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*5 years time skip*


5 years passed rather quickly

there was nothing worth mentioning that happened or at least what i think is important

but im going to tell anyway because the autor dont know how to fill the chapter with words


i killed the queen and king of the phantohive empire



she tried to rape me 

i knew that remove my mask in public is a problem 


how the hell a queen dont have any control of her lust

like when i was training on that stupid hellhole 

i made an encounter with the "queens" of that place

 that are called overlords 

when they saw me without the mask

they atleast had the decency to ask me to become part of their harem 

obviously they didnt asked that way

but they tried to conquer me. which didnt work btw

so they for some odd reason tried to take me by force

and as i wasnt that strong to figth back i had to run for years without rest

this chase ended with me being protected by some bitch i dont want to remember

and the overlords seing the bitch stoped chasing me 

but nooooooo, the queen of this kingdom had to order her knights to kidnap me on the first week of work

so i killed her and her personal bitch 

nobady suspected of me because i killed everyone that the slut gave order 

and nobady would suspect that a child could kill the queen

so the oldest of the 6 sisters that i have to protect became the queen

her name is

[saphire phantonhive]

as she was just 16 years old

i decided to help her run the kingdom

at first she was angry at me and saing that a dirty slave would never be of any help

i insisted for 2 years 

so out of exaustion she decided to listem to me

tho i dont know how she persisted for 2 years and did nothing to me but i'll take it

i helped with the resoures, education, and production of magicians and warriors

with my knowledge

tho for some odd reason she didnt question on who i was and how i had known that knowledge or whats my objective for serving the phantonhives if i could just become a famous person with all this knowledge

dont know, dont care

our relationship became good after a few suggestions and i became a short of administrator for the kingdom affairs

she has tried to hug me and remove my mask during our sessions but nothing too dangerous

but she is addicted with my smell 


my skills off the job


as i never level up this job

i have just have 1 skill that skill being


it makes my sent make woman and man aroused

dont know what that means but people like so inhale my sent

i didnt make any progress with the other 4 girls

but my master 

elizabeth phantonhive

made a lot of regress

at first she was cold to me 

but later she became clingy

she still has that stone face

but she needs my help for anything

and she makes me sleep with her

as much as i dont have to sleep

because of one of my skills


it has the efect to make me agitaded and to make you stay awake without any penalties

she forces me to sleep


my master wants to surpass me 

so she asked me to spar with her

and teach her how to make my nails sharp

like i did on that event

after the trainig starts that is basecally her training to control her body and spar 

she managed to control her body very fast

she can reverse her blood flow now

not that this is useful

but hey she can do that


as we are 12 years old we will be going to the fate academy

a academy on other continet the central continent

where most races live together and "happy"

its worth mentioning that this is the most powerfull organisation of the world