Chapter 9
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(Damien’s POV)


With Simon already there at The History Pack, waiting for me now, I rushed towards the barrier and stated my arrival directly to their Alpha and they let me in.

I was surprised that I wasn’t the only one that had come to check on His Majesty the King, as someone for The Watcher’s Pack staggered in as well, having came as a wolf and had to get clothes to change into, just like myself.

“Send that to Owen…I mean…”

Walking into the room, I smelt that beautiful smell of vanilla mixed with lavender but frowned upon His Majesty’s look.

He had dirt all over him and seemed completely exhausted. He was…Completely dishevelled…

His hair was a mess, dirt running in it everywhere. Even though it was short, and I already knew about it being brown, but it didn’t look that way at the moment. His eyes had black underneath them, stating the obvious fact that he was tired beyond belief and even his ears…How can he not get rid of the dirt in his ears? Was he that tired?

I watched him rub his face and eyes, then put his head to the desk in front of him.

“Your Majesty, we are not aware of where Beta Owen may be.”


His voice could hardly be heard, even with our wolf ears, and just moments later, it looked like he’d fallen asleep.

“You hear that, send this to the palace. If Owen is there, give it to him directly, otherwise, give it to the Queen or the guard in charge…No one else!”

It would be simple for this note to be personally given to someone, due to having the King’s blood upon it as a seal, which made me realize how important that note is…

I didn’t take my eyes of my mate, while I heard The History Pack’s Alpha make these orders.

Walking in, I finally looked away, to the other Alpha, and simply stated, “I will help guard him, where can he sleep?”

The other Alpha looked at me with incredulous eyes and I had no idea what he was thinking…Right now, all I wanted to do was clean my mate and put him into bed, then watch over him.

…While I was here, there was no way harm would come to him, not before I got into the line of fire first! Hexxah completely agreed with me straight away…That we wouldn’t let anything happen to him…


Picking up my mate, already feeling better with him in my arms, I looked at the Alpha in expectation.

“Right, come this way.”

Just like me, I was sure that The History Pack was expecting the King at some stage and probably has a room prepared already.

Tightening my hold over my mate, I tried not to walk to harshly, so that he could continue to sleep. Hexxah was completely satisfied now, having been as stressed out as I was, and both of us breathed out a breath, sucking in the sweet scent of our mate afterwards…

He was so dirty, like dirt had tried to swallow him whole!

He had dirt in all his nails and hair, yet, how could that be? Who would want to try and bury…

Scared with the thought, I tried not to think further…I dearly wished that it wasn’t something like that!

Looking down upon my sleeping mate, who was naked within my grasp, I desperately wanted to make him all clean again! If not because he looks more gorgeous cleaner, but to also shake my scary assumption on why he was like this in the first place…


“Here, we had arranged this for his stay for tomorrow, he was currently on his way here.”

I nodded and then went straight towards the bed and put my mate down. “Get new bed sheets and put them near the door, I’ll clean him and put him to bed. Get at least two guards at the door and one to each of the windows here. I’ll get my pack to move up closer to help, setting them outside the boundary, is that permittable?”

The other Alpha coughed and narrowed his eyes at me, “And can we trust you in return? You are the only one in here with the King!”

I straightened up and narrowed my eyes back at him, not saying a word as my aura leaked out towards him.

“I will do as you say, putting my faith in you and your pack, we will confer straight to His Majesty if there are any troubles!”

He wasn’t as strong as me, yet he still threatened using the King against me…I wanted to growl to his idiocy! He had become an Alpha through title, not born one, there was a difference!

Not only that…But I would never harm the King…He…Was my mate…

Without further ado, I was then left alone with my mate.


Having already picked up upon his temperature rising, I picked him up once again and decided to barricade ourselves in the bathroom.

Putting my mate gently into the spacious bathtub, I then grabbed a towel and put it into the crack on the bottom of the door and used another towel to do the same to the top and the side.

Feeling a tiny bit better and perplexed at the same time, I finally turned to my dirty mate.

A strange sense of satisfaction rose within me, when I felt like I was the only one able to help him at the moment!

I wanted power over him, I wanted…

Trying not to get carried away, I took off my own clothes and then gently tried to fill the bath, without making the water touch my mate if it was too cold or too hot.

It wasn’t very easy…

Finally, with the water going up to our chests and my mate in front of me, I started to really wash him.

The water was already changing colour, but I hadn’t really done anything!

Picking up one hand, I used a protruding claw to clean his nails and then I wiped down his neck, feeling the water…Slowly get hotter…

That intoxicating smell went through my nostrils so severely that the hard on that I could never forget, came back!



Without caring now to keep my mate asleep, I emptied the water and blasted cold water once again to fill up the tub. Seeing that he hardly moved, just lightly flinched, I really wondered what he had gone through to be so out of it.

It really worried me too, if I hadn’t been here…It would have been pretty obvious to those around us that he was an Omega…The King becoming known to be an Omega…I really don’t know how that would go down…

Not only that…But some other person would be here, doing what I’m doing now and even just the thought of it made me angry!

Breathing out a sigh of relief, I cleaned his other hand, like I did the first and became curious to the strange thing attached to his wrist…Was it ok that it was getting wet? What was it?

Unable to know for sure, I did what I thought was best and removed the strange attachment, just in case it would stop working if it got more wet…

Then, I started to clean his hair, feeling very uncomfortable…

This wasn’t even fair now! He didn’t even know how much I wanted him!

…He was sleeping like a baby!

Pulling a bit on his hair, slightly wanting him to wake up, I stopped…

Actually, wouldn’t I be better if he slept!? Remembering him on heat last time, he had made it so completely obvious that he had wanted me…If he were to do that…

Again, I let out a frustrating sigh and finished his hair and turned off the water.

For the first time ever in my life, I started to really get fascinated with another Shifter. His hair was soft, his eyelashes were long, his nose was a tiny bit big, but it did help him look male. His lips…

Without thinking too much, I moved, and I moved him, so that he was now on my lap and we were in the middle of the spacious bathtub.

Now, I could take a better look…

His neck was completely clean now, with no mark…

Putting a finger to where my wolf desired to mark him, I had to fight the urge to do just that!

With his head, resting on top of mine, I could now clearly see his two perks once again…Just as I remembered them. Touching them, I felt the sparks in between us and heard him utter the tiniest noise…

Moving my hands down to his waist, I then looked down at his slightly hardened core and with no reservations, put my hand around it…

I agreed with my wolf at this moment and that’s why I didn’t stop myself…He was mine!


As soon as I touched him there, I felt him put his hands around my neck and I put him a better position on top of me, so that now he had his head into my neck.

The water, that used to be cold, was now warm…

Moving my hand up and down, I felt him start to harden some more and now heard him let out a real, audible moan.

I had heard many sounds so far in my life, but by far, his moan was my favourite…It not only sounded nice but did amazing things to me that I never thought could be done! And I was the one that made him do it!

…I wanted more!

Pushing him with my other hand towards me, I felt him move his head looking up, then looking to me through half opened eyes…

Not knowing what to say, I say nothing. I don’t have any regrets. I know what I was doing, and I know I wanted to do it!

…I just can’t get too carried away…

“Damien…I must be dreaming…”

I smiled at him, he seemed a bit out of it, so I decided to go along with it, “Is it a good dream?”

He put his head against me again and nodded, making me smile once again. “It’s a very good dream.”

Rubbing his hardened core, I heard him moan again and I got his hand to touch me as well.

It all seemed so unfair! I was in heaven and hell all at the same time! I loved how we were able to go this far, even though he thought he was dreaming, but realistically, he might despise me for this! With the thought of him despising me, it hurt me, and pain shot to my heart…I’ve never been so conflicted before in my life!

As he touched me, I tightened my hold onto him, trying not to let the sparks and how damned good it felt get to me…But, my god, it was so damned…Hard!


That head of his moved and I looked at him. I don’t know what I should be thinking anymore. I know I shouldn’t touch him, and that he shouldn’t touch me. But…Right now, just like he thinks, I wanted this to be a dream too!

If it was a dream, then it didn’t matter. There were no consequences…He wanted me, I saw it! How could I pass it up? In any time in the future, will this happen again were we are this close?

Oh, how I wanted this to be a dream!

Taking his mouth with mine, he tightened his arms around my neck and kissed me back.

Just kissing him, just like before, I was already a goner! He showed me just what I was thinking…That he wanted me, just as much as I wanted him!

Demanding to enter into his mouth, I felt him move slightly closer to me and I pushed him into me as well…

This time, when his smell went into me, I did not let myself think. Right now, we were just kissing and touching…It wasn’t like I still couldn’t stop if I had too…And to be honest that thought upset both Hexxah and I…The thought of stopping…If we stopped, when will we be able to touch him again? When could we fill ourselves up with his touch, smell and the amazing feelings?

The water got hotter and hotter, his smell got more concentrated and I felt completely addicted!

His body was soft, his taste was perfect…I was even proud that his dick wasn’t small! I wouldn’t say it was large either, but I was proud nonetheless!

When he kissed me and moves his hand over my hardened core at the same time, I couldn’t help but let out a groan in pleasure.

Those times with others was nothing, nothing compared to this! And this was only touching!

Wouldn’t it be even better being inside of my mate? Feeling him all around me…God dam!


Putting a finger to the wet, hot opening, my hard on just went into iron!

God dammit, I wanted him!

I wanted him so much! Never…Did I want anything else so fucking desperately!