Cycle 37 (7)
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Dear Diary,

It’s been a couple days since last time I wrote. The players got here today. They’re getting pretty fast, I guess they know how to do everything. I mean, they’ve gone through all the floors thirty-seven times, they should know how to do everything. Even if the floors do change slightly from time to time. But that would just give them variety.

After all, variety is the spice of life.

I think if I were a player, I’d take a cycle just relaxing on a nice floor once in a while. Maybe there’s a beach floor where I could just spend the whole cycle sitting on the beach. Make friends with the “monsters” on that floor. Actually, Via used to be a siren, and sirens are basically mermaids, right? So if there were mermaids there must be water and beaches on some floors.

Well, the kraken and sharks are a water floor. But the beach there isn’t a good beach for sitting on. It’s kinda dark and boring. Not like night dark (except at night, duh), but like storm dark. Cloudy. Plus if you sat on the beach there long enough I’m pretty sure the kraken would send out a tentacle and grab you.

…I kinda want to try that now. Maybe if I made a picnic I could make friends with the kraken!

On second thought, that’s a really dumb idea and I shouldn’t try it.

Anyways, I don’t think I’d make a very good player. I’m not a fighter. I think players were chosen based on how good they used to be at video games, and I never really played video games. Which, if there’s a reason for them to run through the dungeon time after time, it would make sense to send people who were already super used to how places like this work. I mean, as far as I know there isn’t a video game that you have to play a hundred times to win, but there might be. I wouldn’t know. I never played video games.

I’ve been thinking about putting fingernail paint on my claws. Aya did it, and it looks super cute. She got an almost-gold color with sparkles, and it looks neat. I’d have to get green, which is meh, but it’s still something different. I don’t have fingernails like humans do, just claws that retract, so I wouldn’t see it all the time. Kobolds have claws that don’t retract. It took me a while to figure out how to take care of them when I first became a catgirl. I mean, who knew that cat claws kinda peel, and if you don’t pull off the peelings the ends get all fuzzy.

I guess the fingernail paint would only last like two days, since claws peel all the time. Or should the word be shed? I don’t know. Maybe I should make some kind of clay caps for my claws, and paint them. But that would be dumb, because like I said they’re usually retracted unless I actually need a claw. And if I needed a claw, it would be annoying to take the cap off.

I guess I’ll leave my claws as they are.

Goodnight, Dungeon!