Chapter 39 : A White Christmas with Everyone! (Day 1 of the Christmas-New Year Expedition!)
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Just a few days before Christmas, a few days after their friends' time together at the amusement park, the two, Aoi and Yuu, stayed at home, watching the TV, with Aoi leaning on Yuu's shoulder, both of them covered in the same blanket.

And yes, for the whole time, the only thing the two have done together was of course, a ton of cuddles, and an uncountable amount of kisses since Aoi couldn't help it, she's like an insatiable girl who wants Yuu's kisses every second. And other than that, nothing else happened. They just spent their time for themselves once again.

And today is just another one of those days. As they were watching a movie, both were covered in their blanket, and Aoi was leaning, but inside that blanket, her arms were tightly wrapped around Yuu, that's why his face was showing a wry smile as he watched.

"Why are we even watching a horror movie at night…." Aoi scowled, with her voice shaking, and her eyes almost tearing up.

"It was you who suggested this movie though…." Yuu chuckled as he patted her head.

"Well, it's almost done anyway. Just hang on until the end."

"Uhm-mmm…." Aoi nodded and they continued, and finished the movie.

"That was scary~!" Aoi said, crying.

Instead of feeling pity, there was one thing in Yuu's mind.

Ah— she's crying… Did I make her cry? Either way… this is cute… he thought as he stared at the crying Aoi.

"Alright, alright. There, there~" Yuu pulled her and embraced her tightly, patting her head once again, hoping that she would stop crying.

"Mmm… idiot Yuu…."

"Yes, yes~"

He waited for her to stop crying, as he continuously caressed her head. But one thing that he knew for sure, that he again had learnt something new from her. That she is weak in scary stuff.

Hmm…. Maybe I can try bringing her to a haunted house? Wait, no… as romantic as the thought is… I'll just feel guilty for bringing her, practically making her scared because of me….

He immediately rejected the thought in his mind, and a few seconds later, Aoi pulled away.

"Huff…. Let's go…." Aoi was sniffing as she pulled away and stood up. She immediately went to the bathroom and started brushing her teeth, washing her face, washing off all the tears.

On the other hand, Yuu followed, brushing his teeth as well, but in his case, he brushed her hair as he usually does, and wiped her face off.

"I'll have my revenge… idiot…."

Eh? Revenge? How will she do it? Wait, what did I even do? She was the one who suggested the movie though? he thought to his mind and followed her upstairs, with Aoi holding his hand and pulling him upstairs to their room.

"??!!!" now in Aoi's flow, she immediately pulled his face to her and kissed him on the cheeks.

"Eh?" Yuu went to the bed, as Aoi did as well. His face was confused at the sudden kiss. Which is even more confusing because they pretty much kiss anytime they want. But that's just it, Aoi never went first, she asks him shyly in which he responds with a red face and kisses her. So Aoi kissing him was that much of a surprise for him.


"Eh?! Aoi-chan?! Why are you that far away?!" the two had lay down on their bed, but as Yuu had said, Aoi stayed pretty far.

"Goodnight." she coldy said once again as she turned her back to him.

"Ehhh— all right…." he just went with her flow and closed his eyes as well.

That said, only a few seconds later, as Yuu just closed his eyes, he immediately felt the bed shake a bit, indicating someone moving.

"I can't… it's impossible…." he then found Aoi hugging her, burying her face to his chest.

"Haha— is that so?" Yuu chuckled as he hugged her back, caressing both her back and her head, brushing her hair with his fingers on her forehead, revealing it, and then lifted her chin.

"Yuu…?" Aoi stared at him blankly.

"Chu~ Good night, Aoi." he kissed her forehead and embraced her tightly.

"Mhmm…" Aoi then embraced him tightly as well.

The two then fell slowly into slumber.

Well, that is just what happens in their free days, with an example of what happens to Aoi when she becomes like that. As she showed, she can't help herself being away from Yuu even for a while.

With that being said, their usual days have passed, and some time as well either Hina just randomly shows up or randomly shows up with Sora to them. But as Yuu said of how he wanted his Christmas, those days of them showing up to their house were days before Christmas. 

December 24, Christmas Eve, the sky and the surrounding filled with snow, ensuring a White Christmas, the two went to the supermarket to buy some food to celebrate with. But as they went around the supermarket, Yuu came to a conclusion and reached out to Aoi.

"Yeah this is going to be hard…" 

"What is?"

"Just us… we won't be enough to finish the food…"

"Eh…? But…" 

"It's fine… besides, I get to spend almost two weeks alone with you…."

"Then…?" Aoi seemed to have understood what he's going to say.

"Yeah… but I think it will be better if we add New Year, you know?"

"Eh? Are you sure? It's not like I mind, that seems to be fun!"

"I know… that's why, shall we invite them to stay until the New Year?"


The two got into an agreement. Yuu thought that the food to prepare for Christmas, especially since he can't pretty much cook anything simple, so he's for sure gonna be cooking quite a lot. So inviting people over would be the best choice. That in mind, the two seem to be forgetting something.

Anyways, Yuu had invited the two over, Hina and Sora. But he felt bad for Takeshi, so he invited him in as well.

That said, before the 3 arrived, an expected guest soon came into the house.

"Eh, mom?!" Yuu exclaimed as he saw the woman standing on the half open door, but he immediately went back to work inside, cooking and preparing and stuff.

"Hello~ how are you two? Actually, it seems like you two are fine?"

"Ah, yes, we are. What brings you here today, Awagami-san?" Aoi politely asked her.

"What brings me here? Don't you know what today is?"

""Ah…"" the two immediately realized what she meant.

"Well, whatever. I didn't really plan to stay that long, the other three also agreed. I just came to check on you two. And it seems that you guys are fine."

"Ah, why don't you come in for some tea or something, Awagami-san?"

"It's fine. Besides, it seems that you have some friends to come over, right?"


"See? Then I'll take my leave and let you guys have your fun! But first, hey, Yuu! Come here for a bit!"

"What is it, mom?" Yuu lowered the heat of the stove and went to the doorsteps as Aoi swapped with him and went back inside.

"How are you, Yuu?" his mother kindly asked.

"I'm fine. How about you guys?"

"Of course we are, and I'm the one asking the questions! Besides, that isn't what I meant."

"What do you mean?"

"What I meant is, how are you with Aoi?"

"I see… in that case…. I'm really happy… to be with her…." Yuu genuinely smiled.

"Is that so… then that's great!"

"Thank you… mom…."

And so, she left the two of them as Yuu warmly smiled again, thinking back at the memories of the two of them together 

It's been almost over a month, huh…

A few minutes later, the 5 of them once again met up at Yuu and Aoi's house on the same day, the 24th of December.

Just a few hours later, at almost midnight, the 5 held their cups and raised it above their heads.

"Cheers~!" the five exclaimed with a cup of their own specified drinks in hand. They're still minors, so alcohol was prohibited.

"Once again, thank you for inviting me."

"Of course, you're already part of our group, Takeshi. Although, it was surprising that you, or rather, you guys actually accepted this 7 day Christmas-New Year expedition with us."

"Well, that seems interesting so of course I'd accept!" Hina enthusiastically exclaimed.

"And of course I'll be with Hina, no matter what happens, I'll always be with her." Sora said with a straight face as he held her hand tightly.

"It's fine… I'm not gonna die, idiot."

"I-I know….!" Sora's face reddened up as he averted his gaze to the side and exclaimed.

"Haha— so? What are we gonna do throughout the week? There's no way you don't have anything planned and we'll just lump here, right? Of course not! Hahaha—" Takeshi laughed to himself as he said so.

On the other hand, the two, Sora and Hina, looked at Yuu and Aoi with a wry smile, and immediately realized something.

Ah— I just realized, these two are pretty poor at planning. I don't know what happened between their date plan, but I know for sure, that the last time we're here, they literally didn't plant anything, as if he just invited us to stay at their house and do nothing….

Hina thought to her head, which was a reasonable conclusion that she reached.

"Eh? Seriously?" Takeshi immediately understood the looks on Yuu and Aoi's faces as they tried to avert the topic.

"Haa— well then, what about this—" Takeshi sighed exasperatedly and started talking about his plan.

Although, Takeshi didn't come prepared as if he knew that the two were poor at planning so he thought of a plan for a week beforehand. But instead, he came there empty-handed. He didn't know that the two were pretty poor at planning. But he is the polar opposite of them, as just shown, he can pretty much make a plan immediately.

"That sounds good!" Aoi exclaimed.

"Yeah, it's not a problem, let's go with that. But for now—" Yuu once again raised his cup, "—Merry Christmas!"

"Ah—" the other four realized the time and raised their cups.

""""Merry Christmas!"""" the four exclaimed together.

The five of them welcomed their first ever Christmas together, and all of a sudden once again, Yuu suddenly teared up.

"Yuu-kun?" Hina was the first to notice this, and her voice of slight worry made them turn to him immediately.

"Haha— sorry… this is probably the third time you've witnessed something like this, Aoi, so this is surely awkward for you…."


Aoi didn't comment, but he just looked at him with worry and gentle eyes. But Yuu was pretty much right, the first was at the hospital, where everything started, the second is Aoi's turn at the Ferris Wheel, and finally the one that's happening now.

"Sorry… it's just… this is the first Christmas I've spent like this… with the person I love… no… the people I care about with me…. Truly, thank you…."

"Yuu…." Aoi immediately embraced him as she warmly smiled, but Yuu caressed her head so it feels reversed now.

"...?" Aoi stared at the three while still embracing Yuu tightly, and the three immediately understood what she meant by the glare.

"Everyone…." with Aoi's permission, the three of them embraced him as well, turning into a pretty large group hug, which just made Yuu cry more.

"Thank you, really…."

As the group pulled away a few seconds later, they all smiled at him.

"Just call me whenever you need me or something, I'll come running—" Takeshi was the first to speak up.

"Of course, the two of us will always be here with you as well. And finally—" Hina was next, and immediately cued Aoi.

"I'll always be by your side, Yuu…" Aoi said ever so kindly and her voice resonated Yuu's heart.

"Again… thank you…."

Yuu smiled to them in gratitude for their kindness, as Aoi, longing for Yuu's warmth, immediately embraced him again.

"I thought I'd feel awkward coming here because I'm pretty much the only one without a girlfriend, but you know… this sight is pretty… beautiful…." Takeshi smiled.

Yuu and Aoi embraced tightly, with Yuu filled an overwhelming amount of emotions, started his first ever Christmas with his friends, and of course, the girl he loves.