Chapter 12
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All the people's attention turned towards the sound. There were 2 people on a motorbike who was rushing towards them at full speed.

Before they knew it, the motorbike went past them, almost running over Wei Linzhen who was still on the ground. It skidded and smashed the traitor away with its side body.

The traitor was thrown back. The person at the back caught the traitor's leg with quick reflex and only the traitor's head hit the ground.

The driver mounted down after putting down the kickstand. He ripped out the bomb vest from the traitor fearlessly and took its trigger from his hand. He gave it to the person at the back and drove away with the bomb towards the empty area without caring about the bullets flying around them.

They watched as he threw the bomb and swerved around beautifully. The person at the back pushed the trigger and the bomb blew up with a huge blast behind them.

The motorbike skidded to a halt and the 2 people watched the chaos behind them.

Ming Chen, "…"

Yu Renjia, "…"

What in the name of heaven is going on here?!

When they followed the crest along the walls of the warehouses, they gradually heard the intense gunshots around them. Ming Chen saw the surroundings were the same as his vision and wanted to tell Yu Renjia when Yu Renjia saw the man with the bomb in front of them.

He decided to think about the whole situation later and deal with the urgent situation at hand first.

Now that they were finally calm, they couldn't help but get frozen in place.

"Is that it? The bomb? But Bai Hua is clearly not here." Yu Renjia asked.

"…I have no idea. Check around first and look for any potential threat."

Yu Renjia nodded and stirred his motorbike into the warehouses around them.

Wei Linzhen and his people watched them leave in a daze. Michelle on the other hand immediately recognized the motorbike.

One of Yu Renjia's motorbikes was of that model.

Were the 2 people, Ming Chen and Yu Renjia?

What were they doing here?

It looked like the 2 of them didn't notice both him and Wei Linzhen.

A word flashed in his mind.


Did Ming Chen see something? Perhaps the bomb?

Ming Chen found an opened warehouse full of things inside and directed Yu Renjia there. They unmounted the bike and looked at the mountains of crates inside. Yu Renjia opened one and almost cursed.

"These are guns. Firearms."

Ming Chen opened another one and inside it was indeed another batch of automatic rifles.

"Do these guns going to impact Bai Hua at some points?" Yu Renjia guessed.

Ming Chen was doubtful. His visions only showed him immediate dangers that were absolutely about to happen. Distance or future dangers were never shown because there could be anything that happened in between that could change that outcome.

"Hey! Who the f*ck are you?!"

Yu Renjia and Ming Chen turned their heads. There were 3 men aiming their guns at them. Yu Renjia swiped his hand and the crates beside those 3 men fell down, accurately crashing on them.

"Ren, what if there are grenades or explosives inside?" Ming Chen felt helpless.

"If those things explode, they explode. This warehouse will also burn down with them."

"But the people outside will get hurt. That bomb was already bad enough. If this warehouse explodes, they'll mostly die. The vision took us here. It means we have to prevent the death or misfortune of someone." Ming Chen reminded him.

"And this someone is supposed to be Bai Hua. But she's not here. Who is it that heaven wants us to protect other than the pillar? It's not even her destined partner."

"Alright, alright. We should figure out what to do with these first."

"I can teleport them to Bermuda or something." Yu Renjia offered. He always dumped things there if he didn't want them to ever be found.

Ming Chen thought about it and nodded, "Then, I'll be the one who drives us back. If your condition is bad enough, we can stay the night. Fortunately, I bring my wallet with me."

Ming Chen stretched out his hands and all the warehouse doors closed. He also broke all the CCTVs inside. Yu Renjia raised his hands and closed his eyes to focus.

5 seconds later, starting from the nearest to them, the crates disappeared one by one until the warehouse became completely empty. Not even the metal rack was spared. Only the 2 of them and the 3 blacked-out men were left.

"What about them?" Yu Renjia asked.

"…Their head got hit hard enough for them to forget a few things. Let's go."

They both mounted the motorbike and left the warehouse through the opposite door. They didn't expect to find another one on their way out.

"Are you still good? If not…" Ming Chen wanted to say to just blow it up, but he couldn't get himself to say it.

"I'm still fine. But we probably need to stay in F City tonight."

"No problem. I'll find a good hotel for us." Ming Chen promised.

As Yu Renjia predicted, after teleporting the content of the second warehouse, his head was spinning that he couldn't stand properly.

Ming Chen helped him to his motorbike and sat down on the front. After securing Yu Renjia's hands on his waist, he swiftly drove away. Although he wasn't as skillful as Yu Renjia, he could ride a motorbike at high speed just fine.

Of course, within the traffic rules' limitation.

The battle outside has already finished with Michelle and Wei Linzhen's victory. As they were waiting for their subordinates to drag Shang Yaolin to them, the motorbike rushed past them, two warehouses away from them. It didn't look as fast as earlier.

Michelle signaled one of his men to follow them. Wei Linzhen was also about to order it but stopped after Michelle sent someone.

"Who in the world are those two?? They came and went faster than the wind." Wei Linzhen wondered.

Michelle didn't answer him. Because if he did, he would also need to explain to him about the absurd things he heard earlier in the car. If Wei Linzhen knew he was starting to believe it, this dog would definitely laugh at him.

Their subordinates finally showed them Shang Yaolin's dead body along with his trusted aide. There was nothing they need from them, so they didn't bother preserving his life.

"Let's go claim our prize!"

Wei Linzhen excitedly headed to the first warehouse.

But when they opened the door, they were all silent. The empty warehouse hurt their eyes. Wei Linzhen's men looked at Wei Linzhen's anxiously. First, one of his people betrayed him. Now, the weapons he was eyeing mysteriously disappeared.

"What the f*ck?! Where did all those piles of crates go?? Even the metal shelves are gone!"

Wei Linzhen saw the three men lying on the ground unconscious. From their clothes, it was clear they were from Shang group. He fumingly grabbed one of them and mercilessly slapped them awake. But there was no response from any of them.

Michelle studied the 3 people. There were many bruises and broken bones on their body and their head was also bleeding. From the state of the ground and their injury, it didn't look like their head was smashed into the ground.

The injuries were also not from direct fighting. It looked more like something heavy fell on them and knocked them out. From the positions and number of the bruises, there should be more than one item that smashed on them.

Like crates full of weapons.

Wei Linzhen stood up as he threw away the man in his hand. He shot the three men dead and glared at his subordinates.

"What are you waiting for?! Check the other warehouse!"

His subordinates rushed out to do as he said.

Michelle stood up and looked around the walls and ceilings. The CCTVs were destroyed. It didn't look like they were shot. Instead, they were smashed. Even though there was nothing inside that could be used to smash them. Moreover, something on that height.

If what Ming Chen and Yu Renjia were saying was true, then it was possible they smashed the CCTVs with their psychokinesis. They probably also used that to stumble the crates down upon the three people's head.

A man came back to them. He bowed his head as he fearfully glanced at the gun in Wei Linzhen's hand, "Boss Wei, the other warehouse is also…"


Michelle wasn't surprised. Recalling the speed of the motorbike earlier, he guessed it was probably Ming Chen who was driving it. To surmised it:

The three of them have psychokinesis.

Ming Chen has visions of future events and telepathy.

Wen Rui has the ability to access any device including the human brain and tempered with it.

Lastly, Yu Renjia highly likely has teleportation.