Chapter 47
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Third Person


It may have been silent, but many thoughts went through many of the Shifter’s present.

Stop the war? Most of them knew who had started this war! It was Beta Owen himself!

Why did it sound like the end of the war could only be because His Majesty comes out of hiding…Is Beta Owen really planning to kill the King, right in front of all of us?

A few of the Shifter’s hoped that His Majesty didn’t come out, they really thought that Beta Owen wouldn’t stop until their King was killed and…The girl in Beta Owen’s arms…They started to really believe that she really was His Majesty’s sister and thought of her as quite pitiful!

…Will this really be the end of the Sollace family?


Damien walked, he even tried to stay calm as he came closer to the opposing Shifters and cringed to his idea.

“Hey, no tricks, I want him here now!” Beta Owen yelled out, his voice showing that he wasn’t sure about what was going on.

No one…Not a soul thought Damien would do what he would…

Everyone was literally taken by surprise, especially when some of them didn’t even want to fight and some really wanted to change sides and save His Majesty instead…

Damien took in two deep breaths and then charged towards the metal thing, ramming into it and he groaned out as the heavy object moved but didn’t quite move enough.

With a yell from behind him, Damien only saw who it was when they were doing the same thing, right beside him.

Beta Locky grunted and then yelled out, “Push!”

With that, the metal object tumbled over, startling the Shifters behind it, then another came to help to push it further and a few stopped Shifter’s from moving around it, making it become increasingly obvious upon what was going on!


“I told you! I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Beta Owen yelled, and a girl’s scream entered their ears.

With another grunt, the metal object went over the edge, taking out quite a number of Shifter’s in its path…Loud thumps happened as it hit a couple of places on the way down, making everyone cringe, especially that of Damien and Alpha Lorez...

Please be save! Please be save!

Damien wasn't game enough to watch after the metal object went over the edge...He had hit it before but, what if he had not hit it very hard and was wrong in thinking this would work!? Did he just kill his own mate!?

Until it hit the bottom, still in one piece but having a few dents and scratches in it, everyone was silent. Some were confused, thinking about why a metal object was there in the first place, yet some were feeling very pitiful towards the so called body inside the metal object. But, it became obvious upon what it was used for in no time, as at least ten or so of the opposing Shifters had disappeared from the clearing and a bit of ground was retaken for His Majesty's forces...


Looking back at Beta Owen, Damien grunted, moving his shoulder’s around because they hurt, “You just missed him!”

A hope flashed in Damien's eyes for a single second, hoping beyond hope that he had not just killed his mate but...For some reason, he felt like it was alright, yet, now that he had done it...

Well, at the moment, now that a lot of them were not paying attention, Damien thought it was time to blitz his way through and hope for the best...Since they had stated that they will fight to the end, then that was what he was going to do!

With that, Damien straightened up and then suddenly charged in, changing to his wolf form in the process and went straight for Beta Owen, making others fight as well!

Damien’s only thoughts were of if they could get the leader, the one in charge, they had a chance to survive! And if he was quick enough, he could save the girl too! Whether or not she was the sister of his precious mate will have to be confirmed but Owen was still at the front, still easy to get too, this could be his only chance! So, this was the plan that Damien was going to risk his life for!

Many had not wanted to fight, but now that it had come to this, both sides had to get involved whether they wanted to or not!

Alpha Lorez loudly voiced out, “If you don’t want to fight, don’t! Let us save the girl and detain Beta Owen! If you do fight, we will fight for His Majesty until the end!”


Some Shifters stayed where they were, whether they were on His Majesty’s side or on Beta Owen’s side. Some Shifters got into the fray, diving straight into the offensive force of Damien and a few others in the small area…

It was somewhat a mess, and Beta Owen frowned heavily, then stabbed the girl in his arms in the side of her waist, making her let out a scream!

Wanting the attention of all those around him, Beta Owen moved the knife in the girl, and said, “I told you! Alpha Rendall, do you not see that you are the reason why this Sollace heir is being hurt! I demand that you stop, right now!”

The Shifter’s battle went on though, as though Beta Owen had not spoken at all and he got extremely angry. This was not how he imagined things going at all!

Not only could he not get Ethan, the brat, to come out of hiding, to finish him, but now even this girl was of no use to him!

Pulling out the knife, Beta Owen went to cut her throat and be done with her but was stopped by someone beside him.

“Get your hands off me!” Owen yelled, pulling at his arm.


The knife was out of his hands in the next second and Beta Owen was then taken by the throat by Damien’s hand.

“Argh…” As much as Beta Owen wanted to speak, he couldn’t…He really had not thought one of his own would let him become opened to him getting into this situation!

It was his Gamma that had stopped him killing the girl and had taken the knife but…

He should have made him do a blood oath!

Why…Why hadn’t I done so!? Owen asked himself.

His Gamma was a loony type person that didn’t seem to show that he thought much at all, yet…Here his Gamma was, fucking everything up for him!

“I think you’ve done quite enough for the Shifters!” Damien growled at him and looked at the girl, that had been picked up and placed in safety by Simon. “…Is she alright?”

“I’ll get her to a doctor.” Simon stated, getting a better grip of her in his arms and scooting of quickly, another Shifter ran with them and held their hand against the opened wound at the girl’s waist.


Damien turned back to the old fox in front of him and smirked, “Did you think we’d fall for it? That is how you’ve done yourself in old man. You place trap after trap and did not think that we might fall into a trap but take it with us as we ran towards you!”

Beta Owen tried to speak but could only let out sounds of trying to breath instead.

“What has Beta Owen said to you all, to go to war like this? Did you really think this through at all?” Damien asked firmly, looking around at the Shifters around him.

“He…He is the regent King…” A Shifter stated.

“So!?” Damien stated, frowning to a few of them, “He stated that he will do whatever is best as regent King! What, did you not read or hear of the letter from His Majesty himself!? All you had to do was see who he was and demote him! It shouldn’t have come to this, you pack of idiots! I’m glad we didn’t depend on you guys to do it yourselves!”

Of course, this was another plan, obviously it hadn’t worked!

Luckily, they had not put too much faith in the rest of the Shifters to demote Beta Owen and had planned to deal with him themselves!


Damien really wanted to kill the man before him, he really wanted to!

He wished that he didn’t have so many observers and that he didn’t care about what they thought but…

Looking around, Damien sighed and released his grip on Beta Owen’s throat slightly, “Get some silver shackles, when His Majesty returns, he will give this man his judgement!”

“His Majesty isn’t even here…” A Shifter stated scornfully, “We should just kill him and save His Majesty the effort!”

Damien smiled, “I wish! I’d love to kill him for what he’s done! But…You all know now…That we need to imprison him at the least right?”

A few nodded and a few stated ‘right’ in return to Damien.

There were a few though, that did not think this…They were those who had taken the blood oath and were still loyal to Beta Owen…

Having seen their master get caught and not in a great situation, they gathered together and wondered what to do.

They had lost…A lot!

Yet, how could they gain freedom for their master and go back to what they had before or…Something similar?

It would be useless to try and save Beta Owen right now, but…Perhaps if they keep an eye on him and wait until things calm down, they could free him!



It took longer than they anticipated to get the silver shackles, as they had not prepared to capture Beta Owen like this in the mountains so quickly, if at all.

After half an hour of Damien exerting his Alpha aura upon Beta Owen and only having his grip lose enough on Owen’s throat just so that he could breath, it was nice to finally let go upon Beta Owen being shackled up!

The key went to Damien, in which he immediately swallowed it…Making many Shifters widen their eyes in astonishment!

It looked like Beta Owen will be shackled up in silver chains for quite a while! But not only that, the key wasn't small, it was a medium size, that could potentially get stuck! Did Alpha Rendall think that he had iron intestines or something!?

Then, before anyone could do anything, Damien took Beta Owen’s hand and clawed it, to make it bleed…Making many Shifter’s gasp to this sudden action!

In no time at all, Damien swallowed a drop of Beta Owen’s blood and stared at old fox in concentration.

If there is no way for the blood to be taken, then so be it but…It was an idea at the very least, to keep things clean and tidy for the time being…As, the last thing they needed was for Beta Owen to get away and cause problems all over again!


“Aren’t we fighting because of such a thing?” A Shifter asked, obviously not happy that someone was being forced to do a blood pact. He had not been forced to do this, but his Alpha had been, and he knew that his Alpha had been dissatisfied about it!

Many of them had seen this, that their leader had been forced to do a blood pact and had become unhappy about it, so many of them were also dissatisfied as well, about seeing Alpha Rendall do this…

Damien looked at the Shifter that was still here, where as some had started to leave, and narrowed his eyes, “Such a thing, you say?”

No other words were said, but Damien didn’t want to go into words right now anyway…

This was a good way to stop those who were loyal to Beta Owen, the problem was, it was forced and it may not work, so he had to keep an eye on the matter closely…Any time, he could go into a fit at any time…

And just as Damien thought of the backlash of the blood pact seriously, he started to feel like it was happening, feeling something want to go up his throat and his eyes become unfocused…

It’s not working!