters - Side stories that may or may not be canon and aren't relevant to the plot or the worldbuilding. You can skip these without missing anything important.

Interlude - These are non-chapter content that vary significantly from the main story. They can be skipped. This interlude is a Ballad that Jofre the dwarf wrote after being saved by Lunella.

The Ballad of The Virtuous Demon
By Jofre Elman

There once was a virtuous demon
Who came along one day
Some say that she was a dreamin’
That she would be okay

The demon encountered misfortune
Upon reaching the town
The guards they tried a hurtin’
The demon huntin her down

The demon then made a friend
And she was given bread
They came to care for each other
But the friend was filled with dread

The friend then betrayed the demon
The demon wound up in jail
It was there she encountered the reaper
It was there that she did wail

The friend got herself in trouble
The orcs tried to take her head
If she didn’t find a way out
She would have wound up dead.

It was then that the demon showed kindness
Despite having been betrayed
Though our eyes were filled with blindeness
The demon still came to aid

The demon’s heart had saved six people
Preventing endless dismay
She fought and fought and finally won
On that one deep dark day

Oh virtuous demon we thank you
May you continue to save
Though helping you may be a taboo
We pray that you will be safe

The next chapter will be a Side Chapter centering around Celes