Chapter 163: Name
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I narrowed my eyes while sipping my tea as a modest giggle sounded inside the patio.

"He actually did that?" Queen Ayani asked while her hand was on her cheek.

Karoon repeatedly nodded while slightly pouting her naturally red lips. "Yes. Then, he covered me with webs and hung me upside down under a tree. Fortunately, Tan-tan came to rescue me and made Mister Leal fly while screaming hateful words to us."

Uhm... Are we sure I was the one who was invited here?

Yup, Turns out, the queen just invited me to make me tell her stories about Leal and his life in his years of living in the town! 

I don't know shit about it! It has just been months since I arrived in Agrona! It's a good thing I brought Karoon with me. She's my social-related-task person to go to!

Queen Ayani stopped giggling and gently rubbed her teary eyes with her index finger. "Leal has always been like that since he was a child. Nonetheless, I am glad to know that you still end up being friends with him despite his harsh attitude."

Karoon scratched the back of her head while chuckling. "It took a while because he and Tan-tan did not get along really well at first, they were always clashing with each other with Tan-tan always ending up winning and Mister Leal going home while holding his bruised face and saying bad words to us." She smiled at Queen Ayani. "However, although Mister Leal was rude to me and everyone at first, Kuro has always been kind toward us. I almost mistook her for a sacred priestess before due to how kind she was to me back then."

For some reason, I can picture Leal walking away with his dirty clothes while holding his face with his teary eyes and cursing everyone in a very condescending tone. Even though I can no longer see any of that personality in him now.

Queen Ayani smiled gently. "Kuro, huh? What a beautiful name. As far as I remember, she's always been kind."

"Now that you mentioned it, this is the first time I heard that Kuro is not her real name even though we have been friends for a long time now. Is there a reason why she is no longer using her real name?" Karoon asked.

Good question, Karoon!

Queen Ayani paused for a few seconds, then slowly nodded. "Perhaps because that's not her real name and she doesn't want to be called by that name. It's a name given to her by the people of this kingdom because they believe that she's a reminder of a certain incident that happened in this kingdom several decades ago that involved a certain person."

Dude! That's a fuck up way to name someone! No wonder Kuro discarded that name!

"Do you mean that person named Cahira? Cahira... Hmm... I am not familiar with that name." Karoon tilted her head. "Then, who is Cahira?"

Yeah, it's just when we arrived in this kingdom that was the first time I heard such a name. It sounds cool though.

Queen Ayani just giggled. "The fact that you haven't heard her name before despite having a very close relationship with Tanya is more than enough proof that she doesn't want you to know about it." She pointed her gaze at me. "Furthermore, as much as I want to tell you the story about it, I don't think Warlord Casimir would love to talk about it... After all, it's an extremely sensitive matter, especially for his people."

Me? Why me? Even I want to hear about it as well!

As if Karoon realized what Queen Ayani was trying to say, her eyes widened along with her mouth while expressing great enthusiasm. "So, her name is Cahira!"


Why am I so out of place here? I don't understand shit from whatever they are talking about!

Karoon stared at me with a huge smile on her face. "I want to know about her, Mister Casimir. It's fine, right? Please." She pleaded using a very soft tone.

I stared at Karoon for a few seconds until she held my shoulder while directly staring right into my eyes. She looked like she just found out something very interesting that I was too stupid to realize.

I smiled at her and raised my hand. "Karoon." I patted her head and turned my gaze to Queen Ayani watching us with a gentle smile on her face as if he was watching a very touching movie. "Let's hear it, then-"


I almost jumped as I heard a familiar voice inside my head. I put my index finger beside my ear and nodded at Queen Ayani who nodded back at me. I stood up and walked out of the patio. "Japheth."

Suddenly, an image emerged right in front of me while kneeling with his head facing the ground. Wearing his usual black butler suit that even though I hate to admit it, looked very cool on him. His dark gray hair swayed as the gentle wind blew. His wolf ears twitched as he looked up at me while expressing a very serious expression on his face. Floating around him were dark particles that resembled dark fog that slowly vanished into thin air as an indication that he used his skill.

This brat has one of the coolest Advanced class skills around! That same skill makes him way cooler than he already is! In a year or two, this kid will break a lot of girls' hearts! 

Japheth slowly stood up and looked directly into my eyes. "I am here to report something very important." He pointed his gaze towards the two people sitting on the patio currently occupied with whatever the hell they were talking about.

"It's fine. Say it."

"Yes." He nodded. "You are right, Boss."

Right? Right about what?

I put my hand on my chin and slowly nodded. "I see. Have you discovered more about it?"

Japheth smiled at my response. "Yes, Boss. I have found out what they are planning to do."


"Japheth, let me handle this."

Both of us shifted our gazes in the direction where the voice came from. What we found was Leal staring at us with his face filled with seriousness.

"Mister Leal!" Karoon greeted him and waved her hand at him.

Leal turned his head towards the people inside the patio and bowed his head while expressing a gentle smile before shifting his face back to us as he walked towards us.

He stopped a meter away from me and expressed a puzzling smile. "I just remembered that you asked me before if I could tour you around the kingdom. As of this moment, I am not occupied with anything, we can go now if you want to."

I shrugged. "Sure, sounds like a good idea."

Leal nodded at my response. "You did very well, Japheth. You really are a reliable shadow, but I hope you don't mind that I want to disclose this matter myself." He bowed his head to Japheth. "My deepest apologies for disregarding your efforts to uncover this secret."

Japheth just chuckled. "You don't need to go this far, Master Leal. It's all fine, I am just doing my job by fulfilling what Boss ordered me to do."

I ordered what?

I smiled at him. "But the fact that you just did an incredible feat won't change. Keep up the good work."

Japheth's smile became wider and immediately kneeled before me. "It is my pleasure to serve."

Please, no kneeling!

"Let's go, Casimir," Leal said while walking towards the exit of the garden.

"Oh... On my way."

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