Chapter 0: My name is Homura! I am a hero!
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On the desolate battlefield, shrouded by thundering dark clouds and plagued by towering giants, a monumental clash was about to unfold.

As the ominous clouds filled the skies, two figures emerged amidst the devastated landscape.

One was a three-eyed, demonic-looking giant with horns protruding from his skull, draped in regal attire that emphasized his imposing presence.

The other was a young man, his form cloaked in ethereal, bright yellow garments, surrounded by an array of black orbs emitting a captivating purple glow.

A bolt of azure lightning lashed the earth with unrelenting force, striking the ground near the confrontation between the young man and the formidable oni.

With a surge of fiery determination igniting his eyes, the young man rose from his previous stance, standing tall once more. He firmly grasped a jet-black staff with his right hand and directed it towards his imposing foe.

"Otsutsuki Momoshiki, mark my words! Even if I should fall this day... the people of Earth shall never allow you to lay claim to our beloved home!" declared the young man, his voice resolute with unwavering conviction.

The confidence emanating from his golden eyes betrayed not a hint of hesitation, showcasing the unshakeable belief he held in his proclamation.

In response, the monstrous being sneered dismissively at the young man's words, ready to counter his every claim.

"Uchiha Homura, you jest! Should you meet your demise, nothing shall hinder me from obliterating this world!" retorted the oni-like figure, none other than Otsutsuki Momoshiki himself.

His clenched fist pointed assertively at Homura, his words dripping with disdain and an unwavering determination to fulfill his malevolent ambitions.

Nevertheless, Homura's resolve remained unyielding, fortified by the weight of his past accomplishments.

How could it be any other way?

Homura stood as the last surviving member of the Uchiha clan, the very individual who had united and saved the world from impending doom in times past.

Though Momoshiki may have represented the pinnacle of strength within the Otsutsuki clan, a race of interdimensional beings set on eradicating all life in the universe, Homura had faced adversaries of unfathomable power before and refused to shy away from a challenge.

Especially when the fate of the world hung in the balance.

Regrettably for Otsutsuki Momoshiki, despite his numerous eyes scattered across his form, he remained blind to the magnitude of his own hubris.

"Stop me? As if any being birthed from this insignificant ball of dirt could ever hope to impede my unstoppable might!" (Momoshiki)

"M-Momoshiki..." (Homura)

Homura's eyes glared with a mixture of defiance and scorn at Momoshiki, who dared to disrespect the world that countless friends had valiantly perished to safeguard. He would never allow such slander to tarnish the memories and sacrifices of his dear companions.

"You are the sole creature on this wretched planet that warranted my attention, but even you are naught but a feeble match for the full extent of my powers." (Momoshiki)

"Kuh..." (Homura)

"And once I claim your powers as my own, I shall ascend to true godhood! The entire cosmos shall bow before the indomitable might of Otsutsuki Momoshiki, the one true GOD! Hahahaha!" (Momoshiki)

The three-eyed oni-like entity bellowed with laughter, his monstrous visage mirroring the ugliness and selfishness that permeated his cold, malevolent heart.

The three-eyed oni-like man bellowed with laughter, his monstrous form epitomizing the ugliness and selfishness that resided within his cold, malevolent heart. Consumed by his wickedness and deceit, Momoshiki reveled in his assured victory.

However, amidst his malevolence, a sliver of truth lingered in his words. How could Otsutsuki Momoshiki, with all his power and might, possibly be defeated by a mere human? Even if that seemingly insignificant human had given him the most arduous battle he had ever faced in his long existence.

After all, Momoshiki had absorbed the power of countless worlds, while Homura, in contrast, was not only much younger but possessed the power of a single world—a power he had expended to protect it from annihilation.

The odds undeniably favored the laughing giant, explaining the unwavering confidence he exuded in his imminent triumph.

"You vile fiend! I shall never allow you to prevail! I will bring an end to this once and for all, for the sake of all my fallen comrades! Kurama!" Homura shouted, his voice filled with righteous determination.

"Homura, let us combine our powers and channel them into a single devastating attack!" Kurama, a gigantic red fox with nine magnificent tails, spoke from within Homura's mindscape. The powerful beast assumed a meditative stance, striving to gather as much chakra as possible to empower Homura.

"Thank you, Kurama. I have always known I could rely on you... as always," Homura expressed his gratitude, his voice tinged with unwavering trust.

"Do not mention it, Homura. I shall forever stand by your side, and with your assistance, we can finally protect the world my late father cherished so dearly," Kurama replied, his words filled with unwavering loyalty.

"Yes! Together, we shall prevail!" Homura affirmed, his resolve resolute and unyielding.

"Hmph. Ever the optimist... but I must admit, I cannot dislike it! Prepare yourself, Homura. I am bestowing upon you all the chakra I have gathered. You better not lose, you hear me?" Kurama's voice held a mixture of gruffness and genuine concern.

Suddenly, Homura's chakra cloak grew increasingly radiant, emitting a brilliant white light. The cloak underwent a remarkable transformation, evolving into a pure white hue that shimmered with an immense surge of power. The intensity of this energy overwhelmed Homura, leaving him awestruck.

"T-This is... the ultimate form of chakra, surpassing even the baryon mode... a power beyond natural energy itself? Kurama, you have truly surpassed all expectations! It's incredible!" Homura exclaimed, overcome with wonderment.

Despite his immense pride, the giant fox couldn't resist sneering, his voice laced with arrogance. "Hmph! Don't get too carried away now! Defeat him already!"

"You've got it!" Homura responded, determination resonating in his voice.

Harnessing all the power within him, Homura focused his energy into his hand, causing a vibrant, multi-colored orb of spinning chakra to materialize. As he beheld the technique, memories of a departed friend flooded his mind, though the recollection was peculiarly distorted, resembling the scribbles of a child attempting to depict a person, complete with a comical expression of nose-picking.

However, Homura's smile remained unwavering, his conviction stronger than ever before.

"This time, I will protect everyone!" he declared, his voice resolute and filled with unwavering determination.

As Homura raised the ball of spinning chakra toward the sky, it grew in size with each passing moment. The floating dark spheres that had been hovering behind him were absorbed into the giant spinning ball, now towering as tall and wide as an entire mountain. The wind pressure generated by the spinning sphere intensified, its multicolored hues transforming into a radiant, pure golden glow.

Witnessing this bewildering phenomenon, Otsutsuki Momoshiki was struck with panic. His face contorted with disbelief as he struggled to comprehend how his previously defeated opponent, who should have been on the brink of defeat, could wield such immense power. It was a power that surpassed his own, a power he couldn't even begin to fathom. It seemed boundless, exceeding his own capabilities by leaps and bounds.

"W-What is this? How can you possess such extraordinary power?! Answer me, Homura!!!" Momoshiki shouted, his voice filled with desperation.

"This is the power that can only be born from those willing to fight for what is right! It is the power forged when two hearts become one, fueled by the hopes and sacrifices entrusted to us by those connected to our cause! It is the power to defeat you!" Homura responded, his voice carrying a passionate conviction derived from a lifetime of struggles and the profound memories that shaped him.

"I-Impossible! I-I-I will never accept this!" Momoshiki retorted, consumed by rage.

In a fit of fury, Otsutsuki Momoshiki ascended to great heights, soaring high above Homura.

"Heed my name! I am Otsutsuki Momoshiki!!!" he proclaimed with vehemence.

Perplexed by Momoshiki's unexpected actions, Homura refrained from pursuing him, wary of the unknown plans brewing in the enemy's mind.

"I am a god! I shall never be defeated by the likes of you lowly beings!!!" Momoshiki declared, raising his right hand toward the sky. Mirroring Homura's previous creation, a spinning sphere manifested in Momoshiki's grasp, though its hue was a foreboding dark red.

With each passing second, the sphere grew exponentially, expanding to twice its original size. It soon became so colossal that it appeared to cleave through the cloud-infested sky, casting an ominous crimson hue over the surroundings. Momoshiki hurled the red sphere toward Homura at an alarming speed, defying the limits of its size.

"Die, Homura! Perish! Vanish forever, inferior lifeform! Hahahaha!!!" Momoshiki laughed maniacally, confident in his imminent victory and reveling in his perceived superiority.

Despite witnessing the events unfolding before him, Homura remained calm and resolute, certain that they would ultimately triumph.

"Let's put an end to this, Homura!" Kurama's voice echoed within Homura's mind.

"Yea—hm?" Homura's response was cut short as he began to look around, as if someone had called his name.

"What is it?" Kurama asked anxiously, the ball of pure red energy hurtling toward them, yet Homura suddenly ceased all movement.

"D-Did you... hear that?" Homura inquired, his voice laced with uncertainty.

"M-My voice?" Kurama responded, thoroughly perplexed by Homura's peculiar behavior.

"No... I don't think it was that... Ah! I heard it again!" Homura exclaimed.

Within Homura's mind, a voice other than Kurama's seemed to be attempting to reach him.

"Hey, hey, hey! This is not the time to lose your composure! We're on the verge of death if you don't act quickly!" Kurama's urgency resonated in his words, a mental image of Kurama pointing to the colossal energy ball flashing in Homura's mind.

"Huh? Ball?...!!!...Oh... damn it!" Homura's expression transformed from curiosity to wide-eyed realization, and finally to pure apathy as he resigned himself to his fate.

Sigh Idiot. Kurama facepalmed internally, exasperated by Homura's foolishness and overall lack of competence.

Meanwhile, Momoshiki continued to laugh heartily, utterly convinced of his impending victory, much like a deranged individual reveling in their triumph.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Burn, inferior lifeform! Burn!" Momoshiki's laughter filled the air.

As Homura turned his gaze toward the incoming attack, it was already far too close for him to react.

He had run out of time.

The massive sphere of dark chakra, no longer closing in, had arrived.

In an instant, a tremendous explosion erupted, visible even from the stratosphere, obliterating everything within its vicinity.

Homura, the world's hero, perished.

There was no escaping the blast.

It was a tragic end for a tragic hero.

However, fortunately for him, as cheap as it may sound... it was all just a dream.

Chapter end.