[Vol.3] Quest 233- New Home
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The next night.

“… Huh?” said Cirrus, Ai, Artemis, and the rest of the Familia as they look from on high to see the Ishtar Familia was getting attacked by the Freya Familia.

“… Well, so much for our plans.” Said Cirrus. “Guess we’ll claim this place pretty easy now without a fight.”'

“Hm! Hm!" nodded Ai.

"Saves us the trouble." Artemis said.


Two days later.

It was announced by the Guild that the Ishtar Familia has been ‘dissolved’ through the attack and Ishtar was now in heaven.

Now the control of the entertainment district was up for grabs.

With the Freya Familia having to get penalized by the Guild, now there wasn’t a Familia in control of the area Ishtar had under her at least for two days.

“You moved in rather quick, Artemis.” Said Loki.

“We had begun plans to take the Entertainment District and lucky for us, Freya moved in first. Do you have an idea why that was?”

“Ishtar probably had someone Freya had her eyes on and decided to teach her a lesson.”

“Hmm… seems about right. Well, now that we took over the free space, we have started to seal up the extra entrances of the Knossos as well as some other businesses.”

“That’s good… and what of all the Amazoness and workers there? I don’t think a well… hmm, are you still considered a goddess of chastity?”

“That’s details for some other time and besides, I’m not running it. My Familia is simply the muscle, Cirrus is the one with experience running it along with another goddess who needs some muscle.”

“Oh? are you building your own little nation, huh?”

“More or less but it’s more of a habit now, back in the Far East our prefecture grew so large we needed to get more people and so we would find and raise talented people with a few gods here and there to run specific parts.”

“Aren’t you scared they’ll stab you in the back?”

“With Cirrus around? I doubt any god would risk that and risk having a fate worse than being hunted by several powerful gods.”

“Good point. Do you have any in mind?”

“A few. One goddess in particular agreed and is coming to Orario with her children.”

“That’s pretty good! Do I know them?”

“… Uh… I think you would rather avoid them if possible.”

“I’ll take your word on it.”

They both take a sip of their teas.

“So… How are you and Dionysus?” asked Artemis.

“I haven’t talked to him, but… Cirrus was right. I was being strung along by him… using my only weakness to gain my trust so easily… haaaa…. for now, we are simply looking from afar, with no investigations, simply waiting and looking. A god-like him must have plans.”

“Hmm… well, for now, I guess we should simply keep an eye out until our children grow in strength and eventually conquer the Knossos.”

Babel Tower, Freya’s room.

“I see… Thank you, Tammuz.” Cirrus said.

“Not at all sir, if you excuse me I will return to training!” the young, browned skin man left quickly.

“So is that all you wanted to know?” said Freya. “I could have left the room if you wanted?”

“There will be no point. You would still get the information out of him and, besides, it's easier to get reliable information with a goddess eye on them.”

“Fufu… you have experience with this.”

“Too much for my liken but hey what are you gonna do? In any case, I’ll be going now. Your Familia did a number on the place.”

“I hope it doesn’t affect our standing?”

“No, your business is your own. Why you attacked matters not to me, even if I’m curious. See ya.” Cirrus takes his leave.
Freya smiles a bit as he left the room.

“Artemis and Ai are quite lucky… But you, Bell, you have a soul that stands out as much as his and this time I will claim your heart on a fair footing. I’ll bet my pride as a woman on this.”


Some days later.

“Sorry about… you know.” Said Aisha as she walks next to Ai.

“It's fine. But I am a bit peeved. I couldn’t be the one to save you! I was planning out how to take them down and everything!”

“Hahaha!! You were! How lucky for you the Freya Familia and Bell Cranel came first.”

“I’m surprised he has made quite a name for himself. How unfortunate he will be chased by Amazoness now.”

“Not unless he enters your territory now. I’m surprised you guys took over in place of Ishtar?”

“Well, I’m sure you know she had some ‘Dealings’ with some unsavory people, so we simply took the reins and got to work.”

“Hm… Sorry, I couldn’t be more of a help to you. Ishtar only ever brought her boy toy with her.”

“That’s fine. So, is this the place?” Ai said as they both stand before a 3-floored mansion with a large iron fence around it.



They wait a bit, and the door opens to show the Renard Ai saw that night coming running to Aisha.

“Aisha!!” she said, running up and opening the gate to hug her.

“Ah, Haruhime! It’s good to see you!”

Coming up was the rest of the Hestia Familia.

“Lady Ai!” said Lili, “It’s good to see you again!”

“Ah, Lili! You are doing well! I heard they helped you out!”

“Hm! They helped rescue me and get back the money I had saved up!”

“Oh? Is that so?” She turned to meet their gazes.

They could see a slight blush of embarrassment.

“Your Artemis’s kid right?’ said Hestia.

“I am. I converted when she returned to Orario.”

“And your name… are you that Cirr—what it's mistress!” Hestia said, getting into Ai’s face. “If so, I can’t allow Artemis to be married to an adulterer!!”

“I am Cirrus’s 2nd wife.” She showed the ring. “And I was given blessings by Lord Susanoo and Lady Aphrodite, so I can assure you everything is fine.”

“Geh!? A-Aphrodite!? She was there!”

“Yup! She even gifted us with her earrings.”

She showed a light blue clam with a green pearl.

“T-t-t-then Artemis is really…” she said with her face getting a bit pale.

“Anyway, Bell, I have to thank you for helping Aisha. She is one of my oldest friends.” Ai gave a slight bow.

“I-it’s no problem at all! But I never expected another Familia to come and attack…”

“Well, I guess you are just lucky, I guess! And Welf, Cirrus was impressed by your magic swords during the War Games! He even wanted to commission you for one for display!”

“Display? He doesn’t want to use it?” Welf said.

“No, if he wanted to use a magic weapon, he would just make one himself. It’s more of like a collection for him.”

“I see… well, if he sends a commission, I will do my best!”

“I bet you will! Especially with the debt your goddess has, and the Familia rank up really putting you in the red!” she said with a sunny smile.

“Gah!?” Said, Hestia. “A-aren’t your Familia hurting too!? With a level 8 and now you, your Familia is easily an A or S rank.”

“We're doing fine. With the money, Cirrus has built up from our time in Yamato. We took over the Entertainment District, where Ishtar ruled.”

“W-what!?” they all shouted.

“B-but Artemis is the goddess of chastity! How can she run a place like that?” Hestia shouted.

“She’s not, Cirrus is. Artemis is simply the muscle of the area keeping it safe. We are getting other gods to work on stuff at the moment, but yeah.”

“I… I’ve been here for 5 months while Artemis comes in and already made a name for herself…”

“Lady Hestia, you know Lady Artemis and her Familia already made a name for themselves in this city before, right?” Said Aisha. “Back then she helped Cirrus hunt down the ancient monsters Evilus released into the world. They even helped the Astraea Familia in their patrols.”

“She and her Familia even helped track down people who escaped the city who held ties to Evilus,” said Ai.

“Seems like she helped a lot.” Said Welf.

“S-she did so much and grew up to… guh!!” said Hestia in emotional pain.

“U-um Lady Ai.” Said Makoto. “You said you built up money in Yamato, correct?”

“I did. Are you curious how?”

“I am. Where we are from, our temple had to rely on the food Haruhime’s family gave us.”

“Gave?” Ai turned to Haruhime. “Are you a noble?”

“Formerly, my father disowned me, but my name is Sanjouno Haruhime.” She gave a proper, elegant bow to Ai.

“… Sanjouno… are you the daughter of Sanjouno Ritsuhiko?”

“E-eh! Y-you know my father!”

“Of course, I would see him when we would give our reports to Lady Amaterasu.”

She and Mikoto began to shake.


“A-a-a-are you a….”

“N-n-n-noble!!” they both said together.

“I am. My name is Ai Zephyr, having taken my husband’s name but to the Royal Court. I am Kyūjouno Ai, 2nd wife to Kyūjouno Hakukumo. That’s the name Lady Amaterasu gave Cirrus.”

“Oh!! you’re a noble, huh! That’s amazing! But I like Shirakusa better.” Said Aisha slapping her on the back. “Rolls off the tongue better.”

The Hestia Familia could see Makoto and Haruhime’s faces turn even paler than Hestia's.

“W-would you like a drink!” Makoto said.

“Y-yes! I can prepare some good green tea!” said Haruhime.

“U-um, I know nobles are a big deal, but… are they really that important?” said Bell.

“Sir Bell!!” said Makoto. “Her family is the newest in the Royal Court!! Her family single-handedly stabilized the country! Two, in fact!!”

“T-they brought upon a golden age to the country! Everything from education to medicine to infrastructure they helped improved greatly!” Haruhime said. “We hold them as much regard as the Empress, Lady Amaterasu!!”

“Even the countless warring prefectures joined up together! Albeit with the opposing side, but nonetheless! Still far better than making several hundreds of orphans.”

“Oh, they even took in several orphans from around the country!” said Haruhime. “The guards at the estate told you and your temple, didn’t they?” Haruhime said, looking at Makoto.

“Ah… L-Lord Takemikazuchi and Lady Tsukiyomi didn’t really believe it… so…”

“Ooh… you sure were busy those 7 years Ai!” Aisha said, smiling.

“Well, it was better than doing nothing, anyway I appreciate the offer. I’ll take you up on it one day! Oh, do make sure you come by! Our home should be done in a couple of weeks from now! Only close friends are showing up!”

“Will there be free food?” said Hestia.

“Will you or Sora be making the food?” said Lili.

“We probably will.”

“Ai it's time.” Said Aisha.

“Damn, sorry, got to go! Rakia is invading, and it's honestly embarrassing.”

“See ya Bell Cranel, Haruhime.” Aisha said, nodding. “Oh, before I forget Haruhime, you never finished your prostitute training if you know what I mean!”

“!?” her face lit up. “I-I-I didn’t!”

“No!” said Ai. “Apparently they just left when you passed out!”

As Ai and Aisha left Haruhime, she simply stood still for a second.

“… Oh… and I have been telling… oh…” her faced turned bright red.


While walking together, Aisha asked Ai something.

“So, how is it with him and the first wife?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, in bed,” Aisha smirked a bit.

“Very good! Cirrus has a lot of stamina, you know!”

“Fufu. You really have grown up. Before you would blush so much from this kind of talk.”

“I mean… Yeah.”

“So… Has there been talk of a third wife? Lots of Amazons are pestering me to ask you.”

“Mmm… It has floated around.”

“Oho~” it intrigued Aisha. “And?”

“It’s on hold for now.”

“Is there anyone you had in mind? Maybe an old friend?” Aisha puts her arms around Ai.

“Well.” Ai put her arms around Aisha. “I suggested your name around, but there are a few criteria that both me and Cirrus would like.”

“That is?”

Ai brought Aisha in closer and was face to face with her.

“!?” Aisha blushed a bit from the surprise.

“The first criteria is…”

Ai explained to Aisha was the criteria were and Aisha found it to be extremely brutal and only the strongest of first class would have the tools to possibly do it.