Chapter 27 (NSFW)
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This was…a new situation.

Bai Xing looked at Grey who was sitting on his bed, staring at him in silence. For one, he knew Grey wasn't a mute since he spoke when they were on the beach. But since they entered the room until now, Grey stayed silent.

He wasn't unresponsive though. He told him to wash and change and Grey did it obediently. Though his eyes were glued to him all the time.

Speaking of which, he should buy Grey some clothes. The app could customize the wardrobe to Grey's size, but it would be suspicious if nobody ever saw them buy clothes.

He…personally also wanted to buy them for Grey.

Back to the situation at hand, there was one thing he needed to ask Grey.

"Grey, are you…a mermaid?" Bai Xing finally asked.

Grey unhesitantly nodded.

As expected.

Bai Xing clutched his shirt anxiously, "D-Did you…sacrifice something to get your legs? Is it painful for you to walk?"

Grey shook his head.


Grey placed Bai Xing down to his lap and sit facing him. He looked straight at Bai Xing's eyes.

"I will never lie to you."

Bai Xing quickly covered Grey's penetrating eyes.

Putting these eyes in this face is cheating!!

He really prayed that Grey would downgrade his appearance in their next world. This seriously wasn't good for his heart. He was basically hopeless every time he was with Grey.

"I'll…put out the light."

Grey held him down. In a blink, all the candles in the room were extinguished. Bai Xing was stunned for a few seconds and realized it was Grey's doing.

"…Can you only use power…in front of me?"

Grey nodded.

They finally lied down to sleep. The bed was a double bed, but Grey didn't let go of Bai Xing and stuck to him all night long. Even if the bed was a single, they could fit together just fine.

Waking up in the morning, Bai Xing couldn't help but be startled to see Grey's close-up face once he opened his eyes. What was more, Grey was already awake and was staring at him.


He…slept, didn't he?

Bai Xing then froze. He could feel a hard object poking his crotch. He swallowed his saliva as his heart violently drummed. He shifted restlessly, feeling an uncontrollable heat starting to seep.

Grey squinted and the arms on Bai Xing's waist shifted down before pressing them closer. Bai Xing twitched when their increasingly hardened members touched.

Grey moved, rubbing them together. Bai Xing's body gradually flared from the friction until it became fully erect. Moreover, Grey's face being so close to him and being so focused on him wasn't helping at all.

But it wasn't enough. He wanted direct contact.

As if knowing his thought, Grey lowered Bai Xing's trousers. He slipped his hand in and took out Bai Xing's member before doing so himself.

Grey's hand was big, hot, and firm. It held both of theirs together no problem. Bai Xing panted in pleasure as Grey pumped them. He could feel every throb and pulse from Grey's rock-hard member.

"Nnh…haa…G-Grey…" Bai Xing gripped Grey's shoulder.

Grey breathed in Bai Xing's scent from his neck. He could smell the sweet scent of Bai Xing's body mixed with the fragrance of the sea from himself. Grey licked up from the collarbone to the jaw, savoring it. He was about to make a mark when Bai Xing shifted back.

"Wait…Grey," Bai Xing pulled Grey's head away from him, "Y-You…Nh …You can't leave any marks."

Since their first world, Bai Xing noticed what Grey liked to do the most, second only to kissing. That was to leave kiss marks on his neck for one reason or another.


Grey complied Bai Xing's request. In return, he changed to nibble on Bai Xing's ear. His hand, drenched with both of their fluids moved faster.


Bai Xing gasped and moaned. He felt ashamed of his own voice and bit his finger to block it. When he did it himself in his room, he was never conscious of his voice. But with someone, with Grey, with a person he was in love with to hear it was too embarrassing. He sounded wheezing and very needy. It wasn't good to hear…

But Grey pulled his finger out and held his hand.

"Grey…Grey…nnhh…please, slo-slow down," Bai Xing shivered, "I-I'm about to…!"

"Cum." Grey whispered to his ear.

"!!" Bai Xing's eyes shut as he climaxed. He caught his breath and looked at Grey wrongfully, "You did that on purpose…"

Grey kissed his forehead in answer.

Bai Xing looked down and gulped at Grey's length. He then noticed Grey hasn't finished yet.

Bai Xing smeared his hand with his semen on the sheet and caressed Grey's. His fingers have just glided down from the head to the root when he heard Grey's low grunt. He didn't stroke for long when Grey ejaculated.


Bai Xing didn't expect it to end that fast.

Grey caught Bai Xing's hand that was still on him and intertwined their fingers as he kissed him. He pulled back and admired Bai Xing's face glazed with heat.

"You're beautiful."




"It…is rare for you to be late…" the prince awkwardly said.

Bai Xing lowered his head in embarrassment, "F-Forgive me, Your Highness…It will not happen again."

The prince cleared his throat, "It is not a problem. The minister and merchant representative will arrive shortly. Please prepare the meeting room for us."

Bai Xing nodded and left with Grey. For now, he gave Grey the same uniform as his to wear. He planned to just let Grey stay in his room while he worked, but the man refused to let him out of his sight. In the end, he could only let Grey follow him around under the pretense of being his assistant.

Fortunately, the prince let them do so as long as they didn't act intimate outside.

He first went to the meeting room to check that everything was fine with the room. Afterward, he headed to the kitchen to ask them to prepare the tea and snacks for the guests.

"Good morning, Mr. White." A maid greeted him on the way.

Bai Xing nodded, "Good morning, Ms. Sherly."

He didn't know since when, but his fear of people has somehow become better. At the very least, he could talk to people younger than him, people with the same status as him, and people with smiling faces just fine. Other than that, he was still nervous, but not until it rendered him speechless.

Was it because he interacted with Grey? Compared to him that always made his heart run on a stampede, he realized that in return other people never caused him any reaction. Rather, his head was full of Grey since he came to this world that unnecessary thoughts couldn't even manage to enter. Another reason could also be because he talked to many people in the last world whether he liked to or not.

"Good morning, White." A guard greeted him.

"Good morning, White." His friend followed suit.

"Good morning, Mr. Kyle, Mr. Norman."

"I told you that you can call us casually. We're all around the same age," Norman patted his arm, "Why don't we go drinking together sometimes? I heard from Henry that you can hold your liquor."

They talked for a short while before Bai Xing excused himself with Grey. On their way, the servants and guards all greeted Bai Xing. He returned their greetings one by one until they met Henry.

"As popular as ever, Mr. White. Oh?" Henry noticed Grey and whispered to Bai Xing, "Why is he with you?"

"He's…now my assistant."

"Ah…" Henry understood, "By the way, the merchants are coming today, right?"

"Yes, I'm currently preparing for welcoming them."

"Do you know what they come here for?"

Bai Xing shook his head.

"It's the sea, you know? Many ships and people have been disappearing since last month. Now you understand why I told you it's dangerous for you to swim there?" Henry sighed, "That's why when the prince was shipwrecked, we assumed he became another victim of the sea."

Bai Xing's head instantly connected the dots to the virus. This could be a clue.

"There are no survivors?"

"So far, only the prince and it's all thanks to you," Henry sighed, "If we don't solve this soon, it will impact not only the merchants and the country's economy. It will also be hard for us when we want to go on diplomatic trips. Other countries are also discussing this issue."

"I see…" Bai Xing thought for a while, "Have the prince not thought to investigate the sea directly?"

"A group was sent once and disappeared. I doubt His Highness is going to do it again," Henry waved, "Well, just thought to tell you that. Then you go continue do your stuff, Mr. White."

Bai Xing and Grey finally arrived at the kitchen. It was currently empty since the cooks usually took their breaks outside mealtime.

Bai Xing prepared the snacks and tea himself.