Chapter 9
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Wei Linzhen saw Michelle's face in front of him and kept himself as quiet as possible on the couch across him. When this guy was mad, he wouldn't care if the person in front of him was a friend or foe. Jake and Jack could feel the frosty air just from looking at his back and tactfully stayed silent.

Michelle listened to the 2 people's conversation with a cold face.

He didn't think giving a box of chocolate would result in this. It did achieve the effect he wanted but with a price.

He was going to quit the bar?

Then, he heard the man called Yu Renjia suggest they move out entirely. Ming Chen seems to consider it, but fortunately, he disagreed because their current apartment was in a conducive location for them to do things effectively.

Yu Renjia. From the information he got, this man was unemployed. They were living together with another boy named Wen Rui. The three people's relationship was still unclear. His intel hasn't got any point that could connect the three of them together. He just sent someone to that apartment to ask around.

But from the conversation earlier, he caught an important piece of information. It seems like they have some kind of relationship with a girl named Bai Hua. He knew the Bai Hua they meant was the waitress Xiao Bai from the bar.

He recalled the first day he monitored Ming Chen, he looked like he was watching her when the car almost hit Bai Hua. But his action wasn't as intense as stalking. It was as if he just happened to walk in the same direction as Bai Hua. They weren't even on the same sidewalk. But his action taking a picture of the scene was strange.

Wei Linzhen saw his face was gradually returning back to normal and asked, "Seriously Ellie, what made you so upset? Tell this big brother and I'll solve it for you."

Michelle opened his mouth but paused. He frowned.

He also didn't know exactly what made him upset.

His phone rang and he accepted it. After listening to the person on the other side, his face turned several degrees colder.

Wei Linzhen wanted to curse whoever was talking at the other end.

The next day, as Ming Chen said, he talked to the owner regarding his resignation. Of course, he was shocked.

"Ming Chen, don't be rash. You can talk to me first. Did you get into some trouble? Is there a customer harassing you? Or do you want a raise?" the owner quickly tried to persuade him.

"It's nothing like that, Owner," Ming Chen calmed him down, "My psychologist told me to take some rest. But the period of time is indefinite. It can be years. so I can't really ask you to keep my place in this bar."

The owner struggled for a long while before sighing, "How about this, you go take a break however long you need. This bar will always have a place for you if you need a job in the future. So come by once in a while, okay? But can you at least wait until I find a new bartender?"

"Rest assured, I already found some people for you to interview tomorrow. I felt bad because it's too sudden, so I went ahead and found them for you."

In the end, his resignation was approved with much dismay to the owner. He would work for another 5 days before formally leaving the bar.

The news of his resignation quickly spread among the customers. His regulars came to the bar one after another in that span of 5 days including Feng Huoran, Yong Heng, and of course Wei Linzhen and Michelle.

Although they were anxious to know the reason, they considerately didn't ask too much. Ming Chen never pried into their business from all the times they talked. He only patiently listened to them before comforting them and giving them words of encouragement.

So in return, they would also respect his privacy and wished him the best. Most of their question was asking if he would come back to the bar in the future and reminisce the past together with their circle. After all, Ming Chen has worked there for more than 7 years and was the regulars' all-time favorite.

On his last day, the owner along with his colleagues threw him a small farewell party. They also gave him farewell gifts and a small cake.

In the end, he went home an hour later with his hands full. Luckily, or unluckily, Michelle was waiting for him.

"I figured you would get a lot of gifts," Michelle commented as Ming Chen entered his car. He gave him a rectangular gift back, "Although we've only met shortly, this is from both me and Linzhen. I doubt you'll accept it if I say it's from me."

Ming Chen didn't have any choice but to accept it, "Thank you. And please tell my thanks to Mr. Wei too."

"I will," Michelle gave Ming Chen his name card, "You can call me if you need anything. I'll be happy to help."

Ming Chen accepted it.

The name card was plain black with gold writings. It was very simple with a name and a number without mentioning anything else.


His vision suddenly spun. He saw Bai Hua's apartment building catching on fire. The flames were already raging throughout the building, so he couldn't tell on which floor it started. But the important thing was, Bai Hua's unit was also getting burned.

Michelle saw him falling into a daze. It was similar to what happened the other day that got him the chance to get Ming Chen back to his apartment. When he finally came to, he noticed him holding back his sickness.

Ming Chen forced a smile, "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling too well. So, can you just drop me off here?"

The car's motion made his nausea worsen. It was fine the other day because it was already mostly reduced from the time he spent until the end of the shift. But now?

Michelle gave him a new bottle of water, "I'll take you to the hospital."

"No need, I'm used to this. Just drop me off. I'll be fine after taking some fresh air."

Michelle signaled the driver to pull over.

"Thank you for the lift, Michelle." Ming Chen stepped out of the car.

Michelle also got out. He took the bag full of gifts and the cake from his driver and caught up to Ming Chen, "You forgot these."

"Thank you." Ming Chen wanted to take them from Michelle's hand, but the other person avoided him.

"I'll help you with these. You just focus on making yourself feel better."

"You don't ne–" Ming Chen wanted to refuse his help.

Michelle cut his words, "This or car?"

Either way, he couldn't contact Yu Renjia or Wen Rui with his phone. There was no indicator of what time that fire was going to happen. The sky was starting to brighten in the vision, but the fire also has already spread. With that degree of spreading, it's possible that the trigger happened around half an hour before his vision happened.

Ming Chen looked up at the sky. Yu Renjia would make it with his motorbike if he goes now. But if he waited until he arrived back, he wouldn't be.

Yu Renjia and Wen Rui were in their dreamland when a loud voice woke both of them up simultaneously. It was Ming Chen's voice.

"Ren, Rui, Bai Hua's apartment is going to get caught on fire."

"Chen, you're using telepathy right after getting a vision?! Are you crazy?" Yu Renjia shot up from the sofa. Wen Rui also opened his door looking at Yu Renjia anxiously.

"I'll be fine. You guys hurry up to her place. I'll catch up with you later."

Yu Renjia tried to say something, but he sensed the connection was cut. He quickly wore his pants and threw a helmet to Wen Rui.

"Let's go!"

After he ended the telepathy, Ming Chen immediately felt a pang and stabbing pain attack his head. Using telepathy the same day when he got a vision was already bad enough, not to mention soon after getting one. The burden of doing single telepathy was equal to more than 5 visions. Depending on the length, it could reach 10 visions.

He shouldn't have acted too rashly. But he couldn't think of any other solution right now. He barely could think properly at all.

Michelle saw his steps falter and quickly caught his arm, "Are you really alright? Seems to me it only got worse."

"I'm…fine…" Ming Chen tried to answer him with a heavy breath.

Michelle decided to not listen to this man's words anymore. His car stopped beside them and Michelle carefully placed Ming Chen inside. He entered and positioned Ming Chen lying down.

"Go to Dr. Yang."