Introduction to the Omegaverse World
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In this world, there were the the two main genders, male and female. But due to a worldly crisis over three hundred years ago, the state of the world changed and the evolution of the human race expanded. The female population was almost entirely wiped out, which meant that there were no more maternal bodies to produce offspring. Evolution began within the male bodies. This evolution consisted of subgenders: alpha, beta and omega. Every single gender could then become pregnant, meaning males could birth offspring as well. Within a male’s rectums is a womb from which they can get pregnant if they have sex during their heats with an alpha or beta male. 

Subgenders became even more important, because even though every person in the world could become pregnant, if it was an alpha alpha pairing, the chance of pregnancy was only thirty percent. With an alpha beta pairing, the rate was only increased to forty percent. 

It is a government-commanded examination that became an obligation of the people to undergo a blood test when they are in their teens to determine if they are an alpha, beta or omega. Citizens are required to provide medical documents as they progress through their school years and into the working world to verify that they have had the tests completed. 

Alphas are born with superior appearance and intelligence, and have the traits of charismatic leaders. They are also known as the elite types that take up a majority of the upper echelons of businesses and organizations. Approximately twenty percent of the human population is in the category of alpha. 

Betas comprise of over seventy percent of the human population and features such as physical and behavioral traits are considered normal. Marriages between betas are the norm, with a high percentage of the children produced being born as a beta as well. 

Omegas are a rare breed, only around ten percent of the population, where pregnancy is possible even for males. On one hand, omegas are revered because an alpha individual can be born from an omega. However, because omegas experience a once a month, week long heat, they are seen as inferior; their heats make them unable to participate in any social situations due to the hormones they produce during this week. During this period, the omega is incapable of doing anything because of the pheromone emitted. These pheromones attract unpaired alphas and betas. Alphas in particular are sensitive to an omega's pheromones and react heavily if they are in the vicinity. Due to this, they are not given high positions by their employers. 

However, there are several ways in which omegas will not emit such strong pheromones. The first way is to take a pheromone suppressant. This type of medication is used to suppress the pheromones during an omega’s heat. They can also be taken by alphas to block their receptors so that they can no longer smell the pheromones emitted by an omega. These suppressants come in two different forms: pills and shots.

The second way is to become a pair with an alpha, as once a pair is formed, the omega is not capable of emitting the pheromone except to their pair. These pairs are also often referred to as mates. These connections are stronger than that of a family, married couples or even lovers. This is due to the fact that only alphas and omegas are able to create such a bonded mate. During an omega’s heat, if an alpha bites the nape of an unmated omega, it will complete the bond, tying the pair together unequivocally. Once the bond is formed, this causes the omega to only have the capability of having sex with their paired alpha. Due to these extreme measures, this bond is usually not formed without the consent of both parties. But, in one particular case are a certain omega and alpha unable to even make a conscious decision of this, and that is if they are a fated pair. 

A fated pair is even more rare than omegas themselves, only occurring once out of a thousand omega pairs. This type of pair, once they meet, the omega’s pheromones will become two to three times stronger than normal, trying to attract the alpha. These pheromones are more effective than normal as they only target one alpha and it is specifically created by the omega’s body just for that person. When heat occurs in these situations, the pair is unable to resist, and will usually go through with the pairing unconsciously.