Chapter 8
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 We don’t know why he created it but the sword is evil so no one even dares to go near it. The sword is sealed by our ancestors in the underground.



On that night, I told a reliable person and a good advisor of me that, I will go out of the nation tomorrow for a long journey. So I entrust you with the nation until I come back. Here is a letter that tells that you have my letter to be the king of the nation.


 Then I vanished from that place at that night. My true intentions was to know where to learn the forbidden style and gale and thunder.


 If I share this idea to my people, they will throw out me from village.




 I decided to go away in a night.


Then in my journey I met an old man named Minato.


 He said that he is the founder of club nation. I did not believed him at first but after looking at his eyes I had to believe him.