Chapter 17
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Alissa could feel her face reddening and she was probably blushing.

"Do you need some water." Aron offered.

Alissa felt herself blush some when Paula and Brandon turned to her. "I will just wait for the wine." she replied quickly. She didnt like the attention.

Aron smiled slightly, "If you insist."

The night was going by slowly and she wanted it to finish. She didn't know why she felt so anxious and was it really a coincidence that she found Aron here. No, she couldn't allow herself to think like that. Tonight, she would just focus on Brandon her date and nothing more.

Alissa found herself studying Paula a bit more. She saw that she spoke fast and a lot but she was pretty. Was that Aron's type. The Paula type? Alissa shook her head and stopped, she hoped that no-one had noticed that.

Why did she care if Paula was Aron's type? She was here with Brandon and that's all that should matter. Alissa looked to see Brandon listening to Paula chat. Was he also enchanted with her? She turned her gaze to Aron and she jumped a bit when she saw that he was staring at her. It was almost as if he was waiting for her eyes to meet his.

She breathed out when she saw the waiter coming with their wine. The waiter placed a wine glass in front of them and opened the wine bottle and poured the wine into everyone's glass.

Paula raised her glass, "let's make a toast, to new friends."

They all raised their glasses, "To new friends."

The glasses clinked and they all drank, the wine was a bit bubbly and it tickled her throat. She liked the taste and when she finished her glass she started to feel a bit fuzzy, drinking wasn't her forte but for tonight she would do it. Just so she could get through it. Maybe she would loosen up a bit.

When she reached for the wine bottle, Aron grabbed it before she could reach it. He poured some more wine for her. She chugged it down.

Aron leaned in, "You know you are supposed to enjoy the wine not chug it like shots."

"Leave me alone Aron. Let me be." She slurped out.

When she finished her third glass and wanted to reach out for the bottle, Aron snatched it. "I think that's enough wine for you tonight."

Alissa felt a bit dizzy.

"Are you okay?" Brandon asked.

"Yes, I am fine. I am just soaking in the wine."

"Have you ever seen the view here, it's amazing and I want to take some pictures."

"That sounds nice," Brandon replied.

"Let's all go." Paula looked at Aron.

Brandon stood up, Alissa knew she would stumble and embarrass herself, "You guys go, I will come to join you later or not."

"I should stay with you," Brandon replied.

"No you go, since you have never seen the view. I will look after my friend here." Aron replied.

"But I want some pictures with you," Paula whined.

"We will take some next time."

Brandon reluctantly agreed and went with a brooding Paula.

When they were out of sight Aron turned to her. "Fancy seeing you here."

"You smell nice Ari."

"My name is Aron, you should get that right at least."

"That's what I said."

"No, you called me Ari."

"I did?"

"Yes Alissa, you did."

"Potato, potato."

Aron gripped her face and turned it to him. "I want to kiss you again."