Chapter 22 (NSFW)
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Deep love and passion burned in his eyes.

Ming Chen gulped.

Michelle noticed his reaction hidden under his half-opened robe. Ming Chen quickly closed his legs and turned to his side to hide it.

"Don't look…" he whimpered

Michelle slipped his arm to Ming Chen's waist and whispered to his ear, "What is there to not look?"

His hand slipped into the robe and carefully caressed it. Ming Chen moaned from the contact. He wanted to cover his mouth again, but Michelle grasped both of his wrists with one hand.

"Let me hear it more." Michelle stimulated him on the front.

"Ah…Michelle…haa…ahh…ngh…" Ming Chen couldn't stop his voice from spilling out.

Michelle gently flipped him back. He positioned himself between Ming Chen's legs and opened them. Ming Chen could only weakly let himself be exposed.

Michelle's hand continued its stroking as he bent down and licked Ming Chen's clavicle. Ming Chen's hands clawed at the back of Michelle's clothes and grasped his hair, trying to pull him back without hurting him.

"No, ah…Not there…ahh…At the same time!…ah– haa…Michelle! I'm going to–!" Ming Chen cried pitifully.

Michelle twisted his wrist and stimulated the tip while he bit down on the clavicle at the same time.


Ming Chen silently screamed as he released.

Michelle straightened up and stared at the hot white liquid on his hand. He stretched out his tongue and licked them clean. His scorching body couldn't hold it any longer, so he took off all his upper clothes.

Ming Chen was still having sparkles in his eyes when he saw Michelle stripping above him. His arms were lined beautifully with muscles without being too bulky and his shoulders were wide. His pectoral muscles were firm along with subtle abs on his abdomen, down until the mermaid lines forming his lean waist.

Michelle saw Ming Chen's whole body flushed. He chuckled before kissing him, "How cute."

Ming Chen blushed more wildly.

In return, Michelle completely peeled off the robe from Ming Chen's body, completely revealing him. Ming Chen's wings moved and folded to his front to cover himself in reflex.

Michelle softly tugged them, "I want to see your beauty as it is. Will you let me see?"

The wings shyly opened themselves. Michelle's fingers glided down from his chest to his abdomen. He caressed both sides of Ming Chen's torso and finally swiped his thumb at the two pointing peaks.

"Ngh…" Ming Chen held his moan, "Michelle…You're staring too much…"

"Is that so?" Michelle started licking and kissing Ming Chen's body, "For me, I will never see enough."

He pinched, twirled, and pulled without adding much strength. Just enough to stimulate Ming Chen's nerves without hurting him.

Ming Chen's body jerked up from the pull. Then, his lower half touched a very hard and burning object. He heard Michelle's low groan.


Michelle was already sweating, but he shook his head, "I'm fine."

Ming Chen braved himself and moved his hand to unbuckle his belt, "I'll help you."

Michelle stared at him. Ming Chen managed to slip his hand inside and take it out. His hand felt the size and was about to look when Michelle suddenly kissed him.

His hand was clasped by Michelle's as he guided his movement while drowning him in his kiss. Ming Chen could feel Michelle's breath getting heavier.

"Haa…Ming Chen…"

Ming Chen answered his call breathlessly, "Michelle…"

Michelle suddenly bit his lips. Ming Chen felt the warm liquid spilling to his stomach.

After taking his breath, Michelle backed up and raised both of Ming Chen's legs. Ming Chen watched in shock as he buried his head to his rear.

"Stop, it's dirty!"

"It's not."

Ming Chen's body jolted back as he felt the warm sensation of Michelle's tongue around his entrance. His wings twitched and flapped intermittently, affected by Michelle's every motion.

Then, his entrance was slowly opened. Ming Chen tightly clenched the pillow sheet under him, trying to control his breathing with his eyes closed. His wings were stretched taut from his tension.

Michelle took out his tongue. He stood up and opened his bedside drawer. After pouring some lubrication into his palm and warmed them, he slowly smeared them to the edge of the entrance while massaging it. Gradually, he inserted his finger. His other hand massaged Ming Chen's waist.

Unknowingly, Ming Chen could already accept three fingers inside. Michelle didn't rush it and patiently waited until Ming Chen could relax his own body and get used to the feeling of insertion. In the meanwhile, he took his time loosening him until he was very sure Ming Chen wouldn't be hurt later.

Ming Chen saw Michelle was watching him unblinkingly. His eyes were filled with love and endless indulgence. Ming Chen felt his heart clenched. The fingers caring for him were sweet but also became torturous. He wanted to connect with him soon.

"Michelle…" Ming Chen reached out his hand.

Michelle moved his face closer for him to touch, "Are you prepared?"

Ming Chen nodded.

Michelle took out his fingers, "Close your eyes."


Michelle rubbed the corner of Ming Chen's eye, "Trust me, hm?"

Ming Chen blinked at him several times before obediently closing his eyes. In the dark, he heard the rustling sound of Michelle undressing the rest of his clothes.

Michelle poured out the lube onto his shaft and spread it evenly. He looked at his angel in front of him. He was afraid he would be scared away if he saw it. In return, he would make sure to drive this angel into the madness of pleasure.

Ming Chen felt his back was lifted and Michelle placed a pillow under it. Next, it was his legs that were lifted before Michelle's tip touched his entrance.

"Take a deep breath."

Ming Chen did as he told. When Michelle finally entered him, his eyes flew open.

"Ahh– Wait, Michelle!! Haa…haa…You're too big!"

Michelle, "…"

Ming Chen felt his inner walls even more stretched and looked at Michelle wrongfully, "Why did you…grow bigger?"

Michelle moved in deeper. Ming Chen moaned as his wings flayed around. He stared at Michelle pitifully with misty eyes.

"You're still going…deeper?"

Michelle's eyebrow twitched and pushed forward until his hilt, earning a sweet noise from his angel, "It's all in."

Ming Chen felt himself being filled to the brim by Michelle. He didn't know if it was his imagination, but it seems like Michelle's length perfectly reached his limit. He blankly rubbed his stomach.

"I can feel you filling me inside."

Michelle's control finally snapped, and he moved back his hips. When he drilled back inside, Ming Chen couldn't help but scream.

"Ahh–!! Don't be too–!!"

Michelle changed to grip Ming Chen's waist and started moving his hips rhythmically.

"Ah! Ah! Ahh! Michelle! Ngh…Ahh–!" Ming Chen wanted to tell him to slow down, but Michelle sped up, breaking his thoughts.

"Haa…ha…Ming Chen…" his face started to flush, "Do you like me?"

Ming Chen looked at him full of tears, "Michelle, I love you very much."

Michelle's face was filled with lust as sweat trickled down his body. His body didn't stop moving and he would change the speed and pattern just when Ming Chen was getting used to it.

It didn't take long for Ming Chen to cum. He was still dealing with his afterglow when he felt Michelle move again.

"Michelle! I just–!!"

Michelle caught his hands that were trying to stop him and pulled Ming Chen up. Ming Chen sat down on his lap and his weight immediately made Michelle's shaft reach even deeper.

"No! Ah…Ahh…it's too deep!" He cried

Michelle encircled his waist and tightly locked him in place. His other hand stimulated the root of Ming Chen's wings while his lips sealed the other's.

Ming Chen's body twitched and jolted with his wings flapping frantically behind him. His body was still very sensitive from releasing, yet his most sensitive area was being stimulated. He immediately cum again.

Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, Michelle tightened his arm and grinded his tip inside him. Ming Chen's hands that were on Michelle's back curled intensely as his back arched from the overstimulation. His nails dug into Michelle's back, leaving scratch wounds until a bit of blood trickled.

Michelle seems as if he didn't feel any pain. Instead, his shaft grew bigger. He took it out and positioned Ming Chen on his front on the bed. He raised Ming Chen's hips before penetrating him again.

He sensed that the position put a strain on Ming Chen. He let Ming Chen's hips down on the pillow. He used his arms to support his body and positioned himself before plowing back inside. Ming Chen cried intelligible words as his rear was mercilessly attacked while the pillow was rubbing his front from Michelle's movement.

Michelle felt that he was close. He pushed to the deepest part he could reach in his last spurt. He tightly hugged Ming Chen's body and bit the skin between his wings. Ming Chen felt a strong fluid current pour inside him as his own also climaxed once more.