Chapter 17: The New Employee
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Lady was walking to work alone after school when two girls approached him from behind. He was surprised when they suddenly called out to him and asked him where he was heading. "I'm heading to work. I work at a local bookstore after school,” He responded. The girls decided to join him despite his protests and insisted that they weren't going too far out of their way. The two girls walking to his right and left respectively were Lily and Maria. 

The conversation started off awkward as both Lily and Maria didn’t have much experience talking with boys and Lady had never talked much with friends. Lady decided to play it safe by asking the two if they had any hobbies.

“I guess just working out, and running of course.” Lily said. She seemed a bit embarrassed that she couldn't think of anything else. “ I love loads of things, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay, that kind of stuff.” Maria chimed in. Lady’s eyes lit up when she mentioned gaming. “What’s your favorite game?” He asked.

Maria put a hand on her chin and thought for a bit before answering. “I guess it would be Blue Anchor but I've been playing a lot of Citadel Heartscape recently.” Lady and Maria began talking about their favorite games and funniest experiences. Lady was overjoyed to finally be able to talk to a friend about gaming. He was so engrossed in his conversation that he nearly failed to realize he was leaving Lily out of it. 

“Do you play any games?” He asked Lily “I guess basketball sometimes” She responded. “Or, I guess you were talking about video games right?” Lady tried to think of something else the three might have in common. “How about anime?” He asked. “I just watch sports anime” she said as she hung her head sheepishly. “Which ones?” Maria asked. The three began discussing various sports anime and sharing recommendations. Their discussions carried on until Lady reached the bookstore. 

After waving the two goodbye, Lady entered the bookstore. Sitting behind the counter was a girl he recognized. She had long blonde hair and crystal clear blue eyes. It was the school's goddess and the most popular freshman, Rachael Harbor. “Hi Lady” she said sweetly as he walked in. He immediately went into high alert remembering last week when she had confessed to him as a dare. 

“Where’s Noel?” Lady asked nervously. “She’s upstairs,” Rachael responded. As if on cue, the door to the stairwell opened and Noel walked out. She looked slightly nervous but tried her best to hide it with a smile. “Lady, this is Rachael, she will be working here starting today” Noel said. “I decided to make a website and open an online store so I thought we could hire someone else to help fulfill online orders.” She then left the two of them with the excuse that she needed to finalize the website before it went live. 

Lady joined Rachael behind the counter and the two began talking. “I’m sorry about earlier by the way. It was a stupid dare but I shouldn’t have gone along with it.” She said while bowing. “It’s fine. I’m not mad” Lady said. Rachael raised her head and flashed him a smile. “Maybe I could take you on a date for real as an apology.” Lady looked into her eyes and shuddered. Despite her friendly demeanor, Lady could sense a hidden malice. It was the same one he had felt when she had approached him last week. 

“That’s fine, you don’t have to do anything like that.” He said hoping she would give up. “Oh” She responded looking genuinely surprised. “Ok.” She turned away and the two returned to their work. Why would that stupid mutt reject my invitation? He should be drooling all over himself to have the chance to go out with me. He must be nervous. That has to be it. He only turned me down because he’s a scared little puppy Rachael thought. 

She watched Lady as he worked to restock books and help customers. What a diligent little puppy he is. He’s going to make such a fine pet. Rachael had never worked a job before and was leaving most of the work to Lady who was more experienced. As she watched him, a customer approached the counter. His clothes were disheveled and there was the noticeable stench of alcohol accompanying his breath.

“Hey little girl, you're new here ain’t ya. Why don’t you let me treat you to something after work.” Rachael, who immediately sensed the man's intentions, tried to shut him down. “Sorry but I’m busy after work.” He sneered as he eyed her underdeveloped body. “I was trying to be nice but It wasn’t a question.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her so she was forced to lean over the counter. “I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get any bruises on that pretty little face of yours so why don’t you just come with me now.” He said in a low growl as he brought his face closer to hers.

“Let go of her!” a voice called out. Rachael looked behind the man and saw that Lady had noticed the two. “Let go of her and get out of her!” He yelled at the man who had taken notice and turned around to face Lady. “How bout I beat the shit out of you and the rape the shit out of her you little fuck” The man barked. Lady looked scared witless and his legs trembled as he looked up at the man.

“I… I… I said Let Go!” He yelled as he threw the book in his hands at the towering man. The man easily swatted the book away and let go of Rachael, just as Lady had asked, before charging at him. The man slammed into the terrified boy full force, sending him flying across the bookstore. He laughed uproariously as he approached the slumped over boy with his fist raised.

“Don’t fucking touch him, the cops are already on their way.” The man and Rachael both turned to see Noel standing by the door with a phone in her hand. “You bitch” He roared as he turned to make a bolt for the door. “Don’t move you bastard!” she yelled as she unholstered a gun from her waist. “You dared to put your hands on Lady, so you're only leaving this store in handcuffs or a body bag.”

“You're bluffing you crazy bitch” He yelled. Noel only responded by clicking the safety off on the gun. He scowled as the distant hum of police sirens grew louder and the quiet street was flooded with red and blue lights. The police arrived and quickly arrested the man, an ambulance that had been dispatched drove the unconscious Lady to a nearby hospital, and an unnerved Noel collapsed from the stress and broke down into tears. 

After A driver from the Harbor family picked up the shaken Rachael, Noel drove herself to the hospital to visit Lady. He had a fractured rib but was otherwise fine. Noel sat down next to his hospital bed and listened to his rhythmic breathing. She had almost drifted off to sleep when the boy's sudden stirring woke her up. “Ms. Noel?” he asked, slightly confused. “Yes I’m here” She said as she grabbed his hand and held it, "You're ok now.” 

He smiled as he looked up at her. “Ms. Noel, even with your condition, you were still able to stand up to that man. Thank you.” He whispered She continued holding his hand until he fell back asleep. As she looked at him, she suddenly realized the warmth in her palm. It was the first time she had ever been this close to the boy. 

She leaned forward until her face was hovering an inch above his. She wasn’t sure why her fear of men hadn’t kicked in but she didn’t want to let the opportunity go to waste. She had been able to stand up to and talk back to a man for the first time in her life. “I’m the one that should be thanking you.” She whispered before sealing his sleeping lips. It was sweet she thought as she pulled away, Just like him. 


Rachael Harbor was lying in her massive four poster bed at home. There was an unfamiliar ache that had been plaguing her body ever since the incident at the bookstore ended. Her mind drifted back to the image of his face at that moment. That fear in his eyes. The expression of terror he had as he stood up to that man. She was happy that Lady had tried to protect her, but that happiness was overshadowed by something else. 

She grabbed a pillow and stuffed it between her legs. She wanted to see that face again. To be able to look into his teary eyes whenever she pleased. She wanted to own him. At first she had planned to make him fall naturally. To make him submit of his own volition. But now. Now she wanted to take him. 

Her moans echoed through the room as she ground her hips against the pillow. To her, people were objects. Mere tools to make herself look better. Lady was no different. He was just the only tool that could make her feel this way. Her desire to dominate him had gone past mere revenge or petty self indulgence. She wanted to experience that elation again. 

“Make me fucking cum you useless mutt” She moaned as she worked the pillow faster and faster between her hips. She could imagine him when she closed her eyes, kneeling between her legs as he worked to please his master. His eyes, a swirling mix of devotion and trepidation. A violent orgasm ripped through her body as the imaginary boy finally grove his tongue into her. What other things can you make me feel, She wondered as she laid in bed panting, my little pet?

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