Chapter 23: Bumi
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"Well, let's go and meet bumi" [Azumi]

"Bumi is the earth dragon that you guys save right?" [Kucin]

"yup" [Azumi]

They step right into the skip teleporter and is transported into the room where bumi and the dungeon core is, the room is the largest room in the dungeon, measuring as wide as one dungeon floor size 

"hello bumi, nice to see you" [Alfin]

"Princess Alfin, Azumi, and Kucin welcome, it has been a while" [Bumi]

"huge, so this is bumi, but how do you know my name?" [Kucin]

"Princess Alfin and Azumi telepathically mentioned about you few days ago" [Bumi]

"I see, well i will still formally introduce myself, I am Kucin, a D rank adventure, nice to meet you" [Kucin]

"I am Bumi, the great earth dragon, like wise it is nice to meet you" [Bumi]

"you are so huge, are all dragon this huge?" [Kucin]

"No i am atleast five time the size of any other dragon, though i am still consider small when compared to those guy" [Bumi]

"""who are those guy?""" [Alfin, Azumi, Kucin]

"the 7 god" [Bumi]

"Now that you mention it, you say to meet you so that we can talk directly about Ishmelga, do you have any information about it" [Alfin]

" I do but..." [Bumi]

"but?" [Alfin]

"let just say my memories of Ishmelga have been block" [Bumi]

"you gotta be kidding me" [Azumi]

"but am i correct to assume that you have atleast meet Ishmelga" [Alfin]

"you are correct princess, and do you know how i got the injury when we first met?" [Bumi]

""Don't tell me..."" [Alfin, Azumi]

"I can't remember the detail but I do vaguely remember of assisting the holy hero 100 years ago to defeat Ishmelga" [Bumi]

"""WHAT!?"'" [Alfin, Azumi, Kucin]

"it's the truth, I remember the holy hero and his companion was fighting against Ishmelga but I can't remember much about what happened afterward, but i do remember that the time keeper himself bring me forward in time" [Bumi]

"why?" [Alfin]

"I don't know, maybe so that i can escape Ishmelga wrath during that time or maybe the time keeper want me to assist the current holy hero" [Bumi]

"then do you know who is the current holy hero?" [Alfin]

"sorry but even I don't know who will the next holy hero, but i do know that all creature will recognise the holy hero once he or she is awaken" [Bumi]

"I see, and can i ask you something, who or what actually causing this memory block and more importantly why" [Alfin]

"I can't answer the why but the I can say one thing, it is not Ishmelga that causes the memory block" [Bumi]

"then who?' [Alfin]

"The same force that choose the holy hero, somehow i got the feeling they are the one responsible for causing the memory block" [Bumi]

"""huh?""" [Alfin, Azumi, Kucin]

"like i said, this is merely my impression, take it with a grain of salt" [Bumi]

"well this is getting more complicated every second" [Kucin]

"Bumi, can you tell me more about the holy hero and his or her companion?" [Alfin]

"well, my memory of them are still hazy, I can't remember much about them, even forgot their name but I do remember that the holy hero have a unusually high affinity toward the higher 3 element and that the holy hero is recognised by all of the 7 spirit before it's awakening" [Bumi]

"so does that mean the 7 spirit and this mysterious force is the one that choose who will be the holy hero" [Alfin]

"most likely, and since the seven spirit also the one that chose the holy hero, i have a feeling they are unaffected by the memory block" [Bumi]

"really!?" [Alfin]

"most likely" [Bumi]

"Bumi, can i ask you something?" [Azumi]

"what is it Azumi?" [Bumi]

"You say your memory are being blocked right?" [Azumi]

"yes" [Bumi]

"then can the same be truth to those higher up people on the church during that time, and how come they claim only they can choose the holy hero?" [Azumi]

"I am not sure about it, but I do remember the holy hero companion having a fight with those people from the church" [Bumi]

"do you think it is plausible for them the one that causes the memory block?" [Azumi]

"No, I don't think so, but your questions do raise a good point, how come they have the information about the god when the memory of those involved is being block?" [Bumi]

"Sis, brother can't you just dive into bumi memory and see for yourself?" [Kucin]

"""!!!""" [Alfin, Azumi, Bumi]

"I see, nice idea Kucin, we can you the psychic magic for this one" [Alfin]

"well, it is worth a shot" [Azumi]

With Bumi agree for his memory to be seen, Both Alfin and Azumi pour a psychic magic making a magic circle and chant together

""O mirage which govern the psychic element, let us relive the past, memory dive''" [Alfin, Azumi]

Bracing theirselves, they dive straight into bumi memory but then

""AAHHHHH!!!!"" [Alfin, Azumi]

In pain, they quickly cancel the magic and retreat a step backward, even Bumi are writhing in pain

"Are you guys ok!?" [Kucin]

"just what is it, the one that pushing us?" [Alfin]

"such power but somehow i got a feeling that thing is not alive at all!" [Azumi]

"you too?" [Bumi]

"what do you guys mean" [Alfin]

Alfin is confused by Azumi and Bumi statement

"somehow, i got the feeling that it is just one big system, it is frustrating but that is the best explanation i can give" [Azumi]

"same here, sorry princess Alfin for not helping much in this regard" [Bumi]

"what are you saying, you have given me much needed information, I should thank you instead" [Alfin]

"I am happy to here it" [Bumi]

With that their conversation ended, Alfin then proceed to inspect the dungeon core, finding nothing have changed from the last visit she is satisfied with it and said their good bye to bumi, in which bumi response

"come visit more frequently if you have time" [Bumi]

""sure"" [Alfin, Azumi]

with that, they are transported back into the surface