Chapter 2 Isekai-ed (EDITED)
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I am a reincarnator or an Isekai-or would be more benefitting in this specific scenario.

Not that it wasn't that hard to figure out, but in this world; concepts like that are not well known.

This world's entertainment industry is still not all that!

They have most of the technologies available in previous life but it is not really that appealing to the general public.

Shinobis are trouble by other things (mainly killing or thinking new ways to kill) and the average joe is busy working for their next meal.

So, entertainment is mostly left to people with free time and money to spare.

Not that it matters to me that much...this world sometimes still feel unreal...I like to sleep since sometimes I remember things that I had forgotten about my previous life.

To be truthful, I don't really remember much of my previous life.

However, I still remember that my name was Henry, and I was a bit of an otaku.

Not the kind that goes to conventions and was a social otaku, but the kind that was more of a shut-in and used most of his money to buy merch. It's not like it was all of my life and I did not have friends...but it was more of a part of myself I liked to keep it to myself, not because I was ashamed or anything.

Although, I think that was more when I was a kid but later on it was more stuff like dvds and collecting mangas.

...sadly I am not too sure...

I don't seem to have most of my memories, some stuff is still fuzzy, like all the relations that I had to the people in my previous life.

At first, I was very bothered and pained by it. But the people in the orphanage, did take care of me when I needed it, and besides; lots of kids in the orphanage have it much worse than me.

I was technically older than most and had to man up quickly.

The Kyuubi attack on the village, left many without parents.

I am no exception.

I can only imagine how surreal and bloody it must have been.

The anime must have lied or omitted the true terror that a giant demon fox is capable of causing, when fully unleashed in populated land.

I can somehow understand the villagers toward the fox, it must have been like a nightmare to live through that...but I still can't justify Naruto's they not understand the concept of a jinchuriki?

Perhaps...they do but hatred is a hard thing to simply let go...especially when you lose something dear to you...I have no special attachment to anyone here so I doubt that I would fully understand the consequences that it entails.

Feels foreign to me if I am to be honest.

Regardless, that night was also or should I say is also meaningful to me as well.

It seems, that I was born either on the night of the Kyuubi's attack or a few days prior.

Nobody really knows, so we just have my birthday about 1 day prior to the attack.

I'd call it lazy but...I don't have a better idea. 

At least it is not the day prior to it otherwise it would make little sense and would be a bummer...maybe that's why they chose the day that they did. 

Or perhaps I am giving them too much credit.

Also, the name Homura is a bit of a joke too...I think?...maybe...I am not too sure about no matter how many times I dig my brain...

Apparently, I was found at the hospital during the night of the kyuubi's a section of the destroyed hospital building surrounded by flames! 

It was a miracle that I managed to survive...not that I have any memories of it.

So they called me Homura, which since we are in a world influenced by Japanese culture could be a few ways like a fire and village.....*mad*

The godd*mn father at my orphanage has twisted of humor!

I'd beat him up but I kinda of like my name...Homura...Yep! It's pretty good!...Could have been much worse! Could have been something-suke or something-maru. Name ending with those are quite normal...for boys to have especially from the older generation.

But that Father...has issues! Overall good guy...but issues nonetheless...I wonder which god he is worshiping? It can't Haguromo or Kaguya, that's for sure.

Regardless, the name Homura reminds me of a demigod also known as a war-god from a manga I used to read, when I was younger...or a crazed stalker witch!

Anyway, it is not bad overall but I have better ideas...but it's not like they will allow me to name myself at this point in time.

As I said before, the name is not bad, but if I had to choose I'd call myself Yusei or something in that league.

But only if the world I was in was more or less influenced by Japanese culture or had Japanese characteristic being the norm in which society was based of...this is not Japan, so I have no idea how to even say that...maybe Japanificational society? Continent?

It hurts my head just thinking about it.

But if I was reincarnated in DC or Marvel, I'd probably call myself something else, like Spike Spiegel or something similar. Or cooler!

But I don't think it is going to happen ever again...One reincarnation with memories is already unbelievable enough so just being delusional.

Anyway, before coming to this world I was actually able to choose a body, a few abilities and bloodlines before reincarnating.

At first I thought it was just a dream and I felt compelled to do it anyway...I was very truthful to my heart which may come to bite me in the ass in the future because...I fully indulged myself in fanboyism.

Regardless of that, it felt like choosing or making a character in that shinobi striker game.

At least that's how it felt when I chose the sharingan has a bloodline.

I think...I think the sharingan, is the main culprit as to why I was  sent to this world.

I know it was super cliche to choose a sharingan, but I really wanted to choose Otsusuki, as my main bloodline power.

However, the damn bar thingy that allowed me to choose on how to reincarnate, did not mention which abilities that I'd get from reincarnating with their bloodlines. But, it would probably have been something with their innate powers like Byakugan, and their peculiar physiology and other stuff that are available to all Otsustuki clan members.

As to what those abilities are exactly... are a mystery to me.

From the filler content I've watched, a pre-absorbed chakra fruit Kaguya was running away from arrows aimed at,, at the time I didn't want risk it.

To think the moon goddess was weak enough to be running from an army of humans is...weird...especially since she was the one who split Isshiki in half...But the Otsutsukis are weird in their levels of is not that clear cut and dry.

Besides, I didn't want to reincarnate on the moon, on another planet or in a weird dimension in god knows where!

So I chose Uchiha. Since they have the Sharingan.

Heck, if am I honest with myself I could go for a tenseigan but~~~ Hyuga branch members are pretty much inmates of their clan. Also, they are expected to act as canon fodder for the main branch.

And the patriarch of the Hyugas, seem to have a stick up his ass, so it was a hard pass for me.

Furthermore, you'd need to have the Ootsusuki bloodline or sage body coupled with a Hyuga's pure byakugan to get it, I think...the entire process made little sense to me but I guess that's just how it works.

In other words you don't have to be a Hyuga at all but an Ootsutsuki for it to work out the most simple way.

Just be an Ootsutsuki with a body similar to that of Hamura's and swipe the eyes of a pure main branch member's is not so hard but still trapped by the fact that you'd have to be an Ootsutsuki, so I'd be back to square one.

Or worst since Hamura is dead like 1,000 years ago, and the only one that canonically is similar to him is a man with an army of things at his disposure to destroy an entire other words, it is suicide to even think about it.

Uchiha...yes the Uchiha made the more sense no matter how you slice it.

Uchiha, was the only decent one among the pile of sh*t I found.

No way in hell, I was going to choose a Ketsuryugan or whatever other garbage that was available, that's for sure!

But the thought of Itachi coming in the dark of the night and beheading me was very, very terrifying for sure!

But I chose to take the risk it anyway... because, you know what killed Itachi?

Sharin-nah lung disease...or something in that line. Which was maybe caused by abusing his bloodline powers...maybe? Or it was something else... that he was already predisposed to having... Kishi was never good at flushing out I am not too sure about what's going on in there.

Anyway, when I chose Uchiha bloodline the bar was only filled up to 60 percent. 

I understood that this was definitely different from when I tried to choose the Ootsusuki which it became full in one-shot, and nothing like that had happened.

So I tried to choose the next best thing available, which was Uzumaki and Senju but that did not work.

The Senju bloodline was at the same value as the Uchiha bloodline which was 60 percent, so I had error window popping every time I tried to integrate them together; and even worse, the Uzumaki bloodline was valued at 70 percent!

Guess, we finally know who the true descendants of Ashura truly are!

Just kidding but it made sense.

I understand why that is the case.

Those guys are monsters!

They have amazing chakra reserves, chains to seal bijuus, who are the equivalent of kaijus with infinite or close to infinite energy.

They have incredible vitality and like super sensory skills that would make most sensor ninjas jealous to death!

...Well, not all members have all of those abilities, but still, just knowing they can pass down abilities like that, it's pretty impressive!

If only I had those 2 bloodlines within myself I'd be unstoppable!

Alas, it is not meant to least that was what I thought at the time.

Dejected at my failure; I decided to scroll down the list of bloodlines available to me.

Moreover, as I was scrolling down, I found Shin Uchiha's bloodline!

It was worth only 15 percent!...It was not how it was written but his name was next to it.

If you read the manga, anyone would know that this was incredible and ridiculous! That guy was able to awaken a mangekyo sharingan by himself...well I am not exactly sure about that part, but that is not the important part!

He used a mangekyou sharingan for like 20 years but didn't go blind!

Of course, I had to choose something so op like that!

With the Uchiha's and Shin's bloodlines, I was up to 75% percent!

So I continued to look at other bloodlines like, magnet release, ice release, particle release and other similar releases, but besides particle and magnet releases, which were too high for me to get with my current build ; the rest were hard for me to choose.

Ice release and crystal releases were good enough for me to choose with the at time build I was going for.

But ice release is from the hidden mist village.

And that village is known for assassinations' and bloodshed.

Which in this world could get me assassinated! If I was ever born from outside of the mist village! Even within the mist village! That was not a risk I was willing to take.

I don't want to have to hide my abilities 24/7 under fear of being killed for showing an ability. 

I can hide the Sharingan with a mask or whatever, if I am fighting with it activated.

Which is not a problem for the most parts, but crystal and ice release would be harder to do so!

So, I needed something easy to use or could be easily hidden; as well as something that could save me from hard times.

I had no other choice than having to dig deeper among the sea of available bloodlines.

I looked further and further than what I thought was possible.

The Naruto world was far more complex than I had given it credit, some of the bloodlines displayed on the panel, I had never even heard them.

(The hell is mud release?!!! Is there really a release for that!? Isn't that just earth release?)

But I didn't have the time or patience to go through was simply too much!

...And then, I found something that I had forgotten about, was swift release!

Swift release is from a movie.

Or at least it was first displayed within a movie and not the main the outlet of the franchise, which was the manga.

I am not too sure of the applications of swift release...since the show has shown people with the same Kekkei genkai using it in different ways.

Especially people with Nature release Kekkei genkai.

The principle were always the same...but how it was applied differed from person to person.

Great examples of such phenomenon were explosion and lava releases!

The latter one just seem to be a step above and beyond, rending the user capable of producing every known rock-based material in the world!

It is literal insanity how diverse this power can be!

Still, although it had its perks, it was still a far cry from what swift release was capable of!

From the very little I saw in that movie, Swift release was able to defy physics...maybe? 

I any case, it allows the user of this kekkei genkai to move at incredible speeds!

And probably other stuff that wasn't included in the movie...I-it wasn't a great movie...most Naruto movies aren't masterpieces...still have a bit of PTSD from watching the Naruto Movie! The Last!!!

The only movie that I liked in the entire franchise was the stone of Gelel movie.

It had an ok plot but a story and concepts that were intriguing and mostly seemed to fit and enhance some questions one might have for the world...the movies after that were cliched or simply brainless...and the ones who weren't (T-The last)...Urghhh!...I've never suffered so much in my life watching felt like a plot point and was paced as if it was more of an arc then a movie...the story and the run time would be better served as mini arc than a movie, some stuff just felt too rushed and the concept it introduced were more interesting than the main story it was focusing on.

and left so many questions...questions that I wish we had answers to because it genuinely could further the mythos of the world... but Naruto just had to get a baby sell more cr*p and an annoying protagonist that feels like his father but also different in all the ways that is like the mechanically engineered everything that we liked about Naruto into that kid...but twisted to make him unlikable.

It's amazing...a product of pure corporate greed. Everything about him feels he has no real personality to speak of...Urgh

...Forgetting about the source of my PTSD for a second, I decided on getting the swift release bloodline.

Its cost was only 25%.

Which was perfect for me.

These were the remaining percentage available for me to fill up the bar.

After I chose it, the bar disappeared!

A new bar that indicated that I could pick a support ability among the many available abilities, appeared!

I was taken aback for a second but immediately cheered up at the thought of getting another crazy cheat.

Bloodlines are great but you have to be lucky to get those inherit their abilities and put some real work to be good at using them.

After all not every Uchiha is Madara or get a lot of duds too. 

Just look at kid Obito, hardly shinobi of the year that one!

Not until he went full Anakin!

And got the sweet nectar that is Hashirama cells? Or was it white Zetsu cells? Whatever it was it brought him up to levels beyond a kid like him would achieve by just training. 

Actually, when I thought about that it gave me an idea. 

I scrolled down, and saw many abilities. All kinda crazier than the one shown prior, such as evolution based abilities and other defensive/supportive abilities, but ultimately I settled in another ability that allowed me to boost my intelligence and body functions.

An ability called Super-computing (body)!