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Chapter 1.2 (Revised and edited)


    Xiao Meng snorted. With a seemingly useful but actually useless system on his side that needs ‘oil’ just to help him when he needs a hand, it was currently above his head floating with its thunders and clouds hovering its head. He, who is currently sweeping the front of the store, clenching the broom tightly and hardly as his face slowly turns black and red due to the embarrassment and anger he harbors to the little thing floating above his head. He can’t help but turn all his resentment and the urge to bury the little speck of light to the broom he is currently holding by imagining it as his system. The feeling he had when knowing what kind of adventures; he might get from being its host was slowly fading as it was replaced with resentment. He really expects too much.

    All passerby who caught his actions eyed him with suspicion and pity.

    “This brother has gone mad.” They all thought.

    Xiao Meng who was venting his anger on the pitiful broom, didn’t know their thoughts might cough a blood and go straight six feet under the ground if he come to know it but luckily he didn’t. The hovering system wept at his host’s coldness.

    (wuwuwuwu… Forgive me host. This system is  an outdated one which also has some complications…) System weep bitterly.

    Xiao Meng as always didn’t bother with his system and focused on sweeping the road. He resolved. From now on, he will not rely too much on his system and preferably do the task with his own powers and just focus on finishing the task he had in this world before moving forward for the next world. He nodded in determination.

In the first place, how did Xiao Meng find a job when in the previous one he had, he was hunted by those scary-looking guys in suits who persistently pursue him? For being target himself, he didn’t know. After seeing them in the hospital and seemingly being acquainted to the man who helped him get to the hospital, a conclusion was created on his dirty mind; HE is their boss!! So after a whole day recuperating in the VIP ward, he swiftly escaped leaving no trace of him being outside. Even though that guy is his type, he will not go further and risk his life just to be with him, the same man who wants his life. But that is really a shame.

Anyway, with a small amount of the original owner’s money in his bank account, he managed to rent a run-down apartment in a deserted area which really hits his budget. Knowing that it was concluded to the original’s wish of redoing his life, but seeing his current situation, this isn’t want Xiao Meng meant to do, he thought. So he seeks for many normal and decent jobs he can find and try to apply there to save an ample amount, enough for him to be enrolled on a public University. As of now, he succeeded to get a total of 4 decent jobs; Waiter, Cashier, Dishwasher and Bartender. Xiao Meng thought this is not actually a world-hopping adventure but a retake of his life. Why?

    The original owner and the current Xiao Meng has the same face. Maybe, this a little shit not cheat for being my first world that the system chooses a target with the same face of him. Actually his anger towards his system was heightening to the point he just wanted to jump head first into his first job’s store. But the system persistently warned him not to because even though the body wasn’t present on him, the Higher Ups will take it as punishment and will obliterate his soul without a chance of reincarnating. So he pushed himself to stay with this system of him and just wished to finish quickly. 

“Ah Meng, can you give me a hand?” A small and endearing woman’s voice from his side snapped him from his trance as he looked for that person. Seeing a troubled woman accompanied with tons of boxes probably a delivery, she tried to balance the three small boxes on her hands but end up losing her footing and those boxes crashed on the floor. The woman looking aggrieved and gravely wrong, she hopefully looks at him. He sighed.

“Hua Jie… You should have called for help earlier...” Xiao Meng strictly but softly said before moving to her side to scoop the boxes she had on her hands and without trouble lifted it with ease. This is one of his co-worker at the café he is working for.  A certified klutz-denial but cute older sister, Hua Lin.

Hua Lin pouted, “How can I asked for help when the others didn’t bother to look in my direction and personally help me without me asking for it? Those slag dogs, I will really spank their bum red!” She whined as her face flushed red. Xiao Meng thought, she is also a delusional one.

“Hua Jie, sometimes stop hoping that someone will help you like you are a damsel in distress and waiting for a knight in shining armor because in reality, it will never happen.” Xiao Meng crashed Hua Lin’s wishes by saying his real and blunt thoughts about her. If Xiao Meng was just an ordinary co-worker of Hua Lin, she might now flush red and dye in black due to the embarrassment but no, he is the one she can totally say is the truthful and trusted co-worker she has ever had. And she really likes his bluntly and honest personality.

“How mean you are, Ah Meng.” She pursed her lips. She gets back her footing and gets the other boxes waiting in the delivery truck to finish up quickly so she can do her actual assigned job for today. As Xiao Meng enters the store, he gathers almost half of the attention of the people nside the store as they busied themselves ogling his body, his perfect round and perky butt, his swaying hips when walking. Oh man, they felt their throat get parched from seeing this scene. Seemingly aware of what kind of attention he is getting, he intentionally let one of the boxes fall as he slowly but alluringly gets the box from the floor. Some of them almost went in his direction and grabbed his bum to feel how soft it is but stopped when the door suddenly opened and Hua Lin entered the scene. All  of them secretly rolled their eyes and cursed her. 

‘what bad luck.’ They cursed.

Seemingly knowing the hatred and resentment she is getting, her eyes become cold and glare at her perverted co-workers who obviously want to gobble her Ah Meng alive. The mobs flinched under her gaze and retreated to do their jobs. She walks up to him and can’t help but sigh. “How naïve you are…” she said as she looked at him with pity as she resolute herself to protect this precious and cute bun. Xiao Meng just shrugged at her comment by merely smiling half-heartedly before they moved to the stock to place the goods.

‘Say is there any side mission that I need to do?’ Xiao Meng asked as he just finished his first and second job he had and was currently resting for the third job he will be going for today. Luckily his home is near the bar he is working at as a bartender, only a few minutes walk from the store. With a whole five hours he has on every job he worked, Xiao Meng barely had a good sleep everyday thus this made his appearance sullen and made people feel sympathy for him.

The previously ignored system perked up and excitedly bounced to in the air, (Host isn’t getting any side mission as it is requires a specific thing to be triggered because those missions will serve as a bridge to enhance and improved the progression of the story. Don’t fret, host. Maybe soon.)

‘I’m totally calm though.’


After his short break, he started to prepare himself for his third job by taking a hot bath and changing his clothes before exiting his house and started to walk to work.

His work being a bartender didn’t really need him to exert too much force which makes him relieved and even a little bit relaxed as his job only consists of mixing drinks and dilly dallying chatting to their customers. But today he finds himself angry to death. This shameless mob guy started to flirt with him by using his malicious acts that makes him shudder in disgust which the guy wholly interprets it as a sign that he is feeling it. Xiao Meng cringed in disgust.

“Dear Customer, can you please refrain from doing any vulgar acts here? I’m just a normal bartender here and only wishes to serve you a drink.” He calmly said and flashed a smile that is not a smile.

The guy hiccupped and grin. “Xiao Xiao, wants to serve this Lao Zi? Good! Very good!!” he cheered and wiggle his arms around Xiao Meng.

‘This guy completely gets on my nerves!!’

But before those arms landed on Xiao Meng, a death grip stopped it and tightly clenched as the guy flinch in pain. He angrily looked at the owner of the arm but all of his will to beat the guy to death withered and he looked at him in fear. Xiao Meng was completely stunned for a minute.