Ch. 002 – Why you never split the party
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Ch. 002 - Why you never split the party

"I'm still worried. We should have gone together!" Ram shouts with barely-contained fury.

"You know we cannot do that... The rules of this place are clear. We must go one-by-one..." Nepgear states with defeat clear in her voice. Leaned against the wall by a torch, at least she and the others don't have to feel cold here.

"ARGH! Screw this! I'm going!"

"U-Uni?" The other two say as one, surprised by the outburst.

"Yes, I said it. I'll go next."


"Yes yes, I will. You are sick in the head, you know?"


With the voice gone, Uni marches toward the bike-like statue and sits down. Grabbing the handlebars, she does not have to wait long until the wires latch onto her and have her "prove" her femininity. With gritting teeth, she withstands the humiliation of her crotch being forcefully pressed and rubbed, a small stain in her panties proving just enough for the perverted machine to be satisfied. By sheer force of will she resists from cumming, not willing to show weakness to their tormentor.

As before, the blue glow recedes and she walks straight to the stone door. A click is followed by a loud rumble as the heavy door lifts and opens the way.

"...Is this some stupid trick!?" Uni shouts as she realises that the stairs point into a different direction this time.

No answer comes.

"Uni, what's... wrong...?" Nepgear starts, but quickly notices the difference.

"It's probably to prevent us from interacting while... wherever those stairs end up leading to." Shouldering her rifle, Uni gives a confident smile and walks down, her black hair the last thing Nepgear and Ram get to see before the stone door shuts closed.

Slowly and carefully walking down the cold stairs, the Lastation girl edges toward the exit. Before her eyes, a cave appears with walls of blue stone and water droplets falling from stalactites. The stale air assaults her nose and she has to cough from a cloud of dust.

"*Cough, cough*... Ugh, what is this place?" She mutters under her breath with teary eyes.

As she carefully steps forward, only her muted steps and the sounds of water falling down can be heard. Otherwise the cave is so quiet it's downright eerie and unnerving. Despite the coldness, sweat starts to collect on her face, not helping her uncertainty any.

A strange, slithering noise can suddenly be heard as Uni reaches a corner, darkness the only thing visible as it leads down a narrow tunnel.

Wish I'd brought a torch or something... Oh wait, how about...?

She takes her rifle and checks if it has a flash-light attached. It does not, but its battery package offers some light to show its charge. Setting the gun to overcharge mode, the battery glows noticeably brighter in the darkness, enough to faintly illuminate the walls. It will have to be enough.

Even slower than before, Uni goes forward step after step, checking everything in the vicinity for traps. A water droplet falls down and hits her neck, and...

"AHHHHH!?" She shouts in surprise and almost drops her gun.

"JEEEEEZ!" She shouts again in anger, needing a moment to calm down.

And that is when the noise from before comes again, much louder this time. In no time flat, Uni walks backward, hyper-aware of her surroundings, but it is already too late: the cave entrance behind her just shuts closed with the sound of rocks grinding one-another and she is trapped in the near-perfect darkness!

Almost panicking, she quickly remembers she has an extremely powerful gun right in her hands, takes aim straight forward and just starts blasting with the fury only a Lastation product can unleash! The blinding plasma flash burns through the air, an extremely loud violent screech of a monster from hell all around her. That's when she realises this cave is actually a trap in itself.

"I figured it would be something like that! EAT PLASMA, YOU PIECE OF CRAP!" She screams at the monster she unknowingly walked into. The smell of burned flesh assaults her nose, but she keeps at it until a light at the end appears, seemingly a hole she burned straight through the colossal mimic's skin.

She starts running as the gun runs empty, towards the light that promises her freedom, and with barely a second to spare makes it out of that hell as she hears stones grind together and the gashing wound closes itself.

"Hah... haaaah.... oh by Lastation's Shares, that was... scary as hell..." Needing at least five minutes to just catch her breath and calm down, she falls to the ground with her legs apart, her chest heaving up and down as the adrenaline slowly exits her system.

And she starts to cry. She does not know why she is crying. Perhaps because she was scared from this ordeal. Images of her sister Noire flash in her mind.

"Noire... Ugh, why am I so bad at this? She wouldn't have been scared of this. She'd just have ripped it apart with her sword and look cool doing so. Damn it! DAMN IT ALL!!!" She starts pounding the ground with her glove-clad fists in frustration.

Checking her rifle, it is of course completely drained, the front section burned and bent from its own overuse. In other words, useless. She discards it and then vents her frustration some more.


A little while later, Uni finally calms down enough to continue. As she gets up, she looks around and finally notices the place she found herself in.

"This... looks like a factory?" Bewildered, she takes the scenery in. The floor is made from a wire-mesh metal plating, as are the walls next to the small patch of stone where she made the hole. The air is hot, stale, and stinks of something chemical like oil. In the back there are huge vats of probably some liquid, giving a strange glow in addition to the overhead fluorescent lights beyond dangerously flimsy-looking walkways. It reminds her of an ASIC hideout.


After that outburst, it seems she has finally gotten all her pent-up anger out, and can think more clearly again. But shouting like that was a bad idea, as soon enough several armed figures in some form of military gear, and scary-looking guns, come running and surround her.

"Halt, intruder! Identify yourself!" One of the gas mask mooks barks at her, his voice muffled by said gas mask.

"Crap..." is all Uni can say to herself as she holds her hands high.

"Identification impossible. Capture her and take her to an interrogation room!" "Yes sir!"

Uni does not resist for the time being. With her gun useless and her HDD still unavailable, she could fight hand-to-hand versus maybe 5 armed assailants and win... but just not this many.

As she gets cuffed and led away by two of the gas mask-wearing guards, she has some time to take in more of the surroundings. The factory looks unusually technological, the side-way tunnel lit by artificial overhead lights and everything is just more and more metal.

It finally clicks in her mind that this place is similar to where she fought the giant robot Brave so long ago. Another memory of hers she has always been bitter about: Brave might have been a criminal, but he seemed to at least have genuinely good intentions. Something she only realised after the fact. She had not forgiven herself over it ever since, wishing she could have taken a different choice back then.

In front of the interrogation room, one of the soldiers takes out a key-card to open the heavy steel door, and she's dragged inside to a table onto which her cuffs are mounted. The interrogator, a terrifyingly evil-looking woman barely visible in the light but with the kind of gaze that could bend steel from sheer pressure alone, stares at her.

"So it seems a little bird made it into our nest. State your name first." She says, calmly, not a hint of wanting to shout in her voice. Only pure demand and authority.

"I'm... Vita." Uni admits, technically truthful.

"And what are you doing here?" That same calm tone.

"I don't really know. My friends and I were, uh, separated. I was in a cave before, but it turned out to be some form of monster, so I started shooting the walls. I was barely able to escape." Uni cannot explain why she so willingly answers the woman. Something about her voice just seems so enticing...

"And I am supposed to believe that? Where is your weapon?"

"It... should be where you found me. It was empty and badly burned, so I had no more use for it." She admits with a sigh, in retrospect thinking that it would have been better even as a club.

Without a word, the woman looks at a mirror to the side and nods only once. Then, putting her attention back toward the Lastation Candidate, only one more sentence comes before she leaves.

"Follow me to my quarters. I'll show a little girl like you how adults do things." As the lock that keeps her cuffs stuck to the table clicks open, Uni can't help but meekly follow the woman. Statuesque, with long silver hair, she notices how the woman wears a grey military uniform of some design, including a cap and a coat.

It does not take long until the woman, Uni, and two escorts arrive at the woman's quarters. None of the soldiers dare say anything, seemingly terrified out of their minds to speak up in her presence. Clearly, if she isn't the commander, then she's at least of high enough rank and intimidating enough that she might as well be.

"Sit down, little one." Unable to disobey, Uni sits down on a comfortable couch, her hands still in cuffs and in her lap.

"Wh-What do you want from me?" She musters against the piercing gaze of the silver-haired military woman with shifty red eyes.

"Your body, stupid."


"Nepgear?" Ram asks, hesitation clear in her voice.

"Yes, Ram?"

"I'll go next. Before you protest, lemme explain. You're our leader, and while we had problems in the past, I... I think I understand why Rom likes you so much. You're super kind, and smart. You should stay here. If anyone comes to help us, I'm sure you could lead them and rescue us."

"Ram, that's..." Nepgear wants to protest, but the pink-clad Lowee Candidate holds up her hand.

"No, I must go. I must find and rescue Rom. Maybe I'll find Uni as well, and when I do, I'll get them back. You should wait here."

Despite these words, Nepgear still wants to protest, but something about Ram's looks make her reconsider.

"Then, promise me to be very careful. If you think it's too much, try to come back."

"I will!" Ram answers with a fist pump. "Now then you stupid machine, it's my turn!"

Ram confidently walks towards the altar and presses down on her own. As the song and dance of restricting wires happens a third time, the young-looking girl quickly notices she underestimated just how good something like this can feel. Cumming no less than three times, as if the wires want to punish her for her arrogance, she's left a moaning pile barely able to stand once it is over. Nepgear rushes to her as soon as she is able, but Ram's flushed face still manages to show a sliver of confidence.

"Th-This is nothing...!" She says, and while a little wobbly manages to get back on her feet.

"You can rest for a moment. It's fine, I'm sure." Nepgear assures her, so Ram nods and waits for a few minutes to get her arousal under control again.

"I've proven myself, right? Open the door!" she shouts, and without any words the door opens once again.

Summoning her staff, she leaves Nepgear's embrace and walks down the stone stairs, determined to rescue her darling twin sister and Uni from the evils of this place.

Unbeknownst to her, only audible in the starting room because the door is already closed, a mad cackle rings out.


"Why are you doing this to us!?" Nepgear shouts as she turns around.

But no answer comes.


"Ah... ahn, ahhh! N-No! Stop... this... why are you, ah, doing this!?"

Uni has found herself in a bad situation. Tied up with some kind of rope that she is unable to break, her clothes completely destroyed and leaving her entirely nude, she is at the mercy of the silver-haired woman, who also undressed and started playing with her black hair, face, and breasts.

Short but intense kisses all over her face and neck make the Lastationese girl feel unwanted pleasure as she is repeatedly touched by the woman, teased, groped, and held like a lover would.

"You have a very nice body, exactly my type. A little smaller and a lot cuter than me, with budding breasts and gentle curves. And my, your hair is just wonderful, its texture and scent so very arousing. You also make some adorable moans on top of that. Just how did we not meet sooner?"

As the woman rambles on about her liking Uni, the latter mostly only feels ashamed. While she has masturbated a few times before, it was never something she particularly spent a lot of time on, and she certainly never shared a bed with another person, be they a man or another woman. Yet being touched so skillfully makes her heart beat so much faster, her breath go out of control, and her cheeks flush.

"Please, please stop this... I, I have..."

"You have... what exactly?" The woman asks, even more teasing and touching Uni's cheeks as she leans in for another kiss to steal from the trembling virgin.

"I have someone I l-l-like...!"

"Oh. Of course you do." With a very disappointed look, the interrogator lets go of Uni and turns around to light herself a cigarette.

"...Want one?" She asks, half-heartedly.

"I don't smoke, so no thanks."

As the two sit in silence for a few minutes, the silver-haired woman blowing out clouds of smoke in-between sighs and Uni trying not to breathe them in, they consider what to say. Uni starts again.

"Not that it's a bad thing but... why did you stop? Aren't you someone who just takes what they want?"

"Oho? Do you WANT me to take you?" She says with a devious smile, causing Uni to quickly shake her head.

"No no, just... Forget it. Oh, could you please untie me? I promise I won't try to flee or anything."

Much to Uni's surprise, the woman starts doing just that.

"I know you won't. And to answer your question: it's because you carry something inside you that impressed me. You see, I can easily control other people. Be it with authority, or fear, even friendship or love. Nobody has ever managed to resist me. But you, you are different... And now I don't know what to do with you."

Rubbing her wrists, Uni considers what the interrogator just told her. Perhaps she is not a bad person? If that is so, maybe she could even help.

"I'm sorry, I know what it's like to be... different. I only know a few people who are like me. Uhm, but... may I ask you something? It's not a difficult thing, really."

"Speak." The woman says, now lying on her front with a look full of curiosity. To her, Uni is a unique and new experience, so she wants to know where this could lead.

"May I ask you to believe in me?"

"Believe in you, you say? I guess I can do that. Of course, it's not for free." She flashes another devious smile, and Uni immediately feels a blush coming.

"Th-Thanks... Now let me try something." With those words, she stands up and goes into the middle of the room.

Fascinated in her sudden change in demeanour, the interrogator's eyes follow the naked candidate as she takes a pose.

"What's this about?"

"You'll see in a moment... if this works. TRANSFORM!"

A blinding light fills the room, and the woman finally realises why she could not control Uni so easily.


"LASTATION CANDIDATE BLACK SISTER HDD ACTIVATED!" Uni, now transforming into Black Sister, shouts from the depths of her lungs. And then she starts screaming in pain as for but a moment she feels a disconnect between her body and soul!

Her skin starts to glow, her body feeling as light as a feather while her eyes start shining and changing colour, the well-known white power symbols settling in. Metal plates and indestructible latex-like material start covering her arms, her legs clad in purple-black greaves, and horn-like protrusions appear mounted to her head similar to a headset sans the middle piece.

Her hair turns light grey and spirals adorn her sides. Large purple wings with black tubes materialise and set into place, while her front gets slightly covered by the same material has her arms.

A truly vicious-looking serrated tail created from black metal and shining a deadly green grows from the end of her spine, culminating in an oversized spade with a deadly silver blade at its end.

The spectacle takes only a few seconds, but the woman now knows what Uni truly is.

"You... you're a CPU!?"

As Black Sister's violent transformation finally calms down and the unexpected sting in her heart subsides, she radiates confidence and power.

"Yes, I am Black Sister, the only one allowed to be devoted to Nepge--- Wh-What the hell am I saying!?"

Looking down on herself, her arms, her legs, and especially her new tail, she quickly realises that this is very much NOT her typical attire when in HDD.


"You ask me? I didn't even know you COULD transform...! Although I'm not complaining about the result." She whistles. "Do all Goddesses look like that?"

"No! No no NOOOO! This isn't normal at all! This feels..." Unsure what to say for a moment, Uni has to admit this new draconic look is really damn sexy actually... and also makes her feel rather aroused for some reason.

Turning around a few times, testing out various movements, she quickly notices that this form feels a LOT more powerful than usual. The mechanical tail obeys her every command and she can move as if she was as light as a feather.

"Nice tattoo." The older woman says with a wink, but Black Sister does not see any tattoos on herself. Confused, she looks herself up and down, but cannot find it.

"It's on your back, somewhere... right... here..." The military woman, who by now has stood up, uses her right pointer finger to trace the tattoo's shape. It is made from a crescent opening upward and two sickle-like wings on either side, as well as what resembles a small diamond on an edged line.

"Ahhh!?" Black Sister shouts, the touch much more noticeable and also pleasurable than anything she felt before.

"Heh. Sensitive, aren't you?" Getting behind Black Sister and plainly groping her breasts (now smaller as per usual for some reason), she tries playing with the Goddess' altered body and exploit her much-heightened sensitivity for a little bit. Nibbling on Black Sister's ear, the only sounds the Candidate can make right now are terribly aroused moans. Barely even putting up any resistance now, she can't help but enjoy what her body is now capable of, but just short of cumming from the stimulation, she is suddenly let go again. Panting, she turns around with delirious eyes and can almost not form a sentence.

"Wh-Why'd you stop...?"

"I had my fun, and you have someone else in your heart. Nepgy, was it?"

"N-Nepgear... Nepgear!" Overcoming her dizziness with pure will as the name of the one girl she likes so much falls, Black Sister remembers that she has a mission to fulfil.

Ability gained: Single-Target Sexuality! - A girl whose affection to her certain someone is so strong, she can no longer enjoy sexual play with anyone but the person she loves. Conversely, sex with that one pleasures and satisfies her much more than it ever did before.

Black Sister's body stops feeling the touches of the woman with silver hair as soon as this ability manifests in her soul, and her mind clears up to a level it never did before.

"Please!" Black Sister suddenly stands straight and bows. "I need your help! Please keep believing in me so I can use this power and save my friends!"

Not noticing anything amiss, a shadow in the corner of the room retracts out of sight, a cruel smile faintly visible as it does so.