Ch 23: 3 Year Recap
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Chapter 1052 of One piece was extremely hype, but the next one is probably the bounties! anyways here's the new chapter, I have no idea what to call this next part of the story? is it an arc, volume, or saga?.

Well whatever, Thanks for reading!

[7 Years since reincarnation]

"Rubber Rifle!"

A twisted and stretched-out arm snaps forwards at high speed towards a target made out of straw.



On impact, The wood target dislodged from the ground and got dragged until its collision with a boulder behind it, the punch continues to stay on the target while untwisting itself. once done it snapped back at Tomomi, who is holding her right shoulder to not get flung away by the recoil of her arm moving back 15 meters in 1 second.

"So how was it?" I asked while looking at dad who was inspecting the damage on our objective.

"By drilling into the enemy you cause more damage than expected..." He looked at the crack that I manage to make in the boulder  "You also don't seem to receive damage since you're resistant to abrasion" He ended.

"So?" I asked while looking at him.

"It's good, I'm impressed" he nodded at his won logic before patting my head, so I hugged him as a reward.

[I definitely didn't want to be praised]

"Practice time is over you two~" mom called us over, I ran towards our house while dad walked while keeping an eye on me if I accidentally bounced too much and fell over.

"You have an important day tomorrow, so you gotta all the energy you can gather!" my mom said as she handed me a plate with food, I stared at her.

"We're just entering school again, it's not that important" I rebuked as I stabbed my oversized piece of pancake and shove it in my mouth.

"Education is important" My dad added.

"I guess..." I say before continuing to eat.

It's been 3 years since my Quirk manifested and was able to bounce and stretch around in this world, I have some progress in trying to master my quirk, but all I have managed to do is keep myself from suffering the numerous consequences of being made of rubber and actually live a normal life.

[The number of times where someone pulled me too hard only to stretch is too many to count]

The rubber fruit, or in this case quirk, is definitely a bítch to get to work for you mainly because it requires a lot of things to work properly as Luffy does. This just confirms that he is in fact, an extremely creative person and a genius of combat and fighting compared to me, which is obvious since I never really fought anything.

[It is really cool though]

I think seeing my stretched finger while laying down in my bed, I have been working on replicating some of the basic moves while also doing physical training. It is true that I'm only a 7-year-old at this point, but my growth can't be stunted since I have a really good recovery and I'm made of rubber.

I have a problem with hunger though, I need an extra-large bento box for my lunch at school and even then I sometimes buy food at the school. It's something to think about, but if that grants me the extra strength that I seemed to have it definitely worth it.

[Food tastes good, having an allowance also feels nice]

Back to the rubber problems, my powers allow me to alter 2 specific things about my body, the first one was obvious in retrospect, but is how elastic I'm, or more accurately, just the amount of tension resistance that a part of my body has.

That basically just means that I can increase the amount of force necessary to stretch out my body, by now I can make my tension resistance large enough to not bounce around or be stretched out by someone pulling my arm almost as easily as I breathe. 

The second property that I can influence is actually how tough my rubber is, it took an entire year of experimentation based on hunches to actually confirm that I can make my fist tougher. I trained this ability every day since it was one of the most useful ones since my punches become even stronger even if it is at the cost of some mental strain and concentration.

Eventually, I did notice a relative change of color when I used it, my skin becoming slightly darker than usual, right there and then, I guessed that this ability was most likely the replacement for Armament Haki that the goddess talked about. There I thought about what she told me, technically speaking only Armament was necessary for Gear 4.

[One mystery is solved to an acceptable degree, for now]

One thing that I kinda already knew is that my own mental image of my attacks is crucial to making them work, just doing them by logic is not enough to make them function. This also makes my emotions affect my powers somewhat, I become more elastic when I'm relaxed, I punch harder when I'm serious, etc...

Body control and spatial awareness are also essential to use my quirk, you need to aim punches meters away from you and even change them midway for moving targets, the environment dictates how far can you stretch before you hit something on accident and lose power, a good grasp on how to apply elastic forced to have maximum power output.

[It's crazy out there man!]

I have no idea how to move my muscles on their own, that is necessary for Gear 2 which is still outside of my realms of possibilities, Gear 3 was attempted, turns out bitting my thumb until I found the bounce was painful, which is something I was not accustomed to. Then when I inflated my bones it also hurt, even then I had to figure out how to inhale large amounts of air to have enough compressed into my arm for it to actually work.

And it didn't work.

I did enlarge my arm several times its size, but its weight also increased drastically, so much so that I couldn't carry it around, after a minute of trying to move I gave up and deflate myself into my chibi form which also lasted a minute.

[Need to figure out how to negate that side effect]

All of this training was of course in between me having school, doing art and sucking at drawing backgrounds, and just hanging out with my family which is great.

At first, I thought that having my quirk develop at 4 years old and knowledge of the future and uses of the quirk would help me to have a similar repertoire of abilities when I enter UA, but at this point, I realized the amount of work I have to put in to reach that level, Luffy did receive his powers at 7, but he set out to sea at 17.

I received mine at 4 and have to go to UA at 15. Luffy also had a way to train in his powers with all those oversized animals and his huge amount of free time.

[Well I'm not falling behind either]

I have the goal of becoming the strongest there is, even if this world is not as dangerous as the One piece one it is still pretty fucked up, there isn't a day where ambulance sirens are not heard, so I have to be strong to protect what Is precious to me. I have time to get there and some guidance.

[I wonder if my death changed me?]

I yawn and decide to put away my Notebook titled [Rubber Body IV] and decide to get some shuteye, school is still something that I have to go through.


I wake up, leave my bed, brush my teeth, try to comb my shaggy hair to the best of my abilities, then proceed to eat breakfast and finally pack everything I need and leave for school. Such a routine has been repeated for the last year of elementary school and will continue for the foreseeable future since skipping grades is not something I want to do right now.

[Need time to be the best version of me!]

I enter my classroom, I picked the first row, and the second to last chair for my personal seat, it has a window to the hallway, and it's a great way to sneak into and out of the classroom when the teacher is not paying attention.

"Good morning!"

"Hello, good morning"

As I greet some of my classmates that pass from the hallway, my reputation in the elementary school can be summed up as 'bright athletic school girl' rather than my last one. Since my face is rubber and my emotions have an effect on me, I can't mask them out, so I end up with funny faces that most of the time are wide smiles.

[Well is not that bad, I will rather be honest]

The teacher came into the classroom, greeted us, and asked about our vacation briefly before speaking out about the course and some school-related news, he made a dramatic pause before pulling out a clipboard with the attending list.

"A new student has incorporated into the class this year" She said with a smile, some murmurs began in the classroom while I just stared at the door.

"Come here and introduce yourself" She said as she gestured to someone outside to enter.

With unsteady steps, a little girl entered the classroom, with long blue hair and red eyes that flowed with the wind, all of us stared at her with differing emotions while I watched her. I'm decent at reading emotions out of others, I think because my dad doesn't show them greatly, but what I see is interesting.


"I'm Oka Yukimura, Ummm thanks for having me I hope to form a friendship with you!" She said quickly as she bowed to the classroom, before she could search for a seat the teacher spoke.

"Good! Any questions?" I grimaced at the questions a bit before looking at this Oka girl. Some students raised their hands and the teacher picked one of them.

"What do you like"

"Uhhh Playing games, especially video games!"

It was not long before the golden question was asked by one of the kids in the front seats.

"What's your quirk?" Oka immediately flinched at the question and the teacher glared at the student, the kid wasn't even paying attention at the teacher.

"I-I... I don't..." She is a stuttering mess, she is sweating a bit while closing her fist finally looking down and powering through her nervousness.

"I'm q-quirkless..." She said, I kept looking at her expression as it kept darkening when she saw the faces of most of the students. The teacher shakes her head in disapproval as she left Oka to find her seat.

Because of seat arrangements, she finds herself in the opposite of the room while the class continues with a bit more murmurs than before, thanks to my rubber eardrums I catch some of the gossip.

[Well kids are brutally honest and unwise if anything]

Today is going to be a bit more troublesome than I imagined.