Chapter 28
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The feel of Kichirou’s lips sent a spiral of thoughts through his mind. All those months ago when Kichirou had whispered ‘I love you’ he had been talking to Ren, hadn’t he? There was no way that he had said them to Jun. He still had amnesia at that time, right?

Or had he?

Because now… now there was no reason for him to be kissing him like this. It had been three years. So long that Jun had forgotten Kichirou’s taste, the feel of his lips and that deep flowery scent that was oh-so-similar to lilacs. Kichirou could have ignored him. He could have walked away with Ren, leaving their past… as just that… the past. Kichirou could have been none the wiser, never knowing he was there, watching in the distance, loving him with everything he had. 

What did it matter, anyway, to whom had he said I love you all those years ago? This was now. And right now, Kichirou was kissing Jun with everything he had. Didn’t this kiss whisper everything that hadn’t been said in these years?

Growling into the kiss, Jun whispered, “We need to get out of here.” He could smell Kichirou’s pheromones. They were starting to leak out, and if they made their way out any farther, this entire intersection would be overcome with an omega’s pheromones. 

“Follow me,” Kichirou whispered, he glanced at Ren and then, the two of them were gone. Leaving behind a faint smell of lilacs. 


Jun caged Kichirou into the wall behind him. He pressed his body into his, feeling the length of his body against his, his erection stiffening more. It seemed as if Jun couldn't kiss Kichirou deeply enough, he pushed his body so tightly against Kichirou’s that Kichirou thought he was going to be pushed through the wall. 

Kichirou barely remembered how he had gotten the both of them back to his apartment. All he knew is that they hadn’t even made it one step into the apartment before Jun had begun to ravage him. He knew, though, within the next few seconds, that both of their clothes were suddenly gone, their bare flesh against each other. 

Then, Jun lifted Kichirou, this act made Kichirou think that Jun had gotten stronger in the time that they had been apart, he could feel the muscles of his arms bunch beneath his palms. Jun didn’t go very far, though. He almost slammed Kichirou onto the kitchen counter. Jun pulled away and Kichirou reached out with a whimper only to be silenced as he came back, kissing that wanting mouth and sliding his hands down to Kichirou’s thighs to part them gently. 

Kichirou didn’t resist, he only let out a quiet murmur and spread his legs further apart, the marble on his backside was cold in contrast to the hot hands that touched his thighs. That quiet, appreciative murmur had Jun replacing his hands instantly with his erection. Any thoughts that the two of them had evaporated as Jun thrust himself into Kichirou’s hot entrance. 

His lips were on his neck, licking, nibbling, but to Jun’s dismay, Kichirou was still wearing that collar from so long ago, he growled and bit down hard on Kichirou’s earlobe. Kichirou flinched, bringing his entrance closer to Jun. Jun put his hands on Kichirou’s hips and then he was moving, slowly out of him. 

Kichirou pushed his hips forward, greedily taking in Jun’s full length. Jun hissed at the action, his hands stilling on Kichirou’s ass. He whispered his name and then lifted Kichirou’s ass off the counter, thrusting inside completely. Kichirou moaned, and the two of them fell into that rhythm as old as time. Jun’s hips moved with an urgent frequency. Kichirou’s entire being was focused on Jun. 

His ragged breathing, the way his eyelashes fluttered with each thrust and the way his fingers dug into his ass. He never thought he would miss Jun as much as he did in that moment where he had him back.

If Jun could spend the rest of his life right there, exactly where he was, embedded into Kichirou’s warm core, with his long legs wrapped around him, he knew, that he would be able to die happy. 

He rained kisses across Kichirou’s stomach and chest as he pounded farther and deeper into him. His lips trembled as they reached the scar just above his heart. The imprint was raised and slightly paler than his normal skin color. Kichirou felt Jun’s thrusts stop and he whispered, “It’s okay. I’m okay. I’m alive, you know that.” Kichirou thrust his hips and squeezed his legs tighter around Jun. “Feel me in this moment, not that one.”

Jun thrust in slowly, making Kichirou wish it were faster. But his heart soared as Jun leaned down and traced the bullet scar with his lips, kissing it lightly, almost feverishly. Kichirou was twisting beside Jun, trying to find release, and finally Jun left the scar alone. With eyes the color of amethyst, swirling like a galaxy, with an unexpected force, he plunged into Kichirou. Both of his hands spread Kichirou’s cheeks apart, allowing better access as he thrust harder and faster, almost not caring if he hurt Kichirou in the process. 

He ground himself into Kichirou, as if he had longed for this feeling for the last three years. Kichirou’s heart swelled and then, as his climax took over him, sweeping him out into the endless sea, he also felt Jun explode within him. 

As soon as Jun finished shuddering, he lifted Kichirou off of the kitchen counter and carried him into the dimly lit room, ready to start again…


Jun began to live with Kichirou once again, their lives becoming as they once were when Jun was still in high school. Their lives were peaceful as they found each other once again. Jun would always stay at home, during the next two months, every day during Kichirou’s week long heats. Jun tried to keep Kichirou as comfortable as he could, without ever mentioning the possibility of dimming the intensity of his heats by marking him. 

On the last day of Kichirou’s most recent heat, he had Jun gone out to buy them more food for the apartment. However, anytime Jun brought up anything to make or to eat, Kichirou’s stomach would turn. Since that morning, the nausea came in and out, wave after wave that usually intensified at the thought of food. It never fully went away either. 

Feeling slightly better, once Jun returned Kichirou began to cook dinner. As soon as the smell of garlic hit his nose, the nausea returned. Kichirou had to back away from the food. 

“Ki? What’s wrong? You look green.”


To be honest, he felt green. 

“Is the heat hitting you again? Do you need me to go get you some medicine?”

“No, I’m fine. Go sit back down.”

Concern lingered on Jun’s face but he turned around and went back to the living room. Kichirou was frozen stiff on the other hand. His hands clenched the countertop hard. There was absolutely no way, he thought. No way. 

The next day, as Kichirou sat in his doctor’s office, several pieces of paper clutched in his hands, he had his answer. At that moment, another wave of nausea hit. He gritted his teeth against it, sliding his hand against his stomach. 

There was no denying the possibility now. 

He was pregnant.