Chapter 1 (part 2)
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Walking down the hall Ayla slowly but calmly approached those doors at the end of the hall, she could feel that something was going to happen the moment that she opened the door but what exactly it was couldn’t be guessed.

Opening the door, she saw the figure of a bald black man wearing a gray button-down shirt, his back was turned looking out the large windows that were aligned on the back of the room.

“Sigh” Looking around the room she spotted his girlfriend sitting on a couch that was in the room.

“Ayla, I’ve been told that you physically assaulted Emma, correct?” His gaze stayed fixed on the world outside the window

“Yeah, what about it?” Ayla stood still near the door with her arms crossed

* BANG* He had slammed his hand on the window before turning around “Do you understand that she is my woman, I will not stand for this” Emma was now leaning over the back of the couch to watch the proceedings 

“But you’ll stand her constant harassment of me every day” Ayla’s face remained calm

“Emma, is this true?” Looking over at the woman on the couch.

“Of course not, all I ever do is try and get along with her but she pushes me away at every chance, and even now assaulting me, I-I’m-” she had begun to cry “I’m just trying to get along with her, an-and *hiccup* she never allows me too” Her father quickly made his way to Emma to comfort her “Christian, I-I’m just trying to get close with me being her step-mother and all now”

“My what!?” This had caused one of Ayla’s eyebrows to raise.

“Yes, indeed Ayla, we’re getting married, she is going to become your new stepmom, and you will treat her with respect!” Christian had turned around to look at Ayla with a serious face.

“First you bring that bitch into our house-”


“NO!! I will never show her respect, not with her lies and manipulation, she is nothing but a whore that is trying to ruin the little of a relationship that we have” Ayla was truly upset but she attempted to keep her calm

“Ayla you mean nothing to me” Letting go of Emma he began to walk up to Ayla before stopping directly in front of her

“What?” Ayla’s expression finally broke

“In all the years that you’ve been alive I’ve never cared for you, you were the one to take my last wife, and now you slander my new one, why would anyone ever love you” Ayla looked down, her eyes covered in shadow.

“So, all the years that I tried to care about you, the years that I tried my hardest to get your approval was for nothing” A small snicker could be heard from the couch. “SHUT UP WHORE!!!” 

*SMACK* Christian has slapped Ayla across the cheek “I said to show some respect to-” 

*SMACK* “DON’T YOU DARE PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME!!” She needed to leave, her emotions were rushing to the surface, and she would not show this man that he had gotten to her.

Rushing out the door she quickly ran down the hall and attempted to run down the stairs before bumping into something head-on, looking at what it was, it turned out to be Alexis.

“Young Miss I heard tha-” grabbing hold of Ayla before she fell

“Move Alexis!” At this time small rapid footsteps could be heard running down the hall.

“Wait, Ayla, plea-”

I SAID MOVE!!!” She summoned strength that neither of them knew she had and shoved Alexis out of the way and continued to run down the stairs followed by a small white fox.

“Wait, Ayla” running after the both of them he quickly made his way down the stairs.

Moving at incredible speeds she made her way out of the house and into the garage she found the keys to a car and quickly got inside, Theo was able to jump in as well, but before she could leave, she saw Alexis running after her.

“Ayla, calm down, think, please just get out of the car” Running up beside the car he tried to open the door, but it was locked, “Please Ayla”. Sadly, it wouldn’t work as Ayla wouldn’t look at him, her face was filled with distress and on the verge of tears drove off without any concern for Alexis and made her way down the street.

All Alexis could do now was stand there in the cold and mutter to himself, “She’ll be ok, she’ll come right back, please Ayla, come back” He ran back inside and made his way upstairs and towards the office at the end of the hall.

All right I have somethings to say.

First is that this is a little rough, but I believe that is good enough to post.

Second is that I made her act this way because to me, being told that your only parent never cared about you, no matter how much you don't like them, will still hurt and that's why I have her act like this.

And lastly, I feel like shortening the chapters will be better for me as I tend to get lazy when I hit the 1000-word mark, and so splitting long chapters up seems to be the best option for me, so expect like 500–800-word chapters