Chapter 34 – New Start
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Piercing like an arrow through the endless void that is space, a powerful streak of purple energy is observed accelerating in a direct route. Omitting a trail of energy to drift in its wake as it made its way to its designated target. Coming in for a closer look, the energy surrounded a stagnant silhouette located at its center, the form was hard to make out, seeming to be in a concentrated state.

Since the departure from Earth, the purple streak has been in the deep bowels of space for what appeared to be months, but the true amount spent in space was troublesome to measure. Time was hard to make out when the only thing that reminded you that time was still there, was the occasional asteroid that would hurtle past, or crash into the streak only to shatter into fragments. The radiation in space was highly concentrated and deadly to any being that was not powerful enough to withstand its constant bombardment, but the streak had seemingly zero difficulties in this environment.

The streak without a doubt was Spencer has been spending his time in space to enlighten himself throughout the journey. The vastness of it gave him a lot of time to think to himself, as he made his way to his next source of knowledge and amusement in the universe. He had no prior knowledge of what was in store for him upon his arrival to his next destination, but he was looking forward to finding out what was possible.

Although countless years have passed making his memory blurry on the subject, he still remembered the many powerful characters were out there. The count of beings in this universe that could easily wipe out an average human establishment seemed endless. Though Spencer knew he was powerful along with his physical strength including his newly gained abilities, and that achieving such a feat would not be much of a hindrance to him, he realized that he was lacking in one major department, variety. Yes, his abilities may be limitless in their growth potential, but his knowledge on how to use them and master control was far below the needed levels for his powers to truly be his.

He could feel from the very beginning that he could not access the completed form of his powers. He noticed that he had very little control over what they would do when his circumstances became unfavorable. They may obey him now, but he would never know when he would lose the fragment of control that he has over them. This journey through space allowed him to test himself without the risk of causing damage. He was hoping to gain a higher level of mastery before he arrived at his target.

More time passed while Spencer continued piercing through space, the color of his streak grew darker compared to what it was before and shun with a much deeper hue. Not only that, his speed of movement through space greatly increased.

Spencer was making his way closer and closer to his destination at an astounding pace. These changes are not just random events, but the result of him coming to realize that the greater his understanding of how his powers worked, the more of it he could draw out and harness for his cause.

His time alone in the void was unexpectedly greatly benefiting his development. Slowly but surely he was mastering himself and harnessing more of his potential with time. At the moment Spencer was making his way through an asteroid field, instead of just crashing through them as he did before, he tried his best to evade the asteroids. Occasionally, he would crash into some, but he would review his fault and try again until he could reach the end without touching even a single one.

Passing through, he continued his original course unhindered. Spencer was growing slightly impatient as to how much longer he would have to wait until he arrived at his destination. He halted himself and used his energy to keep him stagnant, focusing his eyes. Even after scanning through the void of space for his destination for an extended period, he still couldn't find any signs of it. Closing his eyes, Spencer harnessed the power coursing through his body and channeled it into his eyes to aid him in his search.

His range of vision now greatly enhanced, he searched again for his eyes to land on red rust like planet in the middle of its orbit around the sun. Adjusting his body to match its course, he relaxed his body and began to focus. Channeling the energy from his eyes and out of his body, Spencer crouched and braced his feet on the space. Jumping from what he was braced, Spencer surrounded his body in his deep purple energy and flashed towards the planet at his top speed, leaving a ripple of his energy behind.

Rushing through space akin to a raging comet, Spencer was rapidly gaining on the planet in its orbit, closing the distance greatly with every passing second. He continued gaining speed the closer he arrived, his energy shooting from behind him similar to the bursts from a rocket on take off.

The distance to the planet was now much shorter in an instant. He attempted to harness more of his power to go faster, but he felt that he was losing stability the more he harnessed it to accelerate, causing him to temporarily give up on this matter.

A relatively short but unknown amount of time later Spencer reached a considerably close distance to the planet arriving at almost on the brink of breaching its domain and entering its atmosphere. Slowing himself down, he allowed his momentum to carry himself the rest of the way to the planet.

Breaching the red planet's natural barrier, Spencer's body began to heat up and catch fire during the descent to the cover of the planet. He was having some slight discomfort as the heat and pressure hitting against his face was making his nose violently itch.

A small scale explosion ranged out as Spencer collided with the planet and produced a decently sized crater on its surface along with a cloud of dust to follow. The cloud quickly dissipated and Spencer was already making his way out of the crater, the few scratches he had from the collision were long gone.

Hovering a few meters above ground, Spencer was scanning the barren terrain around him.

"So this is what Mars is like?"

The planet Spencer had arrived on was none other than the legendary Mars, the homeworld, and sanctuary to one of the most powerful races of aliens in the solar system and potentially on others as well, the Martians.

Spencer had come here to see what he could gain from these people. From what he could remember, they were a relatively peaceful race, much more advanced and sophisticated than the people on Earth. However, the main thing that drew him here was not their technology or their sophistication, no. What truly piqued his interest was their large repertoire of abilities! Abilities that he desperately needed if he wanted to become a more formidable existence in the universe.

Descending back to the ground, Spencer immediately sent out a pulse to scan the area for life or potential threats. This was not Earth where he reigned supreme, this planet held beings that could match his strength and fight him on equal terms, he could not be too careful.

"That doesn't make any sense…"

Surprised that he had not received any life signatures from his pulse, Spencer was wondering if something was wrong with his abilities. After trying it a few more times only to be met with failures, he gathered his thoughts and began walking through the desert-like terrain of the planet to see what he could find.

Hoping what he would find would be worth the search.