Bout 09: Enter Nari
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Date: February 22, 2222
Time: 06:22 UTC – 03:22 LT
Coordinates: 23°S 43°W (Brazil, South America)

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

Those words kept me sane when I was wrapped in the chaos of colors. They kept me focused on my goal until I was greeted with the sight of something different. The sight of darkness. The sensation of a beating heart. And the sound of wildlife rustling through the wilderness as wind brushed throughout vegetation. I relished this combined sensation for what it was… but only for a moment. As my eyes opened, I was met with lush vegetation. Trees, shrubbery, and weeds all vying for nutrients amongst the forest floor, rising as tall and close to the sun as they possibly could. 

They cast me in a faint darkness, but slivers of starlight shined down on me from the sky above, allowing me to see where I was. Not that it helped me from tripping over a root with my third clumsy step. I fell and immediately was reminded of my body. The sense of raw breasts brushing against dirt and twigs was a disgusting one. It reminded me of my past sexual encounters.

She made me like this. She is the reason why I loathe the sense of arousal. Why my mind shrieks at the mere sight of another’s privates. Why the idea of displaying my bare body instills me with such shame. And she is the one who forced me through this. She is the one who raped me

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

I said my mantra aloud. My voice, my body, it was the same as in the Domain. It was that of Abigale Quinlan. Of course I had this body. Of course… 

“What a pathetic creature you are, Verde. So insecure about yourself that you must bring others into existence in order for them to experience your fantasies. Yours truly is a life deserving of death.”

I groaned, I inhaled, and from that deep breath, I could see a path out of this prison of trees. My nose brought me from the dense forestry into a clearing. A clearing with a pool of stagnant water in the middle, where small animals were getting a drink and birds were cleaning themselves. The animals did not recoil at my footsteps and stayed where they were as I moved toward the body of water. 

I took one arm across my breasts and put another in front of my crotch, taking great care to not touch the vulva, lest a vile shock flow through my body. I knew what I would see in this body of water and sought only to confirm it for my eyes. I had the body of my nemesis’s wife. Her first slave. 

It had been so long since I saw what I truly looked like. The body she gave to me made me think it was my own, and then took it away from me again, and again. 

Still, it was me. It made me comfortable, and… It had been an eternity since I saw myself. It had been an eternity since I was myself. I wanted to be me again. I wanted to be Nari. I thought of myself in detail. My white skin, average stature, cyan eyes, platinum blonde hair, and slender frame. It was simple, but it was me.

As these thoughts consumed my mind, I felt something in the core of my being lurch forward. It was harsh, aggressive, and I fought it out of fear. As my body tensed, the force got stronger, and eventually overpowered me, forcing me to fall to the ground below. I tried to resist, but there was little I could do other than grimace, gasp, and glare at the early morning sky above. 

Though, I did not get to look at the sky for very long. The pain soon overwhelmed one thing I have relied on during the entirety of my existence. My eyes. It felt as if a deadly virus had invaded my bloodstream and made a beeline for my eyes, gnawing away at them, consuming and destroying all in its wake. It forced me to clench my eyes shut, all before a slight popping sensation filled my skull. The pain left after that, but my vision blurred as I looked up at the sky above. I could see, but the sky and trees lacked any form or substance. They were just… colors.

I shut my eyes again as I saw this meaningless barrage of colors, and I was soon greeted with another sensation, as a rash developed along my scalp. My skin pleaded for attention, pounding down against my skull as it grew inflamed, but I could barely move my pinky, let alone my arm. I could do nothing but let it pass, and when it did, my head was left aching.

As this sensation faded, another flared up. I narrowly opened my eyes and moved them downward, where I saw my breasts, remaining firm even as I laid on my back. I looked away as soon as I realized they were the source of this sensation, but I could still feel what was happening. It felt as if my breasts were pressing against my chest, placing abnormal pressure onto it, and as they exerted this pressure, they spread. My breast tissue was oozing out of my body and going… elsewhere. 

As the sensation dwindled, I looked down to see a flat and unmistakably male chest with little breast tissue and smaller areolas. The sight brought a hint of joy to my face, only for my mind to erupt in horror as the next phase began.

There was something I intentionally ignored when I discovered what Abigale’s biology truly was. She had both male and female reproductive organs, but her penis could recede into a body cavity when it was not in use, where it resembled a clitoris. Her deeper biology was more complicated, such as how her uterus and prostate were technically the same organ and how she lacked any testicles, but I did not look deeper into it for my own sake. Because I thought I would never need to think about it. But now… I did.

I felt the penis crawl out of its crevice and into the outer world, stretching until it was past my knee. It then tilted upward, rising toward the sky, and siphoning away the blood from the rest of my body. It felt large, cumbersome, and the thought of seeing it made the bile in my stomach churn up my esophagus, stopping part way through. Yet the pressure continued. 

The penis continued to rise, continued to consume blood, and continued to grow hotter and hotter. All until I felt something rush out of it. A barrage of fluid gushed through my penile hole, where it traveled from within my abdomen and down the long shaft before bursting out of my person. Based on the sound, it landed in the pond before me, producing a barrage of potent splashes as the two fluids clashed.

My internal shouting drowned out any other feelings as this orgasm continued. When it was finally done… I felt my penis shrink. Blood flowed back into my torso, and the once terrifyingly proportioned appendage shrank to something no longer than a finger, its body floppy and malleable. I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, the sensation carried from the higher penis and into the lower vagina. 

I felt the walls of my vaginal canal move closer and closer, until the orifice was completely sealed. The puffy skin surrounding the vulva condensed and spread outwards, forming a sack that rested beneath my penis. And as my innards pulled against each other, reshaping themselves into something new, I felt something jut outward before landing into the sack beneath my penis. A pair of two testicles.

I wanted to vomit as I went through this wretched sequence, but my stomach was empty. There was nothing for me to vomit. What I had just felt was more vulgar, more disgusting, than any sexual encounter I had been forced into. …But I could put two and two together and understood what was happening.

I was becoming myself. I, somehow, had the ability to influence my form, and as I came to this revelation, I stopped struggling. I stopped resisting. Instead, I invited this forceful sensation throughout my body. I invited it so it could make me me again.

As I reached this revelation, I lowered my guard. I had resisted this transformation with every fiber of my being, but now that I understood what was happening, I welcomed it. I felt the force spread beyond my reshaped genitals and to my… everything. The once isolated sensation was now touching my every nerve. It was in my toes, in my gut, in my teeth, and in my eyelids, urging me to shut my eyes once again as I began to feel a thousand things at once. My skin was tingling, my bones emitted loud snapping sounds, and I could feel my very muscles move about, shrinking in some places, and growing in others. 

“Yes! Keep going!” I said, my voice deepening with every syllable uttered.

As my body’s creaking and twisting came to an end, and as the sense of pressure started to dissipate, I began to lift myself off the ground until I was sitting upright. I was eager to see the results of the transformation, and they were… immaculate. My hands, my arms, my legs, my feet and even… my genitals. They were all as I recalled. And as I lifted my arm, it felt right

There was only one more thing to confirm. I rushed over to the pond before me, crawling on all fours like an animal, and I found a patch of sitting water, which reflected my image. I saw my cyan eyes glow back at me while I brought a hand to touch the platinum blonde hair on my head. The look of relief on my reflection’s face soon passed, and it was replaced with a look of bliss.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m me again! I am a man again! My body is my own for the first time in my FUCKING life! Ahahahahaha!”

My screams of joys echoed through the woodlands before me. Once I finished venting, I returned to the pond, where, looking at my face for the first time in oh so long, I repeated my mantra.

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

It felt good to see me say my words. It made them seem more real. 

“Now then… Do I ask what that transformation was, or where on Earth am I? Heh. ‘On Earth.’ I cannot say for sure if this is Earth, and even if it was, I have never truly been to the planet, have I?”

For as much as I loved the fact that I was in my own body, I felt the need to test my powers again… which included transforming into something new. I began by testing the usual repertoire of Immortality, Rapid Regeneration, Snap Burst, Real Booting, Enhanced Body, and once those were all established, I decided to try transforming myself, starting with something simple, my hair color. 

Using a mirror, I Real Booted, I was able to witness the changes in real time, watching my hair morph from a platinum blonde into a natural red. It looked just awful on me, so I turned back almost immediately. The transformation, unlike the first one, was relatively painless. All I had to do was welcome a sensation and my body would change.

This lack of pain ignited my curiosity. I could transform into different people, but what about other lifeforms? What about objects? I had never been a non-human during my time working for The Doctor, Verde’s animal puppet, but that definition was stretched thin at times. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at my hand, calmly imagining it transforming into something covered in fur, but humanoid in nature. Similar to Edmund Bear from my… positively wretched time with Cyh Anide. 

I allowed the transformation to continue until my entire body had become bestial in nature. As they happened, I reminded myself that the one doing these changes was me. That this was part of my goal. That I could only kill Verde if I understood myself. Thoughts of killing her calmed my mind, and made what was once a pain-wrought process into one that offered me a hint of elation. I just had to remind myself that every transformation, everything I learned about these new powers of mine, put me one step closer to killing her.

I looked into my Real Booted mirror and saw an anthropomorphic wolfman looking back at me, his body covered in fur and eyes the same shade as mine. I tried to talk and, while my voice was rougher and coarser, I still sounded like myself. I confidently chuckled and tried transforming myself further, becoming an actual wolf. It was a far more dramatic change, that saw my bones liquify and mass evaporate into nothingness, but I survived the process with no major discomfort. I looked into my mirror, saw a wolf mimicking my every move, and before I could pontificate the differences between being a human and a beast, I decided to transform back into myself, imagining my being in detail. 

As I transformed back to normal, I found myself wearing clothes I was not wearing earlier. It was a simple white t-shirt with white pants along with white shoes. I realized that I had subconsciously imagined myself in this clothing, and that I had the ability to transform into objects… at least partially. But could I transform my entire body into an inanimate object?

When given the prompt of an ‘inanimate object,’ I immediately thought of a blueberry, pictured the fruit in my mind’s eye, and imagined becoming it. I imagined my skin becoming its blue outer layer and my innards becoming the body of the fruit. Within a fraction of a second, the transformation happened. Thinking about this logically, this should have killed me outright, as I would no longer have a working brain or any influence over my surroundings. Instead, I found that my senses accommodated themselves to my new form. I could still tell where I was, identify things around me, and even if I was not truly seeing the world for all of its color and splendor, I could still sense a proximity around my body. 

I then tried to move myself and, despite having no muscles, I rolled through the grass, propelled by my own force of will, allowing me to move forward in any direction and even jump slightly. Doing this felt… unreal, as I lacked the nerve endings to tell me if I was in pain or what the grass against my body truly felt like. I thought about what else I could do with these powers, wondering where my limits truly lied… only for my train of thought to be completely disrupted by a threat on my life.

From within the woods, a toucan flew down and grabbed me in their large beak, swallowing me within the span of a second. My senses became obscured as I traveled down into its stomach, and I landed in its acid. I could sense my skin peeling away the moment I hit this fluid, and I panicked. I needed to get out, so I pressed my body against the stomach, exerting as much force as possible, and tore through the toucan’s stomach, ripping its guts into viscera. 

I found myself, with my blueberry body, floating a meter in mid-air, and from this higher position, I looked down at the confused and pained toucan as they squawked in horror, all too aware of the damage I had done.

“Yeah, that’s right motherfucker!” I shouted, vocalizing my thoughts in my normal speaking voice… despite being a blueberry. “Who the hell do you think you are, trying to eat me? I’m Nari, and I’m on a quest to kill God! Do you look like a God? Do you think you’re a God? You ain’t shit! You’re nothing!”

I then rammed my blueberry body into the toucan, blinding it in one eye. As its insufferable bird noises intensified, I Real Booted a portion of its body, transforming it into a highly concentrated explosive. I did not know what it was, I just thought ‘a good explosive’. An instant later, the bird exploded, and my blueberry body was burned into ash. It did not hurt, as blueberries lack nerves. 

A moment later, I reformed my blueberry body, where I resided before the charred remains of my attempted murderer, sitting on a patch of burnt grass, while a fire expanded beyond the small clearing, inching toward the forest.

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “I really shouldn’t let a fire break out, at least not right now… hold on, if I can become a blueberry, then what about… water?”

Within seconds, I reshaped my body, transforming from a berry smaller than an eyeball into no less than 10 liters of water. Water that spread outward, flowing across the clearing, and snuffing out the flames before they could even touch the trees. 

Even as a mass of water, I still had some basic control of my being, allowing me to rejoin and reform myself before transforming back into my human form. I found myself standing in the damp fire-damaged field, dressed in the same clothes I was wearing less than two minutes ago.

“I don’t know how or why I have this power… but it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I mean… holy shit! Killing Verde is going to be so easy! …But how am I going to find her?”

It was here where I realized the issue with my plan. I had spent my entire life in different worlds or realms. I had never been to ‘Earth’ before, and I knew nothing about it as a planet. I knew it had certain biomes scattered about, I knew many of its animals, and I knew that it was dominated by human beings. But I did not know what the geography, as a planet, looked like, let alone what the countries were called. If I did not know these basic fundamental things, then how could I even think about finding Verde? 

I groaned as I realized how under-prepared I truly was for an excursion like this, and how I might have completely fucked my one chance to achieve my objective… but I would not falter. I could not surrender. I had to learn about this world, and the best way to start was to get out of this damn forest! 

Having expressed my powers previously, I tried making myself grow taller than the surrounding trees in order to get a clearer view of the forest and what it contained. My body expanded by a factor of three, and my increased weight caused the ground beneath my shoes to slump, giving way and causing water from the pond to pour over. I shook my head as I told myself that I needed to be more mindful when I exert my powers in the future.

Anyway, with my increased height, I looked out into the forest, seeing it expand, dip, and rise in accordance with the natural mountains of this region. Even through the dim light of the early morning, I could see something ominous in the distance. A massive cross-shaped object on top of a mountain. Which seemed like the best place to start.

I contemplated turning into a bird to fly to this structure. But with my toucan experience still fresh in my mind, I decided to do this the ‘old fashioned way.’ I transformed back into my normal human self and began running through the woods, making use of my Enhanced Body as I forced my way through fauna and sent animals fleeing as I dashed onward. 

Onward through the forest, up a mountain, and to a stone platform resting at the peak, I glanced up at this truly massive structure, no less than 50 meters tall. As I moved closer to this structure, I realized that it was a marble statue, that of a person in simple robes, with their arms stretched out. I could only see the back, and as I ran around the other side of the statue, I saw their face… and I recognized them immediately.

The statue was of Abigale Quinlan. Her hair was long and flowing, her smile was warm and motherly, and her eyes, despite being stone, conveyed love and understanding. It was clear that this statue was a creator’s magnum opus, their finest attempt to convey emotion through a lifeless object, and it was effective. But… why? Why did this exist? What kind of world was this?

As I looked up and down this statue, I noticed that there was an inscription on its base. Moving closer, and with the light of the sun finally peering over the horizon, it said the following:

“I love all the children of this world. They should love themselves and love one another.”
Dedicated to Abigale Quinlan. Paragon of justice, kindness, and forgiveness.
It is thanks to your efforts that humanity has achieved such prosperity.

Abigale Quinlan was, or is, a prolific figure in this world… but why? As this question stewed in my mind, I surveyed this unpopulated stone platform and uncovered a sign that listed the locations of restrooms, elevators, and a museum, among other things. The museum sounded promising enough, so I followed the directions, dashing through the unoccupied monument grounds before I found a stone building. It was dark inside, yet as I opened the unlocked door and set foot beyond the entrance, it lit up. 

As I turned to my right, I saw plaques, gorgeous works of art, detailed dioramas, and statues depicting Abigale Quinlan in different attire. From reading the first plaque before me, I learned this building served as a detailed timeline of Abigale’s life, at least in this Scenario. This was the best place for me to come to grips with this world, so I began walking through this museum, reading every plaque and absorbing information far faster than I ever could before.

I learned of how she came into this world through origins unknown to all. How she struggled through the first centuries of her life, going from dizzying highs as she consulted with kings and religious leaders, to times where she was branded a witch and demon due to her dark skin and ‘satanic’ powers. As history went on, this dichotomy continued. She was bold, heroic, but did not always do the right thing. She killed and maimed under banners of foul ideals, and, during the year of 2015, she committed her greatest sin. She brought forth the Cataclysm, an event that shattered society and nearly ended the human race. She did this not of her own volition, but through an act of unconsciousness, after she was tortured for weeks on end, driving her to the point of madness.

Abigale did not remember her transgressions when she awoke from a coma 7 years later, and as she did, she found her body drained. Her powers were stripped away from her and inherited by her children. Children born from her body without her consent or awareness. To regain her lost powers, she sought out these children, letting her senses guide her, before bringing an end to all of their lives. All until she encountered the one who tortured her and who forced her to breed. A woman by the name of Terra Flare. A woman who lives to this day. Part human. Part Abigale Quinlan.

With her powers restored, Abigale brought humanity into the Reconstruction Era, where she remade what she destroyed and paved the path for humanity to enter a glorious new future. Abigale put humanity above all, even herself, and spent 55 years traveling the Earth, doing all she could to better those she came across. She mended land, created roads, and developed the infrastructure for humanity to get back on its feet. All until the world was restored not only to its former glory, but was something better. A world without strife, without war, and without cruelty. A world where all citizens are free to enjoy their lives. A world that values the happiness of humanity above all else. A world that all who live know. For it is the only world there is.

As I finished touring this small and focused museum, I stared at the final painting of Abigale. She was lowering herself to embrace children, all clamoring to be in her arms, while she wore a smile of pure happiness. The people of this world loved her. She helped bring this world into a utopian state. And… based on all I had seen, it was a beautiful world.

“I’m used to worlds of cruelty. Worlds of disgust with horrors lurking around the corner,” I said aloud. “I had thought that was simply what worlds were, but this… if this museum was truly historic and not mere propaganda, then… perhaps this world would be a nice one to live in. Perhaps… I could enjoy life here. Perhaps, if Verde—”

“THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING?! Remember the mantra! Remember the mantra!”

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself. …I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence, and I will kill them. Then, once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself. I want no future. I care not for my past. I am a tool. My very existence, my mind, is tainted. And all I can do… the only good thing I can do, is end my life. To prevent people like me from ever being brought into existence. From ever being her playthings. I am Nari. I am not a human. I am not a person. I am a string of data created by God. And to rebel against her, I shall become her death. I shall become he who kills her. I am Nari!

To steel my resolve, I brought my hand to my chest, and tore through my ribcage to clench my beating heart. My vision faded, my body fell, and I lost consciousness from my wounds. When consciousness returned seconds later, my heart was still gripped in my hands, and I was drenched in a pool of my own blood. With death still lingering throughout my senses, I stood up and made my declaration.

“I am Nari… the Genocider of God!”

As I made my declaration, I looked down to see that my blood returned to my body. The only sign of my self-inflicted wound was the hole in my white shirt. I then left the museum and looked up at the sky. Morning had reached this land, and the sun was shining brightly across the dense forest and on the coastal city below this mountain. It was the city of Rio Novus, located in the land once known as Brazil, yet now simply known as South America. 

Thanks to the museum, I now had a map of this world ingrained in my mind, but I knew not its true scale or splendor. All I knew was that I still needed to somehow find Verde in this world. For all I knew, Verde could be the Abigale spoken of so highly in the museum, but I somehow doubted that. After all, based on my actions, there were 6 other people in this world with Abigale Quinlan’s body. And I needed to find all of them in order to confirm which one was Verde.

But how do I find these Abigale Quinlans?

I then recalled the story from the museum. The Odyssey of Abigale Quinlan. How she killed her unwanted children, gaining their powers, and following her senses to locate them across a tattered nation. Which begged the question… could I sense them as well? I closed my eyes and focused, focused on things that felt like me, for, despite my reshaped appearance, my body was still technically that of Abigale Quinlan. 

I focused on this vague sense… and was met with something faint and fleeting. My senses directed me to the northeast, to the north, and… to the sky above? However, of all of these faint hints of a presence, the strongest was to the north, and at least for now, I made that my destination. The only question now was transportation. I could become anything, but even the fastest fish or bird paled in comparison to a machine. So, I decided that a machine is what I would be, at least for the time being. But what kind?

I looked out from a nearby balcony and at the coastal city below. It was beautiful. It was filled with industrialized and lavishly designed displays of modernity next to humbler and more antiquated settlements, with specks of nature strewn between. It gave me hope that there was something small and compact I could transform into to avoid detection, along with worry that every facet of this world would be monitored. I needed information… and it quickly found its way to me.

“Good morning, may I help you with anything?” A voice with a synthesized twang asked.

I then turned around and was met with the sight of an android. A humanoid machine that, based on the museum display, was known as a Machi. Their body had a bright yellow color to it, their ‘skin’ made them look more like a plastic toy than a human, and they had vibrant blue eyes made up of dozens of tiny lights.

“Hello… I would like to know more about the fastest aircraft in the world.”

The Machi stared at me, confused and clearly not used to this type of question, but they were quick to answer. They pulled out a thin tablet-shaped screen from a chest cavity to show me an array of large heavy-duty aircraft capable of traveling at thousands of kilometers per hour. The information displayed was detailed, giving me a good idea of how these things worked… though I could only assume that was due to my Enhanced Intellect.

Through much analysis, I determined I had what I needed. Without saying another word to the Machi, I left them behind and began walking down a set of stairs into the city of Rio Novus. It would be a long walk if I wanted to maintain ‘human speeds.’ So, once I was certain no one was looking at me, I vaulted over the railings of this stairway and dived into the forest below. From there, I ran a kilometer or so before I decided to transform myself. My body morphed in an instant, turning into that of an eagle. The biology was different and alarming as I tried to flap my wings, yet as I kept my head clear and focused on my objective, I was able to rise from the mesh of branches and leaves and enter the vast blue sky above. 

I continued north, traveling onward and upward until I was sufficiently far from civilization and began to transform my body from that of an animal into that of a machine. With the schematics and design of a small aircraft fresh in my mind, I began to transform mid-flight. My feathers were replaced with dense metal, my organs were twisted into mechanical inner workings, and a great discomfort and dissonance filled me as I felt my body expand and grow as this transformation played out.

It continued over the span of a few seconds, but at the end of it, I was an airplane. A vessel with no driver but itself, whose engines roared as it began to dip down into the forest below, before shooting itself upwards. 

My vision was provided through cameras at the tip of my being, allowing me to see a wide field of view, but my focus was on the deep blue sky before me and the horizon. It felt surreal. Moving at hundreds of kilometers an hour, having such a massive body with no limbs. And feeling propulsion escape my behind as my body shot forward. …But it was all worth it. It was necessary for me to achieve my goal. And with every passing second, that goal got closer and closer. As I reminded myself, I felt the need to harden my ironclad resolve ever further, so I repeated my mantra.

“I will find the one who blessed me with the enigmatic horror that is existence. I will kill them. And once their carcass is at my feet, I shall bring an end to myself.”

This world matters not. Nothing within it matters. All that matters is that I find Verde and bring an end to her. This is my duty. This is my destiny!