Chapter 39
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"Your playtime ends here." The white figure stated.

"Hah! You finally come down yourself, M!" the virus sounded as if it spoke through gritted teeth, "Are you that desperate? I should've just destroyed your worlds from the start!"

"You always lurk in the shadows because you are aware of how weak you are, X. You won't have the capability to destroy my worlds if you do it from the start. Still, I didn't think you are this sinister. I should've known that it was you all along."

Countless white spheres formed around X, trapping it in the center. Simultaneously, white beams shot out from each sphere until X's figure couldn't be seen. It looked like a solid white ball from the outside.


M turned to Bai Xing, "I'm sorry for arriving late. The process to descend down one's own world is very complex and delicate. I couldn't afford any small mistake."

"M, please save him! I…With an injury this bad, I can't–"

"I'm sorry, Bai Xing, it is out of my capabilities," M shook his head, "I am only a master of creation. Though I am indeed powerful, I don't have the capability to heal…"

"T-Then tell me what to do! If Hui…I-If Hui…"

"Bai Xing…"

More than his injury, Hui felt more pain seeing Bai Xing cry.

M nodded, "Yes, that is why I'm going to transfer you back to your real world right now."

Bai Xing's eyes widened, "What are you talking about? I can't just leave–"

"But you must if you want to save him," M opened a white portal right under Bai Xing, "I'll direct you to him, so wake him up. Only you can bring him out of here."

"What do you–?"

Bai Xing fell into the portal without being able to finish his question.

"This is your fairytale, Bai Xing." He heard M's voice fading away.

Bai Xing opened his eyes to see he was lying on the floor in his room. He sat up and checked his arms.

Though he was now wearing his normal loungewear, they were still bleeding.

It wasn't a dream!

He unlocked his phone. On the screen, all his apps were back so he was flustered as to where M's app was. Fortunately, he soon found it after swiping his application screen until the very end.

Opening the directory, it has upgraded into a full map. From his location, there was a red line tracing to a hospital.

He changed to his shoes and ran out. He swiftly stopped a taxi and entered.

"Sir, your arms are bleeding!"

"To OO Hospital, hurry!"

"Y-Y-Yes, sir!" the driver immediately stepped on the gas.

Before the car even stopped, Bai Xing opened the door and stepped out, almost giving the driver a heart attack.

He ran in, ignoring the other visitors' eyes, focusing on following the direction M gave him until he arrived at the hospital's seventh floor.

"Excuse me sir, whose family member are you? You can't be on this floor without any guest card." One of the nurses blocked his advance.

"I'm here for Hui." Bai Xing urgently said.


Just then, a group of one doctor and several nurses passed by them in a rush.

"It's the patient in room 701, Doctor! His vitals suddenly…"

"701? Patient Yin Hui? He's always been stable in the past 7 years. What happened?"

"We also don't know. We do everything the same as always."

Bai Xing heard it and shook off the nurse questioning him.


Yin Hui…

That name couldn't be more familiar to him. It couldn't be…?

Bai Xing entered the ward, surprising the people inside.

"Sir, we are in an emergency situation. Please–"

"I'm really sorry, this is also an emergency situation for me." Bai Xing apologized as he shoved away the nurses and reached Yin Hui's bed.

He was right. It was Yin Hui, his most precious friend who he ran away from.

Why? Why did he never know? Why did he never realize? 7 years? Didn't that mean Hui was fell into a coma in the same year as when he left him?

"Wake up, Hui! You need to wake up!"

"S-Sir, even if you yell at him…" the nurses tried to stop him.

"Sir, you are obstructing our work!" the doctor was getting impatient.

"This is your fairytale, Bai Xing."



If this is a fairytale…

Bai Xing held Yin Hui's face and desperately kissed him.

The doctor, "?????"

The nurses, "(•/////•)!!!"

"Wake up, Hui," Bai Xing couldn't stop his fearful tears, "I'll kiss you whenever you want. I'll cook for you every day. I'll happily marry you. So just wake up."

Yin Hui's eyes flung open right at that moment, earning shocked gasps from the spectators. He caught the back of Bai Xing's head and deepened their kiss.

"Did you mean that?"

"Y-You…" Bai Xing looked at Yin Hui with disbelief in his eyes, "Was that on purpose?"

"What if it was? Will you still marry me, my prince?" Yin Hui smiled cunningly, knowing perfectly well what Bai Xing's answer will be.

Bai Xing hit Yin Hui begrudgingly, but he couldn't help but laugh from the relief, "Who else can I marry?"

Yin Hui chuckled and wanted to kiss Bai Xing again. But then he saw the injury on Bai Xing's arms that weren't healed yet and immediately turned solemn.

"Your arms…"

Bai Xing also realized that he hasn't treated his arms yet. Now that all the panic and adrenaline were relieved, the fatigue immediately kicked in. His arms throbbed and stung like crazy. In addition, his legs turned numb from all the running.

He was brought down by a nurse for treatment. In the meanwhile, several doctors came to Yin Hui's ward after the doctor in charge told their hospital director about the miracle that just happened.

If it wasn't for the fact that Yin Hui was in a coma for 7 years, they almost thought that Yin Hui faked it and was just playing with them. When he was brought in, the cause of his coma was unknown. Now, the cause of his waking was also unknown.

It was almost as if he was just normally sleeping for 7 years.

A real-life sleeping beauty.

Because the doctors couldn't find anything wrong or peculiar in Yin Hui's body even after running many tests, he was finally discharged after a week. In that one week, Bai Xing stayed in the hospital to accompany him.

Reporters came once they caught wind of the interesting event, but Yin Hui refused all their interview requests. He was already impatient every time the doctors run tests on him which took hours. He didn't need additional people to disturb his time with Bai Xing.

Yin Hui's mother and brother also came to visit daily once the doctor informed them of Yin Hui's waking. They were both surprised to see Bai Xing there when they first came.

Both of them knew Yin Hui's crush on him when they were still in school. They still remembered how heartbroken he was when Bai Xing disappeared without a word. After all, there was a moment where they seriously thought Yin Hui suddenly fell into a coma because Bai Xing left him.

Not to mention, he left a note that whatever happened to him, they must not, under any circumstances, move him out of the country.

Now seeing Bai Xing there, they couldn't help but suspected Yin Hui's motive to forbid them from moving him to a better hospital. They wouldn't be surprised if Yin Hui actually caused himself to go into a coma. Though it would be a wonder how he did that.

Bai Xing was once familiar with the Yin family, but he felt a bit awkward speaking to them now since it has been so long. In addition, he was now dating their son and brother.

"Mother, I'm going to marry Bai Xing." Yin Hui suddenly declared.

"Hah!?" his brother looked at Yin Hui incredulously.

"!?" Bai Xing turned to Yin Hui in shock.

Did you really just say that to your mother this casually???

Mrs. Yin rapped his son's head, "You just woke up from a 7-year coma and want to run off with someone's son penniless? What? You want him to support you? Did I raise such a son?"

"???" Bai Xing became even confused.

That's the problem??

"Earn at least 7 figures in a year before you can marry Xiao Bai."

"Mother, whose mother are you?" Yin Hui's brother felt an incoming headache, "Although people have been more accepting these days, many of our company partners and executives are still run by the conservative generations. There will be an uproar if Xiao Hui marries a man."

"Well, that's going to be A-Hui's problem to face if he wants Bai Xing to marry into our family," Yin Hui's mother patted Bai Xing's shoulder, "Right?"

"H-Huh? Ah…uh…" Bai Xing was still blanked out and flustered from the sudden question, "I-I…I don't m-mind supporting h-him…"

Realizing what he just said, Bai Xing flushed in embarrassment from the words coming out of his mouth.