Chapter 143: Alfin routine part 5
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Alfin point of view

It have been three day since the day he left me (dramatic thought intensify)

With a dazzling back, he uses his acceleration magic and a number of spell so that he could make the long distance travel shorter, by now he should have arrive at The Holy Kingdom of Aster

The Gallian figure infiltrating his enemy bases not for his sake but rather for the sake of other, oh how knightly...

Alright, enough day dreaming, I know I am quite tired as I had spent most of my mana the past few day enhancing a number of magic core and also practicing my magic with Bumi. That Steel magic of him, I do wonder if Azumi or other can actually make a dent out of it. Well, even if he can't, there are one other person that I think can actually do that, that's the guild master Karonlir. He is the saga (ex saga to be more precise) and with Azumi teaching him how to enhance one weapon with our own mana and magic, I wonder how much stronger have the guild master become

Still, I wonder why I am the one chosen to become the holy hero... Everyone have high expectations toward me, and I don't think I could leave up to their expectations, I can understand if Azumi is the one chosen but for someone weak like me...

Well, Holy Hero matter is one thing, I also have my duty as a royalty and eventhough I have try my best in doing my job despite all the backlash I got, from the people of Raflesia especially after the recent events, their opinion toward me becoming more extreme, with some wholeheartedly support me while other somehow becoming more supportive toward Kniaz and also the church, well that's to be expected, their reason must be because of the fact that I have been nice toward the non human and this have blinded them

Well, I just hope everything will be fine moving forward, and lastly...  mother... I guess the very fact I was born was...


Kucin hug Alfin with all her might

"!" [Alfin]

Alfin startled for a bit, snapping out from her deep train of thought

"Don't worry too much Sis, we are here for you!" [Kucin]

"Huh?" [Alfin]

"Well, Brother might now be here to consult you right now so but I the least I can do as your little sister is doing this" [Kucin]

Kucin proceed to tight Alfin tighter while also let out a series of purr

"They say that the purr of a cat will heal oneself and also the other" [Kucin]

Kucin look at Alfin and

"I might be not as reliable as Brother Azumi, but if there is something that have been bothering you, please tell us! I don't want you to shoulder the burden all by yourself!" [Kucin]

Kucin try her best to lift Alfin mood up. Alfin in response just pat the black cat girl head with her soft hand

"Thanks Kucin, I will" [Alfin]

"Hmmm!" [Kucin]

"What's wrong?" [Alfin]

Kucin hug Alfin tighter 

"Kucin!?" [Alfin]

"You don't understand, aren't you?" [Kucin]

"Huh?" [Alfin]

"I don't know what have been bothering you right now and I don't like it. It just make me felt useless knowing that the one person that have been saving us are in pain and there is nothing that I can do about it" [Kucin]

"Kucin..." [Alfin]

"That's why please don't make those sad face anymore" [Kucin]

"""...""" [Aqua, Fizumi, Filaurel]

The three can only wait and see for the princess answer while the carriage move toward the 

(I guess my worries must have been shown) [Alfin]

Alfin steady herself first before answering

"Sorry to make you worried, but there are things that I have to come to term by myself" [Alfin]

"But promise us that you will come to us if you have any trouble" [Kucin]

"Yes, I will" [Alfin]

Alfin tell that to Kucin

(I guess this doubt of mine will be forever with me... well it come with the job and I shouldn't think too much of it) [Alfin]

"..." [Filaurel]

(She must be struggling due to that reason... I can empathize with her) [Filaurel]

The carriage become silent, with the gallop of the thunder horse filling the carriage, they continue to make their way from the dungeon to the capital

P/s wish me luck for my medical exam