Chapter 41 – Rebellion
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Making his way to the outside of the building whilst being followed by the guards and Bey'on, Z'orr Z'akk held his newest and first creation over his shoulders. He was heading towards the section where he was sensing all of the signals approaching the city.

"What are you planning to do with that? You are going to need more than that to do anything… Just go inside and wait for the defense systems to activate!" Bey'on nervously exclaimed from behind.

Z'akk kept walking, acting as if he did not hear her warnings and her constant attempts to deter him. Once he arrived at the wall protecting the city, he began to levitate until he reached the top of the wall. Bey'on and the guards were still following him, curious as to what he was planning to do in this situation, why he was so confident that he could do something against the mass of white Martians charging the walls.

When looking back into the city, one could see the streets cleared of civilians and filled with guards at every turn. The city was on high alert, the entire structure placed under lockdown to protect its people. Z'akk looked over to Bey'on and began to speak.

"The guards should probably check on the other side of the walls. I'm certain they aren'T this simple-minded to attack from the front alone." Z'orr Z'akk stated while pointing to the other sections of the wall.

The guards immediately jolted as if they came to a sudden realization, they quickly dispatched to the different areas of the wall whilst setting up precautionary measures to prevent the whites from getting in. The wall surrounding the city soon began to vibrate, as doors opened to reveal the city's defense systems. Massive cannons and other structures protruded from the walls and locked unto the target area of the white Martians charging the city.

Z'akk admired the effort they had placed into making these defenses. The cannons alone looked intimidating, but the added weapons surrounding it made his appreciation skyrocket.

"Huh, it's no wonder how they managed to keep the whites out…" He muttered to himself.

When he looked further into the distance behind the charging white Martians, he could see three large mechanical constructs following not far behind in unison.

"Are those mechs?!" He exclaimed.

Z'orr Z'akk's eyes widened for a moment in surprise at what he was seeing, but he quickly composed himself and waited to see what the greens would do in this situation. Still standing next to Z'orr Z'akk, Bey'on looked at him with nothing but confusion, she could not help but think.

'Why is he so calm in a situation like this?' She thought.

The thing she could not understand was why Z'orr Z'akk remained so calm and composed despite the severity of the situation. She was in a complete panic, but from the look on his face, he seemed completely unfazed by the situation.

Looking back to the council who was still in the middle of an emergency session...

They remained in a heated discussion on the assault in progress.

"We must destroy them while we still have the chance to do so! If we use the weapon we had our scientists work on, we could remove them completely!"

Cay'on yelled out, wanting to end this rebellion before it has the chance to cause damage to their city.

"That is too extreme Cay'on. The effects of doing such would only cause a greater degree of damage to the city and its people. We must find another way." J'ornell responded.

"I agree, an attack of that scale would be too devastating to us and our people. We don't know how wide the range is nor do we know the risks." Dal'en added.

J'ornell and Dal'en attempted to go against Cay'ons suggestion, but she was backed up by the majority of the council. The final decision was placed on Ma'alefa'ak who was currently contemplating the next course of action. He continued to block out the rest of the council until he had finally come to a decision.

"The weapon is too dangerous to be used in such a nonchalant fashion, we need to be certain that the situation would call for something like that, we must…"

Ma'alefa'ak had failed to continue speaking as the building began to shake. Cutting back to Z'akk's point of view to find the source, the white Martian mech's were currently firing blasts of energy towards the walls, sending vibrations throughout the city in rapid succession. The greens soon began to retaliate and fire back.

Z'akk looked down at the bottom of the wall and could recognize green Martian guards flooding out from an opening with highly enhanced forms of weaponry. Before the guards could rush into the crowd of white Martians, he began to engulf massive amounts of air into his lungs, when he felt it was enough, his voice hoarsely bellowed all around like a raging torrent.


All of the guards flooding from the gate halted from the cloud shattering roar that rang from above them without warning. Bey'on, who was next to him almost collapsed from the sheer scale of it. They all stopped and looked in the direction of the source, Z'akk stood at the top of the wall holding a massive gun in his arms.

"Now, that they aren't in the way, let's see what this baby can do!"

Bey'on who had finally recovered only looked at him strangely. Z'akk simply ignored her and raised the BFG in front of him, abruptly channeling the vast amount of energy within his body into the device and allowing it to charge. Crackles of energy began to flash as the pressure around him grew considerably.

After no more than a moment, the device looked to be fully charged and waiting to be fired by him. Wasting absolutely no time, he pulled the trigger as the device roared and the energy levels became erratic in an instant.


He was excited to see how much damage this thing was about to cause, yelling out a precursor to the explosion that was soon to come. However, his wish didn't seem to be coming true as the weapon failed to fire, leaving Z'akk in utter silence.

Bey'on seeing that his weapon did not fire, he looked at him with eyes showing her judgment, increasing the scale of his embarrassment at that moment. Scratching his head Z'akk began to examine the weapon, completely perplexed as to why it did not fire when he needed it to.

"I am absolutely sure I did everything right, why did it not fire?"

Stopping himself mid-sentence, Z'akk turned off the safety mechanism.

"*COUGH* *COUGH* Moving on…"

(AN: I left this part here and did not change it, as while it's a bit childish, I cackle every time I read this segment. I can literally see it being animated in a movie. :D)

He quickly recharged the BFG and fired it in the direction of the three mech's piloted by the white Martians. A large ball of erratic purple energy was discharged from the BFG and rocketed towards the mech's at an immense speed, wildly heating the atmosphere around it as it made its way closer to them.

The ball of energy was moving at a velocity that was too fast for the mech pilots to react to. It collided with the mech at the center of the three and began to surge violently into the surroundings until it abruptly absorbed all of the residual energy being put out and collapsed into a mass akin to a singularity. What the blast created was vaguely similar to a miniature black hole. The mech that was hit, as well as the others next to it, were immediately vaporized, along with a few of the rebelling white Martians.

Seeing what his magnificent creation had done, Z'akk was ecstatic. He gave his marvelous creation a hearty smack and turned to look at Bey'on's reaction to his work of art. Bey'on on the other hand was greatly unresponsive, she was overcome by shock and her body refused to move, only her mind remained vigilant. Taking a glimpse it was easy to see what was plaguing her mind.

'How is this possible?! Three mechs were taken out with only a single shot! Something like this could cause an incalculable amount of damage if it was allowed to leave our possession. We MUST not let this weapon get out of our control!'

Bey'on came back to reality, only to see Z'akk caressing his creation in a way that quickly made her feel uncomfortable. She soon ignored her discomfort and spoke out to him in an urgent manner.

"How did you get your hands on something so dangerous!?"

Z'akk briefly stopped caressing the BFG and looked at Bey'on with a childish grin plastered on his face.

"I made it of course, how else would I have gotten this beauty?" Proudness was oozing from his words, as he exclaimed the obvious.

Bey'on didn't know whether she should be more appalled by the destructive capability of the weapon, or how casually the feat of making such a thing was announced. She didn't know what she could do with this situation.

However, before she could even think any further, the weapon was casually thrown in her hands.

"Hold this for me, will ya?"

After tossing the weapon to her Z'akk jumped off the edge of the wall and landed in front of the green Martian guards that were still unmoving due to the earlier event.

"What are you waiting for? An invitation?! CHAAAARGE!!!"

He rushed towards the white Martians, followed by the green Martian guards behind him.



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