Chapter 51
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Third Person


As the days went by, it became known to all upon what the war had done to the Shifters.

One made it became known that he was now the King ‘once again’, releasing Ethan from his burden completely.

Having only told his father after the arrangement had already taken place, Ethan still didn’t mind…In fact, Ethan was happy and patted One over the head, making One completely thrilled!

Ethan may have been weak for a day, but he was awake a lot more after and only showing signs of getting better, expect that of the symptoms silver could be doing to his body.

Damien didn’t leave Ethan’s side, becoming a happy slave and doing Ethan’s bidding as quickly as possible.

Ethan felt Damien’s want to make up for what he felt like he’d done, so he felt hopeless to Damien’s consistent badgering over him.

On the other hand, Owen, no longer Beta Owen, did indeed attempt to break free but it had come to no use.

With Alpha Lorez being in charge of Owen, because Damien was completely detained through ‘mateship’, Alpha Lorez came up with a plan to catch everyone who was still against His Majesty and let a trap happen, to which it obviously was used.


With Owen on the death penalty, One was happy to take his life by using the magic spell of life steal! He had already gotten back what had been taken away from him, but extra is good too!

Two others were shot with silver and imprisoned, and the rest where imprisoned for now but might have the chance to start again, depending upon what the King decides.

The mention of the other blood of Sollace on the outside and inside of the palace walls did not come to pass for another week, when One talked about rebuilding the palace.

Many had been astonished at hearing the secret hideaway, not only because it had been so obvious and open, but because that had been where Ethan had been put when he was young!

Much to One’s disappointment, the discussion on rebuilding the palace had been put aside, and the subject of Ethan’s half sister and her children were talked about for over a day…


With One’s small interruption, that day later, about the female mother not being like Owen, it was finally decided that they will try and talk to her first. They never thought to kill her, but the idea of keeping her away from them was put into consideration, especially if she was anything like Owen!

What they found though, was the complete opposite! Owen’s mate, after finally realizing she was safe, even though she knew Owen was dead, claimed everything that Owen did.

All she wanted was to keep her babies safe…

Seeing her like this, everyone was slightly disturbed.

They had never thought that she had gone through so much…

Owen had really made things hard for everyone, even for his own mate…


As much as some of them wanted Owen’s mate, Stephanie, to stay closer to her family, namely Ethan, she insisted to spend her days alone for now, as she really detested the throne at the moment, somewhat blaming that for her mate’s downfall…So, she was then relocated to The Harvest Pack, where many children already were, and she was given a small part of the land there, where she didn’t have to work but could if she wanted to.

In time, the half sister of Ethan does grow a bit stronger and they see each other but she never returns to the palace, in fact, she cut ties to any ‘Sollace’ blood that she and her children had. For a lot of the population, they thought this as a good thing, because they didn’t want anyone with Owen’s blood to have any type of right to the throne, and so her name was taken off the Sollace family tree and she did indeed breathe easier after that.

Whether it was because of the past and how ‘Sollace’ blood had changed her mate, or if it was because of the throne, it didn’t matter anymore, and she was able to move forward and watch her babies grow up with less worries.


On the other hand, One did disappear for a month, but it didn’t happen until all packs had Alpha’s once again, which included The Rogue Hunter Pack as well...

Damien was still the Alpha, but now Ethan traveled alongside him, getting the rogues that had increased substantially in numbers, giving them something to do for a number of years.

One had indeed gotten most of his magic back, and returned, to be the King of Sollace.

…He never thought that it would happen so quickly, but one of the warlocks had been his mate and so he whisked her back to the palace, whether she wanted to come or not! He hadn’t taken her magic off her, and she was quite an interesting little minx! She was all angry about him taking magic from her family members and taking her away with force, but then One would state that they wouldn’t have magic in the first place if it wasn’t because of him!

She then would use her magic to cast spells upon him, and One took on each one of them, even sometimes pretending to show that they really hurt him and as her mate, she got worried that she had indeed really hurt him…

Of course, this little minx was right up One’s alley and kept him quite occupied. He spent all his spare time to coax her over to become completely his and even that took two months to do…She was quite determined and stubborn after all!

All good things come after such hard work though and after two months of such taxing acts and fine speeches, One finally was able to mark his mate, making her his new Queen…




It took another two years to get over the losses of the Shifters from the small but crucial war. To have had so many Shifters that could change loyalties so easily did make a slack type of leadership. If the war had not happened, then there might still be those who would be easily swayed from one side to another until a war was to happen. Even though the war wasn't very long and not much had happened over the land, except that of in the mountain area, it also stated that the Shifters were not thinking very much and had been led somewhat astray.

Owen really had quite a number of belittled Shifter's under his belt and he really did make the best of them!


With this, and a declaration that Shifters needed to remember why the war happened but not who was in the war, there was a large problem afterwards...

Taking all the upset and angry Shifters, One was determined to set things straight and not have another war amongst themselves but he wasn’t able to win every fight, even though he was the most powerful being on the planet…

He was just in his thoughts, wanting them to know that they can't be misled so easily and that they needed to understand the idea behind leadership and what was best with the Shifters but it was still not enough and so...Again, he needed help from his new friends...


The old and new Alpha's gathered together with their new King and discussed the events with more seriousness and One relented to their ideas, again needing to know why it was such a big deal.

He had lived so long, that there was indeed a negative about it, and that was how he felt about some things...

Obviously, these other Shifters around him valued life a lot more than he did, well, he valued his 'favorites', but didn't understand much beyond that, having accepted death a long time!

The problem was, everyone else didn’t get reborn like he did, and he kept forgetting that!


Having this meeting, everything was once again looked at from the beginning...

An Alpha had been killed in the fight and the packs lost half of its members to becoming rogues and the other half wanted to fight for their Alpha’s right of not only being forced to have taken a blood pact, but also killed without being named.

Over the two years, considering that the war might be over, but the grievances weren’t, the death tally ended up being 73 Shifters, but rogues rose to 276, which was the biggest number of rogues ever recorded for Shifters…Which really was a problem!

Then, another 42 Shifters were imprisoned, being directly linked to Owen and then…Another strange occurrence was found out through a sad Omega…


An Omega had given birth to Owen’s child, coming out and naming herself, after running and hiding when Owen had perished.

She had thought that she would be in trouble, she also did not intend to get pregnant but couldn’t help but want to keep the innocent child.

One didn’t care much, as Owen was gone, why would a child be a problem? Besides, wasn’t this like the same problem with Owen’s mate, why are they making an even bigger deal about this!?

What One forgot was, not only had Stephanie been royal, a Sollace like himself, but this Omega had run away!

A few wanted the child to die but the others stated that the child was innocent and so, in the end, the Omega pup survived, but was given another name and was never to be told about his father.

With that, it seemed to make everyone happy and One could only sigh. He didn’t think this subject was worth several hours of making a decision, he already wanted to go back to his spunky mate!


Beyond that, One tried to take his duties seriously, just like many Alpha's did, but it seemed that the King was quite the sarcastic joker and many times when they would met up to speak of something serious, One would always have a drink with them and they'd end up laughing and thinking that their problem might not be so bad.

Perhaps this was One's specialty, or his downfall, but whatever it was, sometimes problems seemed to find solutions without needing too much help at all!

Again, his adorable and sarcastic side seemed so unrealistic, until you met the man himself...

Nonetheless, the palace was once again quite new, clean and opened to quite a few parties and the King was well respected, not only because he was powerful, but because of his nature and obvious willingness to help the Shifter's as a whole.


As for Tilda, who was indeed Ethan's blood sister, she lived, and just like her brother, she lived to have silver in her bloodstream. Both siblings did suffer to the effects, becoming weaker than their original Omega selves, but neither of them died because of it.

Tilda, being confined in the palace for all her life, had not found her mate...Until that very day that she had been stabbed...

Simon had indeed been quick to grab her from Owen for this exact reason!

The problem was, Tilda wanted to continue to be with Chance and Simon was a good friend to Damien, wanting to stay loyal and be by his boss's side.

He wasn't a Beta, he was just good friends with the man that he had grown up with and so...Both Tilda and Simon didn't know what to do!

This situation ended up being quite fortunate though, as Simon would come and pick up both Tilda and Chance, to take to Ethan and Damien, so that not only would they get to see each other, but Chance would also get to see his father.

This also gave Eleanor some free time to be with Beta Locky, to which they finally had their own child five years after they first mated...


(Not finished yet! Ethan's POV coming up next!)