a duo of monsters
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after elizabeth's status is shown 

the room became quiet

the faces of the the people of rhe room was a show to see

some were angry some were frustaded, happy, jealousy and some were proud??

of course its not your everyday occurrence that you see a youngster with this amount of stats

normally the highest stats one can make in this age that is 12 years old only have 900 of energy

but elizabeth by passed this rule making more than 2000 of energy

which can only be achived by middle grade magicians 

perceving the faces of the students she still has a stone face but inside she is proud of herself

looking at the front table

some of the woman were happy some were thinking  and the two lollies look at elizabeth with disdain

the blond woman on the center of the table seams to be thinking of something 

but after 2 seconds of intense tougth

she said calmaly as if she wasnt thinking intensively just a moment ago

"put your hand on the black one"

elizabeth put her hand on the black ball as it began to emit black smoke and gather on top of her head 

it then began to take shape to form letters so in 3 seconds it forms the words


the people on the room became stuned again as nobody got such combination

the blond woman then talks to elizabeth

"you can chose on which path you want to take you can go to the dark house or the knigth house"






"i want the knigth house" elizabeth responds after some thougth

she than proceeds to walk to one of the five tables with a banner of a shield and two swords crossed on it floting in the air

she than gained an warm welcome fron the knigth house

elizabeth gadly took the praises from her house and sat down


i hear some one call my name

i open the door that leads to the main hub

the moment i see a giant room with 5 giant on the sides of the room tables each with a banner flying on top of the table

i can see 

the tables only have kids in then so there isnt any senior students here and almost all the girls on the table are looking at me with either disgust, pity or curiosity


probaly because im using my mask

and they are thinking that i am ugly or have a multilated face 

but lets get back to the surroundings

on the table on the far rigth we have a the knigth house with the banner of shild and swords

on the far left we have the dark house with a banner of a black rose

on the top rigth corner we have the phenix house with a banner of a phenix

on the top left we have the snake with the banner of the ouroboros

on the lower rigth we have the holy house that have the banner of an angel

on the north of the room we have a table with 5 woman and 2 lolis staring at me 

on the center of the room we have two pedestals each with a ball 

one with a black ball and another with a white ball

one of the woman seated on the table with what i assume is the teacher's table says

"put your hand on the white ball"

i look at the ball 

the first look at the ball gives me the idea of what it is

it is a status tester

i look at the black ball 

and i dont know what it is at first glance but after i took notice of the fealing of the magic i reached the conclusion that is a personality reader with an choice algorithm based on the personality of the person 

all this information passed by my eyes for 3 seconds

i put my hand on the white ball

as a blue screen apeared floting


[RACE]: ∀Ē‰Π¶ß∇Æ≤



[REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [???], [???], [???], [???], [???], [BEAUTY INCARNATED]

[STR]: 948

[DEX]: 1975

[AGI]: 974

[VIT]: ?????

[SEN]: 2704

[ENE]: ?????





everyone stared wide eyed at cain's status


because this status made no sense

how many skills did he have how many titles did he have

and most importantly how many classes did he have

people are meant to have just one class why he has several

almost all the people in the room looked at cain with angered faces 

just his master the blond woman and the two lolis looked at him with interest

most people ignored his race for some strange reason

and why the people dont take to make experiments on him 

well idk 

maybe plot armor

without the blond woman say anything he puts his hand at the black ball

as black smoke surged and made the words


the blond woman says

"which hou..."

"dark" cain says as he goes to the table with the black rose as a banner