Chapter 20
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Unknown to the angel, the soul of his king still lingered in the world, attached to his loved one. He shouted for him to stop praying, tried to snatch his sword away, protected his angel's wings in vain. Tears trickled down his face as he watched his angel being tainted by darkness with golden-red blood pouring down from his back. Slowly, the gold vanished and only the mortal's red blood flowed in his angel's vein.

The angel crawled up the bed and lied down beside his king. He embraced his king's cold body and rested his head on his king's shoulder, not caring about his injury at all. He took a lock of his king's hair and compared it with his.

"My king, I lost my silver hair that you love very much. Will you still like me nonetheless?"

The king weakly sat down on the bedside and caressed his angel's hair, "Yes, I will still love you nonetheless."

"My king, I am not an angel anymore. Will you still like me nonetheless?"

The king caressed his angel's back, "Yes, I will still love you nonetheless."

"My king, I can't seem to smile for you anymore. But I will try in my next life. Will you still like me nonetheless?"

The king caressed his angel's lips, "Yes, I will still love you nonetheless."

The king accompanied his angel, answering his every question even though he knew his angel couldn't hear him.

"Kaius…can you kiss me again, one last time?"

Tears fell down from the angel's eyes as he asked his one last question before closing his eyes. The king bowed his head and solemnly kissed his angel's eyes. Not long after, his soul completely vanished.

Following their death, the entire world rumbled. The earth split and the sky crackled. The wind howled and the rain raged. The sea rampaged and the mountain erupted.

As the world collapsed, the majestic castle stood until the end, before finally burying the pair of lovers inseparable until death.


Michelle opened his eyes. His mind was still chaotic as he stared at the white ceiling absentmindedly. When he tilted his head, a drop of tear spilled down.

Ming Chen…


You prayed for my happiness, yet just when I was about to attain it, it disappeared right in front of my eyes.

He guessed the cause when he was still in Ming Chen's bedroom. He didn't know if he should be grateful for his mind to figure it out.

Wei Linzhen opened the door to Michelle's ward just to find him aiming a fruit knife at his wrist. Wei Linzhen quickly dropped the food in his hand and stopped him.

"Sh*t, Ellie! What the f*ck do you think you're doing?!" he snatched the knife and threw it far away.

"He's not here anymore. I'm going to find him in my next life." Michelle wanted to get up from the bed.

Wei Linzhen held him back and hurriedly pressed the call button. Dr. Yang quickly arrived.

"Dr. Yang, he's trying to commit suicide. Please take out every sharp and dangerous object."

Dr. Yang was shocked, but he quickly handled it.

Wei Linzhen saw he was about to remove the IV from his hand and also stopped it, "Ellie, if you keep being like this, I'll handcuff you for god's sake! Think about your Moonlight! If you die, what do you think will happen to it?!"


Michelle stopped moving and slumped back down to bed. He stared outside blankly.

Wei Linzhen wasn't reassured about his condition, so he stayed in the ward to monitor him. Jack and Jake also came to help keep watch.

Michelle refused to eat. Wei Linzhen didn't manage to force him, and Dr. Yang was helpless. Eventually, Dr. Yang said it would be best for Michelle if he recuperates at home. He would come to check him up daily since he also has a certificate as a psychiatrist.

He gave him some medicine to stabilize his mind so that Michelle wouldn't do anything rash in the car. Wei Linzhen told Michelle's secretary in A Country about his condition and instructed him to keep a tight hold on Moonlight. He told him not to let anybody hear head or tail about Michelle's situation.

One night, Michelle was awakened at night to see Yu Renjia and Wen Rui inside his room. He calmly sat up and looked at them.

"If you didn't plant those cameras, if you didn't persistently chase after him, if you didn't come to this country, if you didn't exist in this world…none of this would happen."

"I don't mind you killing me. That is what I hope for. But I won't let you wipe out my memory of him."

"Why would I release you from your suffering?"

In the morning, the housekeeper knocked on the door and entered to deliver Michelle's breakfast and found the blood-drenched sheet. She screamed in panic. Jack and Jake quickly came to see what terrified her.

Jack hurriedly checked his vitals while Jake called Dr. Yang. Wei Linzhen has been staying in Michelle's mansion, so he also heard the scream and rushed there.

Michelle was brought back to the hospital to be operated on.

After the operation, he fell into a coma. There were several times his vitals suddenly dropped, but Dr. Yang successfully kept his life. It was as if heaven itself wouldn't let him leave the world.

He didn't wake up until 2 years passed.

When the nurse saw Michelle's eyes fluttered open, she hurriedly called Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang quickly checked him up. He noticed that his condition has changed from 2 years ago.

He didn't attempt to commit suicide anymore and became even more silent. If someone didn't know him, they would probably think he was a mute. Even Wei Linzhen was treated the same.

2 years were long enough for people to hear about his coma. Many families and groups moved to topple Moonlight from his throne. With Wei Linzhen's help, Moonlight managed to hold although they lost a few assets. Michelle's secretary also smoothly operated their clean businesses, so currently, most of Moonlight's income came from their legal companies.

Michelle listened to him recounting the things that happened when he was out, both major and minor events. Not long after he was discharged, he returned to A Country.

Wei Linzhen didn't know exactly what he did since Michelle didn't contact him as often. If it wasn't for his secretary updating him on the matters, he would practically know next to nothing.

He knew Michelle has become like this not because Michelle hated him or something. He knew the matter about Ming Chen's disappearance from the twins and that Michelle has something to do with it. Wei Linzhen could only sigh. His friend's heart was finally moved by someone but that one person was gone.

Wei Linzhen focused on the cleanup on his side to help Michelle.

In less than 3 months, not only all the hostile groups were beaten, they were all annihilated by Michelle without leaving any slipping rats left. The secretary told him that Moonlight started working with the police and almost all of their illegal businesses were shut down. The only one left was their weapon manufacturing business. This too was in the process of becoming a legal business. They still got their grasp on every intel, but they didn't monopoly the market anymore.

Wei Linzhen wondered what Michelle experienced during his coma that made him do this.

Almost one year after he returned to A Country, he went back to C Country.

Wei Linzhen rarely saw him in his office or his house. When he asked Jack and Jake, they said Michelle mostly spent his time in a restaurant called Flowing Clouds.

One time, he finally saw Michelle in his office. He entered to find another 2 people inside. They looked back at him. Wei Linzhen felt they were familiar but couldn't remember who they were exactly.

The taller one glanced at him briefly before saying something to Michelle and left with his companions who looked like a college student. He heard they mentioned something about Bai Hua.

He knew Bai Hua not only from the bar. Since she won her first singing competition, her popularity was steadily increasing. She won some kind of a music award, and her album sales were skyrocketing. Not to mention, she was contracted to become an ambassador of a famous brand and her commercials were everywhere.

He didn't know what the 2 people's relationship was with her, much less their relationship with Michelle. But he didn't ask.

One day, he came to visit Michelle's office again. Michelle wasn't there and after asking Jack and Jake, they told him that Michelle went to the rooftop. He told them not to follow him, so they waited in the office.


Wei Linzhen went up. Once he opened the door, he saw the lone man standing on the edge of the rooftop with the wind blowing back his hair.