Chap 1: 5 years old time skip!
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I grinned. I saw my parents have a tear slip from both of their cheeks. "So," said our teacher, Miss Ella. "What did you learn here at Kids Swordsmanship Academy and Swordsmanship Academy here?"

I stood tall, even though my sword was kinda dragging my pants down (which was embarrassing) I said, 
"Teamwork. And even if you fail, continue to work hard." Miss Ella nodded.  She puts a badge on my shirt. "You are now Lady Meyra, now awarded as the most hard-working female student at this school.

Everyone clapped, including my best friends Elaine and Kai. "Go, girl, go!" Elaine mouthed. Kai just nudged Elaine and smiled at me. It was a nice day to remember.


After I said goodbye to my parents and my village, I was on the road. I wasn't really sure what to do, or what was ahead of me. I kinda feel bad for leaving Elaine and Kai, but I then remembered what Miss Ella said: 
"You must create your own path."

But what did she mean by that?

"HELP!" I heard. I unsheathed my sword. I then saw a girl who seemed around my age. She had white hair and blue eyes. "You!" She said. I sighed. 

I guess I have to help.