Chapter 1
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“...shall name him Jin, Jin Yamanaka.” Says a blonde haired woman holding her newborn son. She’s sitting up on her bed looking warmly at her new bundle of joy.


What’s going on? The last thing I remember was getting hit by a truck. Jin thinks to himself as opens his eyes. Who are these people? And did they just call me Jin? 


“OH LOOK! He has my red hair and your beautiful, amber eyes.” says a smiling man, leaning over to get a closer look at the infant boy.


Get out of my face…! Jin thinks to himself, trying to skirt away from the redheaded man. Hey wait, why do their clothes look so familiar...? 




Months later on a cloudy day, Jin is laying down in his crib as Inoichi Yamanaka, the head of the Yamanka Clan somberly looks down at the three month old with an aide at his side. Due to being an infant, all Jin can do is reflect on his own situation, ignoring what the adults are saying.


So I really am in the Naruto world and my parents just died yesterday by the Nine-Tails...? This would be so cool if it weren’t the fact that I’m at the very beginning of Naruto’s story. Jin thinks to himself as his infant body makes a fuss. I’m Jin Yamanaka, not Naruto himself or any of the supporting cast, I’m basically a background character…


I AM SO FUCKED..!! Jin thinks while Inoichi picks him up trying to calm the still crying baby Jin down. I’m just a damn background character, there’s almost a hundred percent chance I'll die before the 4th Ninja War arc even happens!!! THIS SUCKS, MY LIFE SUCKS, EVERYTHING SUCKS!!!


“For the time being, I’ll raise him myself.” Inoichi says, walking away from the house while carrying Jin who stopped crying.


Calm down and think! I’m the Naruto world which means the only way to even survive into the Boruto era is to get stronger. Jin thinks as he calms down and stops crying, beginning to smile eerily. When I get a bit older, the first thing I’ll do is use the various members to jumpstart my training so that I’ll be ahead by the time I attend the ninja academy.




Sometime later, Jin is now six years old and will attend the Ninja Academy in two weeks, he is currently training at the Leaf Village Training Grounds. He gathers chakra into his feet and proceeds to walk onto the water.


This sucks, the Yamanaka Clan sucks. Damn them…! Jin thinks to himself, cringing in anger as he stands on the water, practicing hand signs. It was bad enough that most members of the clan refused my training request, the few that trained me only did so AFTER I got on my hands and knees, begging! And what’s worse they only taught me the Mind Transfer Jutsu aside from the bare minimum an academy student would know.


If I remember correctly, Jiraiya was able to create an invisibility technique as a genin, I should (in theory) be able to create simple mind reading jutsu. Jin thinks while sighing, throwing eight sharpened sticks at one of the three wood pillars. They all hit their mark, forming a circle. With that I should be able to copy jutsu from weak minded genin and focus on physical training.


Jin walks back on to solid ground and begins to use his chakra to convert his consciousness to spiritual energy and sends it to a group of genin who happen to be training nearby. Jin successfully hits his intended target, but instead of taking over, Jin is able to read the genin’s mind.


It worked, but at the same time, this genin doesn’t have any techniques worth copying... Thinks an annoyed Jin as he pulls his consciousness back. Hmm, I wonder if I can spread out and read multiple minds? As Jin attempts to spread out his consciousness over the entire training field, he collapses, falling unconscious.




So, my new Probing Jutsu has a similar weakness as the Mind Transfer Jutsu. Jin thinks, sighing as he drowsily makes his way back to the Yamanaka estate. I want to learn fire style, but Sasuke won’t learn anything until after he enters the Academy, but just before the Uchiha Massacre. Waiting’s my only option, until then, I’ll focus on learning the-- “GYAH?!!”


Something hits Jin from behind, causing him to fall over, shouting. While angered, Jin quickly gets back to his feet and turns to face what hit him.


“Well, if it isn’t Tomato-head.” says a familiar girl with blonde hair, wearing a violet outfit.


Ino, shouldn’t you be chasing after Sasuke…?” Jin says venomously while clenching his fists, prepared for a fight.


“WHY… YOU… I’LL--!”


“Forget this, I’m too tired to deal with you right now.” Jin sighs, brushing the young girl off as he continues to his room. “I’ll be in my room, don’t bother me unless it’s about dinner.”




Hours later, Jin is sitting on his bed with a water balloon in his right hand. He stares intently at the full moon as he begins to pour chakra into the inside of the balloon and begins to spin the water.


I have to get stronger… Jin thinks as the water balloon pops in his hands. I have to get stronger no matter what. Weakness in this world means death...