Chapter 1: The shocking transformation!
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Bam! What happened? A guard In the city replied. A massive holy light appeard and the entire city of morrikono, who apparently had the power of the obsidian walls! super powerful walls? Or are they? who knows? It also had a lot of buildings in medieval fantasy design and medieval fantasy roads with a generic as fuck guild system building on the right of the city wall gate that always happens everywhere in fantasy for some reason, but who cares It Is still fun to have I guess.


Anyway the public was shocked, what had happened? The troll with green skin and brown pants who also apparently stood 6 feet tall? Was down on the ground bloody and gory with a massive sword slice, and the woman with silver armor that the narrator still doesn't understand why silver? Who had a sword that the writer for some reason forgot to mention on the woman, why focus on the silver armor instead of the cursed sword? Why writer? Writer did not answer the narrator and just went to sleep. Anyway lets resume the situation.

 The woman stood on the troll proudly with a smile, like a maniac who had slain her first victim. What was the light? you may ask? The reason It glew Is because It was too afraid of the woman who had turned into a demon lord and ran away. How? The people of the city asked.

Then a manly as fuck man with experience opened a door and came out of his house, what apparently was a sex dungeon that may be mentioned later in the story. He stood on the ground with a nice beard on his face, picking up grass! and throwing it for fun, whatever his wierd hobby is.

Ahhh! the man with the name of felix who looked like a woman for some reason, who had a black dress on him and still sounded like a manly man btw, moaned in relaxation. He looked at the crowd 20 meters away from him that looked at a woman with a wide creepy smile standing on a "FUCKING CORPSE" what the fuck? In silver armor getting corrupted and answered the people's question. The light that granted her divine protection did not like the darkness corrupting her and turning her into a demon lord, it simply flied away. The man said.

The crowd was stunned by the answer, Demon lord? An old man whispered. 

One does not simply image light fly away, a familiar man with a familiar brown beard and a familiar hand sign sitting on a chair on the middle of the road said.


A woman named jennifer replied in a scream for some reason. Shit the author forgot the big letter in the name god damn it!


Then a random person that nobody knew the name of replied in a funny voice.

Dont worry guys she was our hero it doesn't matter if her power got corrupted she is always our hero!

It doesn't matter what powers the user have, what matters Is how the user, uses the power.

Then suddently the quiet of the crowd stopped being quiet in shock and started to panic.

They did totally not listen to the random person because of how random he was.

Felix walked towards the crowd surrounding the troll corpse with a former woman standing on top of it, that was now a demon lord, yes plot twist It Is true! She got turned into a demon lord with black long hair, red cat like eyes, pale skin, vampire fangs and sexy man body! 

Fuck! The narrator said. The armor Is still silver damn it! I thought the armor was supposed to change to black like It usually does In dark transformations! Screw you writer! 

Writer did not hear him since he still slept on the sofa dreaming about what other shitpost he will write next. 

The sky started to grow dark, the people in panic did not help the vibe the situation was going for, darkness started to come out of demon lord Angelica that was the name of the new summoned hero btw. Oh shit I forgot, I mean "Demon lord"

Angelica nooo! A lesbian girlfriend screamed in sadness, why did you become like this! huhuh the lesbian girlfriend sobbed, while reaching out with her hand and being dragged by some priestest named bob.

she said: It is too dangerous dont come near her! I mean him.

Lesbian girlfriend screamed in pain when she heard the "him" word.

The ground exploded underneath the demon lord and let out a shockwave that tripped everyone in a funny way.

Intense music started to play In the background as If the reader watched some Intense anime fight scene that was about to start.

It sounded like this! Duh Duh dududududu Duh With drums, chanting and other shit.

One man screamed and fucked himself over after getting thrown off by the shockwave.

A small girl flew away in rapid speed landing on cowshit! Damn it! a dad shouted.

An old lady broke her hands while intensely grabbing a pipe to hold on to her balance. Ouchy the lady said.

An elf literally tripped and landed on his dick!!! 

Another elf landed in a 69 on top of a catgirl with clothes on of course.

The girlfriend of Angelica faceplanted the ground after swiftly losing her balance, and broke her nose.

A 10 year old boy with black hair and a blue mouse thing on his shoulder, tripped and glitched away from the world and flew to the sky as If he was part of team racket. Hehe team racket giggled In revenge, after trying so hard to catch that rare blue mouse monster thing, just for the same thing that just happened to the 10 year old to happen to them everytime.

Guards wielding the spears tripped and cut thier throats and died as If they are part of some anime series about a school class being cursed for years.

Felix the main character on other hand, with his experience and knowledge was strong enough to withstand the shockwave and looked at the demon lord with an intresting look.

Ahhhh! Angelica screamed.

Nooo! what happened to me! why did I smile like that?

He kicked the ground and screamed In agony. Aaaaah! make it stop!

The power! Soo much power! I can't control myself! I want to kill and suck everyones blood so badly hahahaha!

He stood up laughting and laughting as a coping mechanism to stop himself from doing the unthinkable.

But the people did not recognise that laugh as a coping mechanism, instead they saw it as a laugh of wanting to actually do the unthinkable.

The new demon lord with the race of vampire quickly curled himself Into a ball and let out a cry, just for another smaller shockwave to emerge. 

After that Silver Angel like wings grew out of his back just to bring more salt to the narrators wounds.

Omfg fucking silver again? The narrator said. Im done Im freaking done man Im leaving this damned place! Im not reading this shit enymore!

The demon lord quickly stood up again and flew away with a magic mix of silver and darkness.

After the incident of the troll and the newly corrupted hero turned demon lord calming down.

People In the crowd got quiet again shocked about what just happened.

Felix grabbed some strawberrysoda and drinked while thinking: Damn what a transformation man hehe.