Chapter 12
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“So what do you plan to use the Chimera Jutsu for when you get it, hey?” Asks a curious Rito to Jin as they both ride on Tsume’s back towards Hiruko’s base in a mountainous region. They talk while watching the eclipse to pass the time.

“My plan is to create a powerful summoning creature made solely for combat purposes.” Jin responds with a smug look on his face. “Then we can use my power and your tech to build our own ninja village that blows all others out of the water.”

“Speaking of tech, here.” Rito says proudly as pulls a brick-like object and hands it to the red-haired rogue. “The first pair of phones to exist in Naruto!

“What the fuck?!” Jin blurts out as he studies the phone in his hand. He makes a facial expression, showing he’s not impressed. “Dude, this looks like something from the 1980s.”

“Right now, we just need to communicate instantly over long distances.” Rito explains, clearly hurt by Jin’s reaction. “I can make improvements later, ya bloody dick…!”

“I have no idea what you two are talking about…” Tsume says with confusion while still in flight.

“Don’t worry about it.” Jin says reassuringly. “We’re just two weirdos being weird.”

After a few more minutes, a crimson aura shoots up into the sky like a beam and parts the clouds. Both Jin and Rito look down and see that the aura originates from a now destroyed temple.

“That’s the place, better get back into character.” Jin says as he puts on a casually indifferent expression and proceeds to jump off the hawk. “Tsume, keep Rito safe.”

“It will be done, Master Jin!” Tsume calls out to her rapidly falling summoner.

What. THE. FUCK?! Now, I can’t read HIruko’s mind either?! Jin thinks as he attempts to probe the warmonger’s mind and fails. As Jin gets closer to the ground, he prepares to land while fighting the sudden urge to panic. I should be strong enough to not break my legs and die…

The red-haired rogue manages to land gracefully, causing a seismic event and kicks up a dust cloud. The Leaf ninja and Hiruko all stop fighting and look at what fell from the sky. The dust clears a bit and reveals a familiar silhouette.

Nailed the landing… OOH, I should make a cool pose before the dust settles! Jin thinks as he begins to strike a pose. The dust clears to reveal Jin cracking his knuckles in the same iconic pose as a certain Tokyo Ghoul character, he keeps a calm and collected manner as he speaks. “Hey there. So, which one of you is my opponent?”

“Jin, you--?!” Shouts a surprised Ino as she tries to run up to him, but is stopped by Shikamaru and Choji.

“Ino keep back, we don’t know who’s side he’s on.” Shikamaru warns, blocking his teammate as the other members of the Konoha 11 (plus Ayanami) surround him.

“Yeah, Ino. He’s dangerous…!” An on guard Choji adds.

They’re all wounded, Kakashi and Ayanami seem to be for the most part okay, and something’s up with Hiruko’s eyes. Jin thinks as he assesses the situation. He points a finger at Hiruko and asks, “Explain the situation for me and what’s up with Hiruko’s eyes?”

“Kazuya was secretly also a member of the Hyuga clan and he had the Byakugan and Wood Style like Captain Yamato!” Naruto blurts out, filling Jin in on the current dilemma. “This Hiruko-guy absorbed him and is now immortal with six kekkei genkai!”

“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN HERE YOU BASTARD?!!” Fires an angry Kiba with Akamaru at his side, growling.

The only way to deal with an immortal in Naruto is to seal them away… The only sealing jutsu I know at the moment is the Reaper Death Seal, but that requires the caster to die at the end and there’s no way in hell I’m sacrificing myself. Jin thinks, ignoring Kiba as he activates sage mode. He then pulls out a scroll and uses it to summon an even larger scroll and a paintbrush to go with it. “I was planning to use this for later for something else, but oh well… SAI!”

The pale-skinned foundation ninja walks up to Jin who in turn hands him the brush and scroll. Sai then looks at Jin with a confused look on his face.

“Danzo taught you a powerful sealing technique right? It’s time to use it!” Jin commands.

“Danzo did teach me, but I haven’t mastered it yet…” Sai rebuttals. “Wait--how do you even kn--”

“Just shut up and perform the jutsu, I’ll cover you.” Jin states curtly as he charges at the immortal ninja. The only ninjutsu that will work on him is the Rasen Shuriken, but that jutsu requires a ton of chakra. Best to only use taijutsu for now…

“Oh, please… YOU CAN’T EVEN TOUCH ME!” Hiruko yells as he charges at Jin.

“Having a 360 degree field of vision doesn’t mean much if you can’t even react.” Jin informs Hiruko as he blitzes to his side and kicks him through a piece of wall.

“Fool, you’re not the only one with speed…!” Mutters an annoyed Hiruko as he gets up and dusts himself off. “Quick Style: Shadowless Flight and Steel Style: Impervious Armour!”

Hiruko appears instantly at Jin's location and blitzes him with a series of punches and kicks and ends the combination with an uppercut. Jin is able to block the last hit, but is still sent flying upwards. Hiruko then holds out his left hand, pointing it at Jin.

“SHADE STYLE: JUDGEMENT!” Hiruko shouts as a blast of light blue flames is expelled from his hand, heading straight for the red-haired rogue.

I can handle his speed, but I have to avoid his punches whenever he has his Steel Style activated…! Jin thinks as he summons a shadow clone. The clone grabs and throws the real Jin out of the fireball’s path.

While still in the air, Jin creates two dozen more shadow clones and they all proceed to dive bomb at Hiruko. However, the immortal ninja counters by generating a thick ring of thunderclouds and electricity around him.

“Gale Style: Thunder Cloud Void Wave…” Hiruko chants as the thunderclouds fire powerful blasts of lightning at Jin’s clones, destroying them. “ That takes care of the ants and now f---AARGH?!”

“Did you really think I would hide behind my shadow clones...?!” Exclaims a now battle damaged Jin as throws several punches at Hiruko. Jin then blows Hiruko away with a powerful gust of wind from his hand. “Wind Style: Gale Palm…!”

Great! My left sleeve is all but gone and my shirt’s zipper is fried…! Jin anguishes as he stops to check for any serious wounds. Relief washes over him as he sees his injuries beginning to heal. “Hey Sai? Are you ready to seal him away?!”

“Yes, but I need you to make an opening!” Sai shouts as he finishes drawing on the scroll.

“Filthy humans, you can try all the jutsu you like, but it won’t faze me.” Hiruko boasts as he returns to the battle. The ground begins to shake as he builds up his chakra. “I’ll end your pathetic lives slowly and in pain… WOOD STYLE: DEEP FOREST EMERGENCE!!!”

Because of the movie, I knew he wanted power, but I didn’t think he would develop a severe god-complex… Jin thinks as he builds up his own chakra, preparing to counter the trees growing towards him. He slams his hands against the ground and shouts, “Sage Art: Inorganic Reanimation!”

Jin’s living ground and Hiruko’s trees collide, slamming into each other and creating a thick dust cloud. Two fuma shuriken burst out of the dust cloud at Hiruko, the immortal warmonger jumps into the air and twists his body around to dodge. While still in the air, Hiruko notices something glowing above him. It’s Jin and he’s holding a Rasenshuriken.

God, do I love shadow clones and you can’t dodge while in mid-air AND this jutsu is too complex for you to absorb! Thinks a smug JIn as he throws the shuriken-shaped mass of chakra at Hiruko.

The Rasenshuriken hits Hiruko and slams him against the ground. The move detonates, producing a vortex of wind in the immediate area. After a minute, the vortex dies down, leaving Hiruko at the bottom of a large crater. As Hiruko’s wounds begin to heal, the crater starts to fill with mud.

“Earth Style: Dark Swamp!” Says an exhausted Jin as the chakra infused mud sticks to Hiruko, ensnaring him. “Sai, now! DO IT!!!”

“Okay, Sealing Jutsu: Crouched Tiger Bullet!” Replies a determined Sai as a gigantic tiger illustration extends from the scroll and while still connected, captures Hiruko with its teeth and claws.

“NO, I WAS SO CLOSE!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” Hiruko screams as he is dragged back into the scroll by the tiger, pinning him down within the confines of the drawing.

After safely landing, Jin sits down on a nearby boulder and pulls out his phone. He pushes a button and it begins to ring.

What do you know?! It works! Jin thinks as Rito answers the phone. “It’s done, you two can come down now… No, I couldn’t learn the Chimera Jutsus, this sucks…!”

I couldn’t get the Zero-Tails and I couldn’t learn the Chimera Jutsu… Jin thinks in defeat as he hangs up. This sucks! Everything sucks! The Fourth Great Ninja War is getting closer and closer, how the fuck am I suppose to get stronger now?!!