Chapter 21
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Fingertips traced up the back of Kichirou’s neck, sending shivers throughout his spine. Kichirou’s eyes fell on Jun and a small happy smile appeared. Their moans echoed in the bathroom, reaching all the way to the door as they kissed. Ha Ha Nn Ah Mmm. Ngh.


“That's pretty bad, Kichirou.”

“You look unfrayed just from kissing me.” Jun pushed Kichirou down onto the tiled floor until their bodies were touching, even their cocks. Kichirou could feel the warm length along his. Touching and caressing as it slowly began to grow larger.

“You… you're rubbing against me,” Kichirou moaned out.

“Mmm.” Jun moaned, loving the feel of Kichirou pressed against him. He could feel Kichirou growing longer and harder with each second. “And you're rather hard.” Jun bent down and took one of Kichirou’s nipples into his mouth, sucking the perky peak. Beneath him, Kichirou shuddered. 

“Ngh… wait… Jun… ngh.” As he pulled away, their legs tangled and he captured his lips in a fierce kiss. Without warning Kichirou’s entrance was filled to the brim with his lovers warm erection. 

They both let out loud groans, their eyes closing. Each thrust was like a man starving for water, it ignited the passion. Jun bit Kichirou’s shoulder as he thrust in and out, his hands moving his hips to push in farther. 

Jun was thrusting into Kichirou at a rapid pace, he bent down and bit him on his shoulder. Feeling him tightening above him, Jun flipped Kichirou over until his chest was to the floor and he was being taken from behind. With a long, hard thrust, Jun began to pump in and out of Kichirou faster than he ever had before. Beneath him, Kichirou was twitching and moaning with every thrust.

“Why…ahn…are you being so rough?”

“I'm insanely jealous.”

“Why? I only… ahn… belong to you.” Everytime Jun went farther in, it was so close to hitting that little nub that Kichirou groaned out, “Go deeper.” His moans were loud and he turned his head so he could look back at Jun. “Hit the deepest part of me. I want your everything.”

“Can I go harder?” Jun whispered, his hands roaming Kichirou’s body. 

“It's fine.” Jun thrust in deeper, putting his hands on Kichirou’s stomach to hold him in place.

“Don't… angh… press on my stomach…” Kichirou whimpered. 

Their pants mingled and their hands touched as they rocked together and slowly their fingers intertwined. Kichirou’s tightened around Jun and he knew that they both were more than ready to explode. 

“Mmm.” Jun moaned. “Go on.” He thrust in several times more. “Come for me,” he ordered. 

As they came, Kichirou and Jun looked over at each other. Their faces were covered with sweat, blushed red from the heat, they leaned toward each other and kissed almost violently. Jun’s cock inside of Kichirou grew large once more and he thrust deep, causing a scream to echo from his lover’s throat.


That night, before the stores closed, Jun and Kichirou went out shopping for dinner. They wandered around the store, trying to decide if they wanted to eat curry or ramen for dinner. Eventually the pair decided on curry ramen. As they went around the store for the second time to gather all of the items they needed to make the broth, Natsuki walked through the entrance of the store. 

In these past few months, Natsuki had given up his plan of making Kichirou and Jun unhappy because how was he supposed to make that plan happen when the pair was not there? So, somehow, in the last few months, Natsuki had actually been determined to find something else to do in his past time. Ever since Kichirou had resigned, Natsuki had not heard a single word from him. It was as if he had disappeared off the face of the earth. 

This actually saddened Natsuki. It was fun to ruin an omega’s life. There was nothing that he liked doing more. Natsuki realized that he was in love with the torture he could bring people without them knowing. Even seeing Kichirou’s face as he had walked into the principal’s office that morning had made him hard. Ah, he was a total S. 

He wanted to see more pain on Kichirou’s face. The pain etched in his features as he realized everything was not going the way he wanted it to. That was the world's best feeling. Natsuki walked through the store, his basket on one arm as he gathered the items he walked in for. 

What he saw in the spice aisle made him stop in his tracks. He backed up, hiding around the corner to look down the aisle. Standing close to each other, their faces near, were Jun and Kichirou. It seemed as if they were currently arguing on how spicy they would make their curry. Kichirou voted to make it mild because, as everyone knew, curry was best on its third day anyway because that was when all the flavors set in. 

Natsuki watched this exchange, suddenly pissed off. So he couldn't know where Kichirou went, but this little brat could? And what more, they were still in that forbidden relationship that had made Kichirou lose his job. Angry at the thought of Jun being able to see Kichirou cry, Natsuki seethed at the end of the aisle. He wanted to see Kichirou’s face a mess of tears. He wanted to see nothing but pain in those eyes. He wanted Kichirou’s soul to be covered in black from misery. 

But to see Kichirou smiling happily, even as they argued, this made Natsuki’s blood boil. No omega should be happy. All of them deserved to be dyed in black. Happiness was not something they should ever be able to achieve. As he watched these two exchange a lovers’ spat, Natsuki decided in his heart what exactly he would do. 

He wanted Kichirou to hate life, to hate everything and anything. To be thrown in an abyss that never saw the light. Even if he had to stalk Kichirou to find the perfect way to achieve this, than he would do it. At that moment, unknowingly, Kichirou gained a stalker.