Chapter 34
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"Then why…did you run away and told me to leave?" Bai Xing carefully touched Hui's ear and rubbed it softly.

"I…" Hui lowered his head, "I don't want you to be real."

Bai Xing's motion paused, "Why…?"

"In those dreams, I'm…a normal human. I have a face that could make you love me. I have a body that could hold you and be held by you. But in reality, I'm a monster," Hui gnarled in despise, "My face will only terrify you. My body will only hurt you. I can't even wipe your tears. I don't want you to–"

He froze when Bai Xing suddenly embraced him.

"Why can't you hold me? I can hold you just fine," Bai Xing snuggled into Hui's furs, "Although I'm weaker than you…I'm not fragile."

Hui stiffly raised his arms and held Bai Xing back, carefully controlling his strength and claws.

"You're truly real." Hui exhaled from the bottom of his heart.

"…I am." Bai Xing muttered.

But what about you?

He quickly buried back his worry towards the future and focused on the present. He looked at the time on the pendulum clock.

"It's late, but how about I make us lunch?"

"You don't have to…"

"But I want to," Bai Xing faintly blushed, "I…like it when you eat my cooking."

Hui stared at Bai Xing's face, making the latter even redder. Having an additional pair of eyes made it even more embarrassing. He couldn't cover all 4 of them, so he covered his own face.

"D-Did I…say something w-weird?"

"No, it's just…" Hui sighed in frustration, "I really want to kiss you."

Bai Xing lowered down his hands and gave a little peck on Hui's front snout, "Is this…enough?"

"…" Hui practiced his self-control to not jump the man in front of him, "It's enough."

Ah…he could see the sweet tortures waiting for him starting now.

He stood up, "I'll take you to the kitchen."

Bai Xing silently watched as Hui walked first in front. It felt strange to see Hui not being sticky or clingy. Not strange, more like…empty.

He understood Hui's worry. If he was in Hui's position, he would probably be in a worse mental state.

That was why this was probably the best time for him to start taking the initiative. He couldn't let Hui be the only one who pampered him all the time.

He would make the most out of this last world.

Hui looked down in surprise as his arm got wrapped by Bai Xing.

"I want to touch you," Bai Xing looked up, "I can't?"

Hui covered his eyes with his other hand and turned his head away, "You can…"

Was Bai Xing doing this on purpose? He has always been cute when he got shy or embarrassed in his dreams, but what is this?? If Bai Xing's going to be this active he'll get a heart attack sooner or later!

The kitchen was spacious with a row of cupboards filled with antique cutleries. It was very clean and tidy. A neatly folded apron was placed on the kitchen island.

Bai Xing took off his cloak and wore it in return. When he turned to the kitchen counter which was empty earlier, the cooking equipment was readily lined for him to use.


He carefully picked up the pan and stared at it. Cooking with…living tools. This would be a one and only experience.

"Is there anything you want?"

Hui hesitated, but decided to say it, "I…The food you made in my dreams," he scratched his palm, "Will it be…an impossible request if I say I want to taste it?"

Bai Xing smiled, "Of course not."

He thought for a while and decided to cook in order. He cooked for Hui a lot in the previous world, so there were many menus to choose. If he chose randomly, he would get confused later, so he started from the first of his cooking that Hui tried in Aladdin's world.

This time, he didn't mess up. Considering Hui's size, he made both the soup and tart twice more than the original one.

After he finished, the two of them moved to the dining room. Exquisite table cloth covered the long table with freshly picked flowers decorating on top of it.

Hui ate the chicken soup with a full heart. It was even better than what he imagined it to be. He really could die happy now.

He inwardly praised himself for practicing eating using cutleries. He didn't want Bai Xing to see him eat like a savage beast.

Once Bai Xing saw Hui has finished the first dish, he set the empty plate away.

Hui's mouth opened slightly to call out, but he paused for a split second before he did so, "…White?"

Bai Xing propped his body up and sat down on the table right in front of Hui, facing him. He took the plate of fruit tart and placed it on his lap.

"At that time, you asked me to feed you," Bai Xing cut a portion and offered it to Hui's mouth, "Aah…"


Hui's hands tightened on the chair's armrests until they cracked. He gulped as he controlled himself and carefully accepted the tart.

Good job, other me!

"?" Bai Xing looked at the broken armrests.

Wow…Hui really is strong. In terms of power, the sea god version of him was definitely stronger, but this version would probably win in terms of raw strength.

Either way, Hui was always impressive in every world. He couldn't help but wonder how the transfer process worked for Hui. Until now, he thought it was under Hui's control what he wanted to be in each world.

But this time…

It was unlikely that Hui wanted to be a werewolf beast, right?

"What do you usually do to spend time?" Bai Xing asked after they finished the tart.

"I mostly sleep. When I couldn't fall asleep, I'll read a book to make me sleepy," Hui honestly answered, "Pathetic, aren't I?"

"You're not," Bai Xing touched Hui's hand. He stated in a low voice, "I would also choose eternal sleep if I can dream of you forever."

Hui slightly frowned, "Why…are you making that face?"

Bai Xing didn't know what kind of face he was making, but he promptly wiped it off. He turned to take the empty dishes, but they were already gone.

Then, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.


Bai Xing got up from the table and opened their chat.

[M: Bai Xing, the virus has entered. I didn't expect it to get there this fast. It's going on a rampage!]

Bai Xing has never seen use an exclamation mark before. He quickly replied.

[What do you mean?]

[M: I think it wants to destroy Beauty and the Beast's world permanently]

[What happens if it succeeds?]

[M: There'll be a crack in my system. Once a crack appears, I can't fix it. If it enters and corrupts that small crack, it can completely destroy my system]

[M: It has given up on stealing my power and wants to kill me instead]

[M: I think it's now aware of your existence. It blocks me from transferring you back to your world. I can't even send you anything aside from text messages anymore]

[M: You need to move fast. It's coming for both of us]

[What does it need to do to destroy this world?]

[M: By killing all characters involved in the story. Including all the minor ones. It means, it will destroy the town, kill all the people in it, and of course, eliminate the beast]

Bai Xing's hand holding the phone tightened.

Does it mean it's also coming after Hui?

[M: You must kill it before it achieves its goal]

[Does it still have a power source?]

[M: Yes, it's necessary for it to be able to use its power while possessing the protagonist's body]

What could possibly be Beauty's power source?

[M: I'll start preparing a new transfer method to get you back. Good luck and be safe]

Bai Xing put back his phone and spoke to Hui.

"I'm going back to the town for a bit."

Hui stood up, "Is everything fine?"

"Y-Yeah, I just need to go get my suitcase."

Bai Xing inwardly apologized to Hui for lying. He still remembered Hui telling him to rely on him in their previous world, but the situation was different.

The virus was targeting Hui, just like in Snow White. Not to mention, Hui wasn't a god or anything like that here. But if he told Hui the truth, on the contrary, Hui would definitely go to the town with him.

Bai Xing put on his cloak that was at the dining table at some point of time and exited the castle. He hopped onto the horse.

"I promise to come back before the day ends." He kissed the top of Hui's head before he left.

Hui, "…"

Aside from his name, this was the second time Bai Xing has ever lied to him.